The Makeup Show NYC, Installment 5-Crown Brush spotlight

Yes ma’am! Don’t give me the cyber side-eye. I am STILL doing The Makeup Show NYC installments. I promise to stop at 10. I can’t help but feel like I need to share with my readers virtually EVERYTHING I experienced while in NYC. Which, I know is kinda sorta impossible.

So next time there is another show, ya’ll will just have to come along with me, mmmkay?

Let’s rap about Crown Brush.

Goodness.gracious.wowsers.good.googla-moogla! I love these brushes! I first discovered them at The Makeup Show LA and was SHOCKED at how cheap they were. I’m talkin’ no more than $5 for a decent make-up brush. I’m serious!

And these aren’t some rinky dink cheap-o creep-0 raggedy brushes either. They are pretty decent as far as durability and quality goes. I can’t say much about the face brushes, though. Most of the Crown Brushes that I have are for eyes.

I HIGHLY suggest checking out these brushes if you are a newbie, make-up artist or just a regular make-up lovin’ chick or chap that loves a variety of brushes.

Click HERE to check out their Studio Series brushes. These are my favorites!

[NOTE]: I just know someone out there is going to inquiry if Crown Brush and Coastal Scents are the same company. Or if one owns the other. To be honest….I’m not sure, muffins. Some of my beauty bloggin’ sisters and I scratched our heads trying to figure this out. My guess is this: Crown Brush sells brushes to “private labels”. Coastal Scents is a private label and has purchased some of their brushes from Crown Brush. Hence why they look the same. However, I could be wrong. Feel free to add to the discussion. Ya’ll know I’m one big ole’ clump of mascara so don’t hesitate to correct me!

  • Miss Yaya

    i had a whole long comment about how i got face brushes from crown and they are the softest and were only 7 each and that they were the highest grade and still that cheap and that they beat out all my other brushes that feel like i'm going to get scarring and google erased it all… so therefore i naturally turned it all into one big sentence lol

    i def love crown brushes and after finding them this makeup show, i cannot do without!

  • Miss Yaya

    p.s. super cute stila clumps banner up top! too bad the ad blocks part of it… it's ok though folks – right click view image and you can celebrate the most!

  • Nicole

    I love Crown Brushes! I found them early on when I was doing YT vids – I'm 99% positive that Crown sells to Coastal Scents, they just slap their name on the brush for them. Dirt cheap and darned good quality – I have a couple of the face brushes and they're great, as a matter of fact, my kabuki is awesome!

  • B

    Miss Yaya—> Girl, why did I see them at this past beauty show I went to here in Orlando? And I walked right on by. My heart said yes but my wallet was like, "You better keep it movin', woman." I LOVE them.

    Nicole—> Okay yeah….so that's what they do. I have always wondered! And yesss, I have one of the kabuki's and I just love it. But not the pink one. It is a tad bit scratchy. :(

  • Nicole

    Brittany, mine is the silver handled one and it's my favorite brush! :)