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Expect some reviews from Iman Cosmetics coming from me in the near future. I have been dabbling quite a bit with their concealers and even the foundations. And….I’m impressed!

Until I get those reviews up, check out It is user-friendly and does an awesome job and trying to “guess” what shade you are by other brands.

Por ejemplo (Spanish for “for example”):

Let’s say you are NW45 in MAC’s foundation. According to Iman Cosmetic’s chart, you would be Earth 3 for their foundation.

Totally cool, right? You can do the same for Black Opal, Fashion Fair, L’Oreal and Revlon.

My favorite part of the site? The makeovers!! Click here to see what I’m talking about it.

To my darker brown girls….Iman has you covered!

Anyone a fan of Iman Cosmetics? I can’t wait to get those reviews out for y’all. Stay tuned!

  • Yinka (VexInThecity)

    To be honest I’ve not used Iman foundation for about 6+ years. I have a nice cream blush of hers though.

    I look fwd to the revanp.

  • Michelle

    It’s nice to see the website being revamped. I also haven’t used Iman in about 4 years. I find that the foundation is a little too red for me. I generally use mineral makeup, but when I do use drugstore makeup, I usually use Cover Girl Queen foundation.

  • Beauté Noire

    I LOVE her new Cover Cream. It is the TRUTH! It makes your skin totally gorge.

  • Dwana

    Cool beans!I’m NW45 and NW47…but I’ll wait to read some reviews!

  • Olivia

    her foundations are nice but her blushes are better <3

  • Tysh

    I am glad you did this review, because I’ve always wanted to try her foundations but wasn’t sure what my shade is. Good Looking.

  • Danyelle

    Ive been wanting to try Iman cosm. for a while now and almost got my fill on them at Target the other day, but I was unsure of my color in the foundations/concealers. So this was verrrrry helpful! I'll let you know my haul and how they workout for me this weekend. I'm excited! whoot :)

  • CLeVerLYmE

    def. never tried her foundations but I would be interested in seeing how they look on. Does she have anything lightweight like a tinted moisturizer that is honestly what I prefer. :)

  • chi9ja

    m surprised almost no 1 has tried her foundations, datz about all i used, it was absolutely perfect 4 me until i heard a rumor that the company had folded up n then i had to switch to mac which is horrible 4 me, there is absolutely no where to get them in the UK. m happy they neva left, m switching back pronto.

  • chi9ja

    just been to the website and its exactly the same way it was last year when i heard the rumor, meaning it might be true after all, sob sob sob.
    do u guyz in america still get her stuff in d shops? pls reply.

  • JRS

    chi9ja I live on the westcoast of CA and it's difficult to find Iman's product, however there are a few places where I order online. I think her foundations are beautiful & true to color for women of color. I can't wait to try out her new cream concealer and maybe a blush.

  • yummy411

    omg the impact of MAC cosmetics!!!