Iman Cosmetics Foundations, Take 1

Your eyes do not deceive you.

You read the title correctly.

I typed “foundations”. Yes, I know—the woman who swoooore she would never be a “foundation person” is slowly playing around with them more and more. I have yet to wear them on a daily (ha..or weekly) basis but I’m gettin’ there. Trying to find the right color is the biggest pain ever.

But a brown girl friendly line like Iman Cosmetics makes it A LOT easier.

I played around with the Stick Foundation and Second to None Cover Cream.

*slams on brakes*

But wait….I can’t even give a fair review because my color is off! Does mis eyes deceive me, fam? What do you think?

Okay…here is the Stick Foundation in Earth 1

This is the first Stick Foundation that I have ever purchased. Such a proud moment in this 24 year old’s life. Now I was either rocking my shades while making this purchase or was lost and insecure (I love The Fray, hehe) because I think this color is way off!


Surely the lovely Second to None Cover Cream in Earth Deep would help a sista out.

This concealer is so creamy . It practically blended on my skin like a moisturizer. This is great for me and my “acts a fool when a product is too heavy” skin.

But uh…

This looks to be too red! Freakin’ A, mannnn. What is a girl to do?

Stay tuned for Round 2 of Iman Cosmetics Foundations. Since checking out the website I have now found my correct shade (Earth 3) and will shop accordingly.

Any Iman Cosmetics foundation wearers out there?

Brown and Secure (LMAO….get it?—*crickets*),

  • Miss Yaya

    it looks like if you mix them they might be perfect but that would be too much work eh??

  • Olivia

    i wear the IMAN Luminous Foundation in Earth 3 (i use that to set my foundation) and I like her Bronzing Powder in Afterglow. IMAN's lip pencil are nice too.

    i hope you find your match

  • Tam Tam

    I would like to try the Iman product line. I have purchased Earth 1 (a tad too light) and Earth 3 (a tad too dark), so this weekend I will try Earth 2. I have heard good things about the cover cream and the semi-loose powder. I am also going to purchase the Afterglow bronzer, I would appreciate your thoughts on it B.

    I wouldn't suggest purchasing it from Target because they have a strict no return policy on cosmetics (at least the one I shop at that carries Iman). has it available and certain Ulta stores and Walmart stores carry it also (okay, okay…if you live in "urban" areas, you'll have a better chance of finding it LOL).

  • Tam Tam

    I forgot… carries the Iman cosmetic line, and they have a great return policy on their cosmetic purchases.

  • Tonisha

    See that's the very thing that pushed me away from foundation initially. It was like I could never find anything close. I just threw in the towel and went to a counter in the department store. I had always wanted to try Pur Minerals. The artist put in on me and I have been in love ever since. I have wanted to try Iman foundations, but I don't think that my skin could tolerate liquid/cream/stick foundations.

  • Danyelle

    Oh shoot, this makes me sad, I thought for SURE it would match all shades of brown since it was created by a brown girl…smh

  • Rachel

    What Tonisha said…

    I am not a black girl, but I am part Native American. As such, I tan and dan very deeply when I'm out in the sun.

    My suggestion is that if you can't find a good color and like things that don't feel heavy on the skin, try Pur Minerals, Bare Minerals/Bare Escentuals, or Sheer Cover. They are all very light and can be blended on the fly to produce the perfect color for your skin.

  • DeeDee

    I really like Iman cosmetics. I have an eyeshadow that I still use from 1999! It's a pretty coppery bronze that I use daily. Also, I found her line at Walmart last week. I couldn't belive it. The price point is very reasonable too. There is a lip color called StripTease that is a perfect nude for lips.

  • Drroxxette

    That's a shame! I absolutely LOVE the Iman Foundation line! Her products are amazing! That pressed powder IS by far one of my FAVORITE foundations ever, and I have dry skin. I hope you find your right shade, and Iman works as good for you as it does for me! (Good lord I love that woman!)

  • Beauté Noire

    Hey Brittany,

    I use Iman's foundations, cover cream and powders, and LOVE them! That being said, her color situation sucks.

    Just because you wear an Earth shade, for example, in one product, that doesn't mean you wear it in all her products.

    I wear her Cover Cream in Clay Medium Deep, Semi-Loose Powder in Clay Medium, Foundation Stick in Earth 1 and the Pressed Powder in Earth Medium.

    It sucks, but you have to test a few before you find the right one with Iman!

  • Gigi

    is there any way you can go to the counter and test it? i hate doing it too but it's the only way.

    here are some tips i read from carmindy:
    -pick 3 shades closest to your color and swatch them on your cheek.

    -always buy 2 shades to blend. after all, skin tone isn't completely even. it;s made up of several colors.

    -use a sponge or brush to apply for full coverage. but i prefer only dabbing in it aread i need, not all over.looks way more natural.

  • glamazini

    HA! this is a funny post to me because I too am anti-foundation and I too JUST bought my 1st foundation in 15 years this past weekend! :O. I wanted to buy IMAN ironically but was in a rush and couldn't find what I wanted so I got something else (which I forgot the name of). I did a full face with it and hated it. My best work was using it over concealor on undereye darkness and some hyper-pigmentation as a spot treatment. Good luck! ~ ini

  • SoFrolushes

    I have a creme to powder Iman in Clay 5. It blends in well.
    I do use other foundations too such as Fashion Fair and Mac. I just like variety

    definitely worth going to a counter and testing them out.

  • Girlfriend

    I watched this video on you tube and it really made me want to try the foundation but I am afraid I have had bad experiences with foundations I have hypersensitive skin :( my last foundation was the Black Opal creme stick I was beautiful for one night but then the next day breakouts all over my face…I hope I will find one that works for my skin type

  • B

    Girlfriend—> I’ve seen that vid before! Many blessings in trying to find a foundation that works.

  • Ashley

    I'm a earth 3 girl as well I love her products. I have really bad brown spots and this really covers them up and makes me look flawless. I never wore makeup before because I couldn't find a color that matched me but this is wonderful for women of color. I'm going to get the concealer and semi-loose powder soon. Thanks IMAN!!! @/(*.*)\@