My dry skin battle

Hey guys I have DRY skin mainly on my face. I tried almost every moisturizing face cream i could afford and I settled on cocoa butter because that’s the only (cheap) thing that worked for me. Until I got a recommendation from Luxetips for Lumene Radiant Beauty Drops.

They come 28 in a jar for a 28 day treatment. But I honestly saw results during the first week of applying the formula to my face and neck. Its really light! Here are the capsules

Here is the formula It glides on easily and I really have smooth glowing skin now. So if the winter months had you dry and peeling check out CVS and pick you a jar up for 23 dollars.


  • Miss Yaya

    these look interesting – what are the ingredients like?

  • Miss Pretty

    Vitamin C + Artic Lingonberry seed oil + Artic Cloudberry Seed Oil. I guess I should add that in!

  • Hair Expert

    28 dollars is a good price for a cream so highly reccomended

  • Marina

    thank you for the post! I also have dry skin so I will check it for sure.

  • des

    For dry skin i usually use pure vitamin E helps alot because it really moisturizes your skin and leaves it glowing a looking healthy!