Keeping it Caliente with Courtney: 1st Tip

[NOTE from B: My little sister wanted her own series at Clumps and instead of drop kicking her and saying “no” I acquiesced. Such a great big sister I am right? Support her please, fam! P.S. The banner is kinda hot, uh? My Photoshop skills are getting better. Yeah mon!]

Hey Guys its me again Courtney Nichelle….also known as Brittany’s sister.

I am done with my first year of college and not taking summer classes until late June. Yay! I thought that I would start a summer series full of my personal tips for keeping your summer caliente.

My first tip?

Staying hydrated!

Keeping your body hydrated is not only good for you on the inside, but it’s wonderful for the outside too. Staying away for soda and sugary drinks does wonders for your skin. And who doesn’t wanna show off skin in the summer? I try to drink at least two bottles of water everyday, but since I have been “trying” to go green i bought a cute water container. They are dishwasher safe and a lot more economical then buying water bottles everyday.

My challenge for you is to drink nothing but water for one week. With every meal……have water. Of course you will be making more trips to the bathroom, but it will be worth it when your skin is glowing.

Until next time…

  • Saimese

    I drank so much water 2 years ago & I def saw an improvement in my skin. These days I don't drink enough & I don't eat healthy either, sigh. Thanks for reminding me again. Time to go get a glass of water or 2!

  • Askmewhats

    gosh I don't drink a lot of water, I forget most of the time!! eeek

  • Marsha

    I love your water bottle.

  • Product Junkie Diva

    I have been drinking nothing but water and you are right, it does wonders for the skin.
    Great series Courtney.
    Have a great weekend.

  • Anonymous

    i did this challenge with a friend a few weeks ago and it changed my life. i am already an ardent drinking of water, but drinking nothing but water changed my life. now when i eat or snack or think im hungry i reach for water!!!


  • adriene

    Great post Courtney! I've been trying to drink more water. Just yesterday, when faced with the decision "pepsi or water?" (to my surprise) I chose water. I'm a Pepsi fiend but, I know I needs my water.

  • Lai

    I use to hate water, and last year in college my track coach challenged me to drink only water for 2 weeks, nothing else…well tea cuz im addicted to tea…and omg my face…my body…my whole was jus glowing…i felt healthy my skin was bump free, and i felt…for lack of a better word…flushed? lol yes flushed of all the bad stuff in my body…water…it's like the world's best kept (FREE) secret! Thanks Courtney!!!

  • Gigi

    Great post!:D

    And p.s. you're so pretty!

  • yummy411

    aww look at little brit! yes water is muy importante..

    hey send a tip to my sis and tell her to get back on her teen yummy411 job! =( lol i'm gonna drop kick her lol

  • Amina

    aaaw….that smile reminds me of Brit.
    Great tip! I need to drink more water…
    thank you for reminding us :)

  • Andrea

    I really need to do better..but I do have little strategies to encourage myself like: Before going to bed I will put a bottle of water on my nightstand so that when I'm thirsty I will grab for that instead of going downstairs for a glass of 'Simply Lemonade'.
    What ever works right?-LOL!

  • itzzzkimmm

    luvin your hair Courtney! hehe. I have my hair like that right now. I've been drinking a ton of water lately. I have definitely notice a difference in my skin. It's definitely a lot clearer. Plus water is so refreshing especially on hot days. Congrats on completing your first year in college! My youngest brother just finished his first year in college too.

  • Danielle

    I have a tip for anyone who works a desk job: get one of those gallon water coolers and fill it up and leave it on your desk (the kind with a spout on the bottom). I have one on my desk and make it my goal to drink the whole thing at least once a week or more. Definitely helps me!

  • christianglamgirl

    Love. Your. Hair.

  • Gigi

    Yep, walking around with a bottle (in your purse, on your desk, at home) helps ALOT. If I don't do that there's no way I get my 8 glasses.

  • Anonymous

    good blog courtney. i am already a fan of water but i will for sure take ur advice:) akua

  • Miss Yaya

    the pics are so cute! i def got back on the water drinking wagon – i even drink more water to keep myself full so i don't reach for the chips and chocolate lol