Mascara Monday: Maybelline Pulse Perfection vibrating mascara

It seems like it has been quite a while since I have done a mascara review. I’m glad that good ole’ Maybelline Pulse Perfection is breakin’ a sista’s hiatus. This is another one of those “highly requested for review mascaras”.

This is the FIRST drugstores vibrating mascara. Well, SpinLash did come out a year or so ago, but this is the first we’ve seen from a big name cosmetic company.

Is it amazing?
Is it everything you thought it would be?

Take a look…..

Maybelline Pulse Perfection
vibrating mascara

Price: 3 out of 5 ($14.99—pretty pricey for a general drugstore mascara purchase, but after all….it does vibrate. )
Packaging (Brush Wand): 5 out of 5
Overall: 4.5 out of 5

What it claims: I can show you better than I can tell you! Here is the packaging’s claim:

The truth:
Well, it’s not your average mascara! That’s for sure….

What I loved about it: The Define-A-Lash wand. The mascara’s name in its entirety is “Maybelline Pulse Perfection BY Define-A-Lash. So that’s what you can expect as far as the wand’s look goes. Despite not being an enormous fan of Define-A-Lash (check out my review here) I have always loved its wand. It is perfect for ladies with smaller lids/lashes and gets into those small corners beautifully.

I also like the packaging’s other details. Aside from showing you what the wand looks like before you buy it, it also tells you how to use it!

What I didn’t like: I found that the vibrating was a little too much….at least for me. I don’t have “sensitive eyes” but the vibrating even had my eyes welling up a bit. I also found that it tends to get a little clump-alicious around the 2nd coat. Three coats is definitely a no-no with this mascara as you will certainly be entering Clumps City

Overall: Despite the two or so downfalls I am CRAZY impressed with this mascara. Maybelline has always managed to impress me as far as mascaras go and Pulse Perfecting definitely takes the cake as my favorite Maybelline mascara.

Wait…no, maybe not. I am still married to Lash Stilleto but don’t tell Mr. Pulse that. HA!

Seriously, if you are looking for length, Pulse will give it to ya! Volume? Mmm, it could definitely be better in that department, but it’s not bad. I guarantee that you will be too busy being impressed at the length to even care about volume. I didn’t experience flakiness throughout the day.

I really do wish that I didn’t experience clumps around the 3rd coat—but I did. I wanted to get as much length as possible but Mr. Pulse wasn’t havin’ that. So be careful.

Lashes without mascara
(did not curl lashes)

Lashes with 2 coats of mascara

Would I recommend it?: Absolutely! Aside from it being fun to use it really does give you insane results.

The video reaaallly shows the what the vibrating wand does.

Has anyone tried this mascara yet?
Interested? Not so much? Whatcha think?

A crazed mascara reviewer,

  • izumi

    oh i wish my uncurled lashes looked like yours. pretty fab! there's a pretty good asian mascara by majolica majorca.. you can buy it off and other places.. supposed to work REALLY well. some people absolutely swear by it. it costs around $17 i think.. i got it as a gift, won't even touch it until i throw away my other mascaras just in case i absolutely adore it and totally disregard the rest of my mascaras.. my money! hahhaaa.

  • Askmewhats

    you know what B? With your naturally gorgeous lashes! whatever yucky or bad mascara you use it'll still come off gorgeous! I'd give anything to borrow your lashes for a day! LOL :) Thanks for the review, I've heard about Maybelline coming up with vibrating mascara :) thanks for the honest review

  • τreciä

    Happy 2 yrs!!!Keep it up!! I agree with the ladies. your natural lashes is the biz! on the other hand, what in a name? "pluse perfection vibration mascara"????

  • Miss Yaya

    I like this review – I don't know if you've tried the Lancome Oscillating mascara to compare to this but that'd be a great idea for when you come to NY considering I have one. :)

  • Nicole

    WOW, that is amazing! I'm still on the fence about the vibrating part, but if it makes your lashes look that good I'm willing to chance it and give it a try.

  • B

    Izumi—> Aww sugar plum. Don't get it twisted. It takes a lot of work to tame my lashes (and my hair but that's another story, HA!) so what you see is the finished product.I have heard of Majolica! I've got to get my hands on that baby there. Good lookin' out sis. *hugs*

    Nikki—> Expect nothing but an honest review from me, sweets. You rawk! Okay fine….we'll trade lashes for the day. But only if I can get your cheekbones. :)

    Trecia—> Thank youuu! The celebration was an awesome one!! Not understanding your question, mama…rephrase for me. It's a monday. *sigh* lol

    Yaya—> Now you already know I'm there!!

    Nicole—> It is definitely worth a try. :)

  • antithesis

    i bought it during that online pre-sale they had going on. i got it a couple of days later and i was instantly in love. i already have sort of thick, long lashes so when i put on two coats, it looked like i had on fake lashes. i recommend it!

  • The Makeup Snob

    Thanks for posting this! I havent come across this yet, but as soon as I see it now I will grab it! I have short thin lashes and I am always looking for a miracle mascara! Great Review!

  • Anonymous

    I got it during the pre-sale, and I like it. I honestly like Lash Stylist more, but that's because I love the comb. It's not bad…I love your review.

    –Letitia :)

  • Mama Mish Mash

    ..I've been wondering about this mascara since I've seen it! Thanks for the great review!!

  • Beauty Maven

    Thanks for reviewing this one! I bought it immediately when I saw it at Wal-Mart. I tried it with vib on one eye and without vib on the other and my BOYFRIEND could even tell a difference! I find it gave some curl, too, without even touching a lash curler. I'm lovin' it!! I've started wearing lighter shadow to show off my bangin' lashes, haha!

  • Connie De Alwis

    great looking lashes!! I've been very tempted to own this but "Western" mascaras seem to not work on my Asian lashes :(

  • NaturallyAlise

    Why exactly does it vibrate? Does that do something special as far as the application?

  • Milan Angel

    Hmm…adding this to my list! I haven't tried any of the vibrating mascaras on the market…this will be my first. 😉

  • Girlfriend

    I want to know what eyeshadow or eye pencil do you have on in the picture the color is pretty

  • B

    NaturallyAlise—> It does help the application. I don't know if I can explain HOW but I know it works!

  • Anonymous

    i bought it today, it was a bit messy at first, but i think after a couple of times of use it will become more managable. overall i was quite impressed with the result as the lashes were twice as long, oh just one last flaw, it was quite flakey after i applied the second coat. But it's nice, maybe a bit overpriced.

  • Dixie

    I loved the brush. Not a great at the spinbrush, but it worked sufficently. What Hated is that this is the flakiest mascara I have ever used…If you could make a pie crust as flakey as this mascara, you'd be one heck of a baker. By the end of the day I had little black flecks all over my cheeks.
    I've tried so many but always come back to cover girl's lash exact.

  • Jackie

    OMG, they discontinued this!!! my HG noooo!! i cant find it anywhere

    • Brittany

      So I’ve been hearing. :(

  • Lizzy

    I just bought this at a Bent and Dent store (stores, usually in Amish country, that sell discontinued items or items that are literally bent or dent in some way) for 1 DOLLAR. SCORE! I never tried it until now but it’s pretty awesome when it comes to lengthening. Too bad it’s being discontinued.. maybe people will be able to find it at dollar stores?

    • Brittany

      Wow, $1!!! Awesome deal!