FOTD Friday: 2 Year Anniversary Edition

Soooo, today is the OFFICIAL day of Clumps of Mascara’s existence two years ago.

I can’t believe it. I am still shocked that people actually care what I have to say and do (Twitter) and how I look (YouTube) and what I have done (LinkedIn/Facebook). Loving my readers and Clumps fans is automatic. I never feel obligated to do any of this. Ya’ll know that.

But my fellow beauty blogging sisters? Ohmigoooodness, I love these girls! It’s a tough job being a serious beauty blogger. It is more than just “OMG, what am I hauling from this collection?” but it’s about learning how to communicate effective and professional—AND creatively. I am grateful for such a strong support system among dynamic ladies who also have a passion for beauty.

Check out their e-cards to Clumps!

Miss. Yaya from MyOwnJudge

Milan from Milan Rouge

Jaimie from Just Kiss n Makeup

Ilea from Habitual Beauty

Lilan from The Daily Cookie

Eileen from Ms. Whoever You Are

Wesley from Honey Brown Sugar

Kia from Yummy411

….and this is from my girl Stefanie in Los Angeles.

She did a video too! She’s one of my BFFs in real life.

I am overwhelmed with all of the love that was shown here at Clumps, on Twitter and even my YouTube family showed their appreciation. Thank you all!!

I will continue to grow, be inspired by you beautiful people I will never hesitate to post my silliness. There’s a little “Clump of mascara” in us all.

Stay beautiful!

  • beautylogicblog

    Congrats sweets! Wishing you many more years. Hugs,

  • Miss Pretty


  • Jasmin

    Oh, yeahy! Happy Anni!

  • Askmewhats

    awww, you deserve all the love sweets! Happy Anniversary!!!!

  • Krasey Beauty

    You deserve all that love and then some. Happy anniversary love muffin <3

  • Connie De Alwis

    Happy B'day Clumps! and Congrats, B! *hugs* Those shoutouts were so sweet

  • Miss Yaya

    hot damn that cake is delish looking and creative!

    so is that yaya with her keyboard vandalization :)~ lmao

    happy 2yrs! you're a terrible two now, give em hell :)

  • Rai

    Aw, how sweet!!
    Congrats to 2 years and more!

  • yours truly

    aww those are some beautiful e-cards. congrats brit.

  • YoungBlackBeauty

    Thats was very nice of the them to do! Go head Brit! I believe in you, as always!

  • Milan Angel

    That cake is FAB!

  • glamazini


  • juvenescent

    Awwww, those cards were soooo sweet!!! Loves!

    Glad you made it to two. Can't wait for 2 X 200 more!

  • Patience

    Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!

    (",) xXx

  • yummy411

    this has been a great anni week! keep up the great work. happy bday to!!

  • Eileen

    happy bday COM!

    MissWhoever You Are!