A Sweet Weekend Giveaway: M by Mariah Carey

Oh my darlings,

Please excuse my lack of posts yesterday. FOTD Friday will resume next week. I promise, I promise. Since I know you all are just devastated having not seen my face yesterday (hahaaa) I have a smashing giveaway for you.

I have a new type of fragrance to add to my perfume reviews.

I’ve reviewed J.Lo’s Deseo and Carol’s Daughter Pearl. I am still heavily rockin‘ both and I am glad to have Mariah Carey’s M to add to the collection.

How sweeeeet is this? M by Mariah Carey has toasted marshmallow notes which makes for an interesting yet pleasant scent. Topped with a darling mariposa (butterfly en Espanol) the scent is quite flirtacious and girly. I have been a Mariah Carey fan for as long as I can remember. Her Music Box album was my very first album. I even supported my girl in the movie Glitter, which the dork in me, actually liked. And I should also mentioned that M can help you watch your figure.

Don’t give me that look.

Say you are craving the mess out of some toasted marshmallows, or a funnel cake or a CinnaBon….spritz this on my neck and wrists and it will satisfy all of those cravings—at least temporarily. Don’t laugh! This is true, my darlings.

TWO lucky Clumps readers will get a chance to snag M by Mariah Carey. Check out the details below and answer this question:

What is your favorite dessert?

-Readers everywhere are eligible! International? That means you. :)
-Provide your answer and email address in THIS comment section only. My sister will choose the winners. Do NOT email me this time around.
-Have you won a contest/giveaway at Clumps in the past 6 months? Keep it movin‘, sister…give someone else a chance.
No submissions will be accepted after Sunday, July 12, 2009 at 2:00 p.m. EST. Winner will be selected at random..

That’s right…this is the a quick weekend giveaway. You don’t have much time. Winners will be announced on Monday, July 13, 2009.

Good luck!!!

  • Sydney Austin Designs

    My favorite dessert is Banana Pudding (made with Nabisco Nilla Wafers)! Yumster =)

  • Caramel Diva

    My favorite dessert is peach cobbler with whip cream on top:)

  • Stephanie

    There are so many that I love. But my favorite is probably a chocolate brownie topped with a scoop of ice cream. Yup! that's it.

  • LolaAM

    Co-signing Stephanie! Yum!


  • Natalie

    Oooooooh my I would have to say Baskin Robins gold
    medal ribbon ice cream with brownies and hot fudge.

  • lipton|TEE

    Mine would have to be my grandmother's peach cobbler, I've searched high and low for someone to make it like her but I could never find anyone who could even come close.


  • BourgieJD

    My FAVE dessert is rum cake. I make it pretty rich and with a heavy hand on the rum bottle. So not only is it sweet and moist, but it might give you a buzz. Sinfully good!

  • coopdujour

    Pecan Pie!n pure sugar, crust and nuts.

  • coopdujour

    Pecan Pie!n pure sugar, crust and nuts.

  • Renee G

    Oh I love homemade carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.


  • ezzie

    i l-o-v-e dessert(:
    my favorite has to be the pint-sized pistachio icecream from thrifty!
    i can finish that in one sitting. Hahaah!

  • Enchantress

    My favorite dessert is hands down PEACH COBBLER!!!


  • Maria

    English Strawberry Trifle

    A layer of jelly (that's your Jell-o) with cubes of sponge cake and whole fresh strawberries set right into it, a layer of chilled custard, a layer of thick, whipped cream and to top, some shavings of chocolate.

    No beef, no peas – thank you Rachel from Friends!


  • Anonymous

    my homemade sweet potato pie :-)


  • ♥Niya♥

    My favorite dessert is Cheesecake.


  • Aquaheart

    hmm.. my all time favorite dessert would have to be rocky road ice cream with oreo cookies and hot fudge. yummers!! im gonna go get some now. LOL :)

    and thanks for this contest! <3

  • L. Michelle

    My favorite dessert is a dish that I get at Thai or Japanese restaurants, Mango Sticky Rice! Yummy!!!

    Thanks for the contest!

  • adriene

    My favorite dessert is english toffee ice cream with apple pie.


  • Cassandra

    ..This is hard! I love desserts..

    I think I'd have to say banana cream pie. I LOVE bananas, and banana cream pie just tops the charts for me.


  • Anonymous

    my fav dessert is homemade apple crumble in the winter, and soft serve ice cream with rainbow sprinkles in the warmer months.


  • Izzo

    Ooops I forgot my email address zoe.emile@gmail.com

    My favorite dessert would be the carrot cake cheesecake from Juniors with the cream cheese frosting. Sugar rush but the slices are big enough to share.

  • Hope

    My fave dessert is Hot apple pie. OMG sounds so good wish I had a piece right now!

  • Pigskin Loving Lady

    Sweet potato pie no doubt is my fav! At warm temperature…a little ice cream on the side..DELISH!!

  • Adia

    It seems like every desert I eat becomes my favorite at that time…but my FAVORITE, MOST DECADENT desert is a 3-tiered chocolate fudge cake, with raspberry filling & chocolate frosting. Topped off with vanilla ice cream. I'm so excited b/c I'll be having it for my birthday next weekend-YAY!


  • glory345

    My favorite is a banana split with a scoop of cookies n cream, a scoop of french vanilla and a scoop of strawberry ice cream with marshmellow topping, whipped cream no cherry….que rico!!!!


  • Andrea

    I love it all! My sweet-tooth is the mother of all sweet teeth–LOL!
    My favorite dessert(THIS WEEK) is Pineapple-Upside-Down cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory! It's creamy w/ just the right amount of sweetness. The tangy-sweet caramalized pineapple,cherries AND cake for the crust(OH MY GAWD!)
    –I Always get (1)for dessert & another for the road:) What calories?? SINFUL!!!

  • Mignon

    My favorite dessert is key lime pie with raspberry sauce. OMG so good. They serve it that way at Red Lobster. So needless to say, I'm often found in there inhaling cheddar bay biscuits and several pieces of key lime pie LOL.

    Yay key lime pie!! lol


  • Quel

    Blondie bar (hot) topped with vanilla ice cream and hot caramel sauce and hot white chocolate sauce. Topped with. Cinnamon and sugar toasted walnuts!

  • Missy

    My all time favorite dessert would have to be pecan pie with whipped cream. Good thing I only have during the holidays!


  • Da_Kween

    My favorite dessert is a toss up between my sister's "Mo-nana Cookie Pudding" which is more cookies and pudding than banana. Just enough bananas to flavor…AND she adds 99 Bananas!

    My other is my own sweet potato cake w/orange glaze.

  • Da_Kween

    I forgot the email, LOL


  • aye_meee

    My favorite dessert are cookies! Snicker doodles to be exact! They are just so sweet and has that kick of cinnamon to balance it out. and its a must for cookies to be chewy, oh yes! mmm, thanks, now im craving for some, but wait, this would be the perfect time it spirits some of the M. Oh man, I think Im gona have to make some now, seriously.

    <3 anguyen326@gmail.com

  • Tira

    My fave dessert is tiramisu, yummm. It's a lovely mix of cake, coffee, marscapone cheese, and chocolate. I love it because it has my name in it too. 😉


  • Kimboo

    My favorite is German Chocolate Cake or Warm(microwaved for 10sec) Chocolate Cake w/choclate icing MMMMMMmmm

  • Becky


  • brittcole7

    My FAVORITE dessert handsdown, is my mom's banana pudding!


  • Bong_Hits_For_The_Mistress

    My favorite dessert would have to be the traditional and all-time favorite: Chocolate chip cookies. The best are homemade and done by yourself. It's about what you want in the cookie, although grandmas and moms do know what they are doing when cooking. 😛 Plus, it's timeless and I get bad cravings for the chocolate in the cookie. lol


  • Halifax

    I love Dairy Queen's Blizzard in Reese pieces

  • nikkibee

    fried cheesecake!!!!!

  • MrsSaditty

    Dulce de leche cheesecake–rich and yummy!


  • XOXO

    Easy !
    It's the fried ice cream I always get after dinner at the Japanese restaurant!
    Helped me get through being dumped some time ago,serious!

  • XOXO

    Ha! I must not be over him yet, because I forgot to include my address:

  • LocaVida1987

    okay i have 2 favs… my 1st fav desert is Red Bean icecream from Japan. my 2nd fave is peach cobbler.


  • Iyvonnetp

    For me,there is nothing better than homemade lemon cream cheese pound cake with lemon glaze and a glass of milk!


  • Amanda

    My favorite dessert is CHEESECAKE!!!! :) macd82 (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Shawnta`

    Although I don't have the biggest sweet tooth, there are entirely too many great desserts to chhose from. One favorite of mine is warm brown sugar pie, topped with Frnch Vanilla Cool Whip and Butter Pecan or vanilla bean ice cream on the side.

  • Lamb

    My favorite desert is Bananas Foster Cheesecake!

    And you have to eat it with a spoon like a true gangster.

    B A N A N A S.


  • Grace

    my fave dessert is a slice of my mom's homemade cheesecake with chilled blueberries on top. add a dollop of whipped cream too :)


  • Anonymous

    My favourite is a home made "sour avocado" avocado mashed/pureed, add lemon juice and sugar. Frozen. Yummy and healthy,

    Thank you for the giveaway:-0


  • yours truly

    my favourite dessert is a nice thick slice of black forest cake. For those not familiar, it's a soft fluffy chocolate cake with a middle layer of maraschino cherry filling and soft white icing, chocolate flakes or sprinkles and cherries on the top. highly fattening. all yummy. :)


    now send that baby to an international COM'er. 😀

  • Niika

    My favourite dessert is tiramisu cake

    email: face.graffiti@yahoo.com

  • Andi

    I have so many! Homemade tres leches cake is one of my all-time favorites! Another favorite is a coke float with chocolate chip ice cream – nice and simple :)

    email: mac.applegirl13 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  • bluehaert

    Mudpie from Coffe Club in Singapore!

    bluehaert @ gmail. com

  • Nina

    I'm such a foodie that I can't even pick just one but I'll say that one of my faves right now is the amazing tiramisu from Cibo, a local restaurant where I live.

    irina.sagarbarria at gmail dot com

  • PhreakPhantasia

    Grandma's fresh out of the oven cherry pie!

  • Vanessa S

    My favorite desert is Carrot Cake. Thanks for the giveaway!!!!

    VanessasSecret4 at aol dot com

  • Martan

    My favorite dessert is tiramisu'.

    whiteroseofpa215 at yahoo. dot com

  • Anonymous

    Ooooh, gimme Bananas Foster!!!

  • Rachael Williams

    Fudgy brownies or german chocolate cake, mmmmm!
    Rachael W.

  • Rai

    My favorite dessert is Red Velvet Cake!

    Haven't won a giveaway.

    THANKS! (:

  • Lucy

    Please enter me in the giveaway. My favorite dessert is Fudge Ribbon Cake. It's a chocolate cake with a layer of cheesecake that is baked in the center of the cake. We loved the center so much that my Mother doubled the recipe for the cheesecake part. Chocolate frosting and it was so delicious. Mom used to make it from scratch. I made it with chocolate cakes mix. I wish she was still here to enjoy a slice with me. Thank you.

  • Jaimie

    I'd like to enter! MY favorite is Chocolate Chip Cookie dough. its so simple and i really enjoy the texture and the comforting taste

  • Crystal S.

    My favorite is a chocolate pecan pie!

  • Jass

    its a tie between ultra-chocolate brownies or cake – especially my grandmothers caramel or cream cheese pound cake


  • Miss.Stefanie

    Youre sister is picking and I always lose! hahaha.

    But you know me and my big round Latina butt loves me some "anything sweet" from brownies-to-pandulce.

    -Blank stare-


  • Kimberly

    My favorite dessert is hands down the Better Than Sex Cake. It's a chocolate cake with caramel inside, & topped with whipped topping & a Heath Candy bar.

  • Michelle

    My favorite dessert is a vanilla cupcake

    sgoofi at hotmail dot com

  • Anonymous

    trica c said:
    i dont like dessert..yeah really.


  • Sheila D Cole

    the original cheesecake, from the cheesecake factory,omg

    please enter me, i love your blog.

  • Anonymous

    Fave dessert, hot cinnamon apple pie, with a scoop of french vanilla ice cream, covered w/ hot caramel


  • cjbrownsc

    My favorite dessert is creme brulee'!


  • Justine Biance

    I dont know if I will still be included on the contest but anyway, Im just gonna share my fave dessert. It will forever be… Tiramisu!