The Makeup Show NYC, Installment 7-Stila Cosmetics

Clumps of Mascara veterans know I am a truly a Stila Girl. Have been for quite some time. I love Stila for their cosmetics AND for their relationship with their customers. It’s a special thing when a company actually recognizes their customers.

At The Makeup Show NYC I got to get a sneak peek of the gorgeous Indian Summer collection.

Divine, right?

Each product is to make a gal feel as if she is wearing a piece of jewelry.

I played around with the 24K Appreciation gloss . Awww, look at Stila—naming a gloss “Appreciation” because they really appreciate their customers and fans. That makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Before I go on an overload of emotions, check out the photo shoot of Lady Appreciation.

Okay, I so love the arrow. Without it my crazy self would be
turning to the left. And for hours at that. HA!

And it is pretty!

At first glance, I thought that these would be similar to MAC’s Dazzleglass but they aren’t. They aren’t as thick and the glitter is not as “glittery”–making it a little more work appropriate.

And guess who I ran into at The Makeup Show? The official Stila ladies. That’s the owner Lynn Tilton in the middle. She’s a Florida girl too. Heyyy!!
….and don’t say a word about my foundation-y face. Minutes before this photo I was testing some colors and they uh, weren’t quite right. But I’m cheesin’ like it doesn’t matter. Gotta love it!

I love my Stila!! You can snag that 24K gloss here.

  • The Makeup Snob

    ahhh how exciting. I am recently loving Stila too! Im gonna have to check out that gloss!

    Thank you!

  • izumi

    i adore that gloss on you– waaaaayyy cute 😀 wish i had the money to shell some out for that coral color!

  • IMM

    Love it. How cool were the Stila girls and guys?

    Did you get the chance to speak with Lynn. She's one very cool chic!

    What's your ultimate fave from the collection?

  • Rai

    I've never tried Stila, but I like this Indian Summer collection.

    The gloss looks great!

  • Beauté Noire

    How cute is that Stila girl they made for you?!!

  • Milan Angel


  • Miss Yaya

    i'm in love with their banner for u! esp cuz the stila girl in there is rockin the purple (ok magenta-ish but we'll call it purple) and au natural hair