Product Review: Olay Microdermabrasion & Peel in one system

I’m convinced that I will be the one to find that perfect skincare item. I’m determined to have the smoothest pimple free skin. Right now I’m at what I call a transition age. I’m too old for acne and too young for wrinkles but, guess what? I get a pimple every few months and I swear I see laugh lines around my mouth. I decided that I wanted to try microdermabrasion but in no way can I afford the spa right now!!

Imagine my surprise when I found this at Walmart! So how did it stand up? Check out the review……

Price: 4 out of 5 (Two products) I got it for $24.99 at Wal-mart
Packaging: 5 out of 5 (Very convenient sizes)
Overall: 3 out of 5

What it claims: The power of two treatments to regenerate your skin’s appearance – at home.
The system has two steps that actively work together to give you a combination of a microdermabrasion and mini-peel treatment, but it’s gentle enough to use up to two times a week for continuous results.

The truth: It took some getting used. Since Ive never had something like this done before I didn’t know what to expect. But I liked it after about 6 treatments (1 month) and I saw results.

It comes in its own little kit!

These are the bottles:

Microdermabrasion treatment with derma-crystals

You cant really see the crystals in this picture

Peel activator serum with Latic acid (I cringe at the word acid)

It’s really clear and feels like a face serum

When you do Step 1 (apply crystals to wet face and massage) + Step 2 (apply serum on top of crystals) you end up with this warm yet cool foamy lather

The directions say to use this twice a week so I picked Sundays and Wednesdays. I didn’t go to the spa but I felt like I was getting a luxurious treatment inside my bathroom. Which is always a good thing!

So have you ever had this treatment done? Did you like it?

If you want to try this kit check out Walmart or CVS. You can also visit the Olay website here

If you have any questions please email me (I love getting clumps mail):

Keep it clumping,

  • Askmewhats

    wooohooohh I've seen them on international magazines but haven't seen them locally, that sounds really interested Tamar, thanks for the post!

  • Product Junkie Diva

    Tamar thanks for the review…

  • Tammy M

    I absolutely love this set! I only use it once a week…

  • rockymtmama

    Thanks for the review! I've been wanting to try it, but was hesitant to spend $24 for something that might be just gimmick-y. Sounds like it's worth the $.

  • Miss Pretty

    @askmewhats Where do you live?

    @pjd You're SO welcome!

    @Tammy M Does it make your skin dry?

    @rockymtmama I passed it a dozen times before I actually tried it. I noticed that a lot of OLAY products are in the $20 price range!

  • yummy411

    $25 is a great price, though i don't know why i'm so finniky (sp?) about peels….

  • Phyllis

    I've used this one. It left my skin baby smooth and so soft.

  • Felicia/ ThisThatBeauty

    Nice review mama. I like this product!

  • Jaimie

    oh ive tried that! i really like it, for some reason they stopped selling it by me! :(

  • ~J

    The Olay stuff is a kncokoff of Philosophy's Microdelievery Peel kit. I have used both. The texture of the Philosophy product is better, but Philosophy is $65 compared to Olay's $20.The Olay product is an accepatble replacement at a better price point.

  • Brooke

    I have this treatment and I really liked it. It never really made my skin dry and I noticed a much smoother feel to my face after the first use. I don't use it on a regular basis though, just when I feel like I need a deep cleanse. I think it was def, worth the price though and wouldn't pay for anything more expensive. Good review too!

  • Crystal

    i've read good reviews about this one so i've been lemming for this!

  • Jasmin

    Thanks, for the review! I love olay! I use their moisturizers.