FOTD Friday: The Body Shop palette

Happy Fridays, darlings! Another week has blown by. Yes, already. This week’s face of the day is brought to you by this lovely little palette from The Body Shop.

I know, it has everything in it, right? What you are looking at is the Eye, Lip & Cheeck palette. I took this baby along with me when I was in Miami for Mother’s Day and it truly came through for me! Mind you I left ALL of my toiletries at home. This palette in all of its fantastic wonderful-ness happened to be in my purse and it saved my weekend…beauty-wise, at least.

It comes with….

-Super Volume Mascara
-Liquid Lip Color Pale Pink Sparkle and Golden Coral
-Cheek Color 04 Golden Pink
-Eye Shimmer 01 Silverý
-Eye Color 26 Shell Pink
-Eye color 38 Spearmint
-Eye color 20 Slate
-Mini Blusher Brush and Mini Eyeshadow Brush

I was crazy impressed! The glosses,not as pigmented as I like, are smooth and non-tacky, the shadows are bright and wearable and the mascara….ain’t so bad!

Check out the look I created. Look how versatile the colors are!

All products from The Body Shop unless otherwise mentioned.

MAC Studio Finish concealer in NW45

-Too Faced Shadow Insurance
-Spearmint (lid)
-Eye shimmer in silver (highlight)
-Eye color in Slate (crease)
-Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero
-Super Volume mascara

-MAC Nightmoth lip liner
-Liquid lip color in Coral

Dang, Mister Sun!! You are messin’ up my photoshoot!

So I had to take it the car….is it just me or do car shots have the best lighting?

In the shade..

Tons of sun…

Ah yes….my green smoothie. I love that stuff. Did I tell ya’ll I was taking baby steps in the raw foodie/vegan world? Been doing it for a few weeks now. My diet is about 70% green! I’m not doing this forever…just trying to spice up my diet a bit by learning new recipes. I even tweeted my vegan chocolate chip cookies here. I’ll share more with the Clumps fan. Ya’ll know I’m a health food nut so it’s about time we incorporate beauty with it. Wait—wasn’t I supposed to be starting a health/fitness series? Uh….

….back to the topic at hand, lol! This palette rocks. It is absolutely perfect for traveling. You can snag it here for only $30.

Would you? Could you rock this palette? I am lovin’ it.

Happy weekeeeeend!! Love ya’ll!

Stay beautiful,

  • Anonymous

    Hi Brittany,
    A non-makeup-related question: Your green smoothie reminds me of a Mexican drink I love – jugo verde. What's in your smoothie, I'd love to try and recreate it at home?
    Thanks in advance,

  • B

    JC—> A friend of mine drinks jugo verde on a regular. Never tried it! My green smoothies are different every day of the week. I can't remember this one but it's something like this:

    -Fresh organic kale
    -1 banana
    -Coconut milk
    -Almond milk
    -Vanilla extract (or ginger or cinnamon)
    ….blended altogether. It's amazing how something so good is full of nothing but fresh fruits and veggies. If you try one, let me know!

  • Askmewhats

    I love your friday look from The Body Shop! You look hot especially the last photo with the green smoothie!

  • Brooke

    Gorgeous face – as always!

    Want to wish you a great weekend girl :)

  • Lady

    hmmmm…..i think this is probably a great palette but i'm not loving the blush on you. perhap sits the lighting? in the car it comes off as a tad ashen….but that could be light reflective particles that so many blushes have nowadays. would be interested in seeing the blush again in different lights.

    i saw your smoothie and thought to myself "there is no way i'd be able to leave the house with that!" i would have to pay homage to the porcelain throne before leaving the house, lol.

  • Missy

    WOW…I learn something new everyday I read your blog!!!! I am vegetarian currently transitioning to vegan. I do my "green monster" every morning. I also do raw food Wednesday! Love the look and YES, the car shots are awesome!

  • Andrea

    I agree Missy,the look is awesome! It's fresh,clean & breezy..great for the summer!
    ~Clumps, your skin is so radiant! I'm sure that it is a combination of genes,diet & specific products that you use. What cleanser do you use on your skin?
    –Fabulous makeup is one thing,but I believe that you also have to have a great canvas(AND YOU DO).

  • izumi

    that palette looks great 😀 and i know WHY car shots look good but that's just a bunch of photographic nerd talk, hahahaa :)

  • Miss Yaya

    i love the look – you certainly do have great lighting in the car!

  • B

    Lady—> LMAO!! They do keep you regular. But that's a good thing!

    Missy—> I am SO going to need your support, lady!

    Andrea—> Giiiirl, don't let the pics fool you. My skin is the worst. It doesn't like me no matter how well I take care of it. I am actually looking for a derm. My acne is out of control.