MACCosmetics….25% off sale!

Yep yep….better jump on it, fam.

MAC Cosmetics is having a Friends and Family sale and uhhh….if you have been eyein‘ some of the latest collections and STILL haven’t made the jump, now is a good time. But I’m not the right person to ask about “must haves” because I haven’t indulged in MAC for awhile.

Beauty blasphemy I know but there are so many other brands out there. MAC so doesn’t have my attention the way they used to. OH WELL!

Deets about the sale:
-For Don’t try and use the code in the store. They’ll give you the side-eye. HA!
-June 16th-June 18th.
SUMO–this is the promo code you will use at checkout

Whatcha gettin’? Tell me!

  • Witty

    I picked up teddy eye kohl, plum dressing, the 189 brush, the 228 brush, and a 15 palette!

  • Miss Yaya

    the code save25 works too – guess they really want people to go nuts :)

  • Tysh

    Not one thing, I didn't even get anything from the new collection.