Amor de Lacquer: My nail designs…spotted on Twitter!

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[NOTE: All photos were taken by the camera on my Blackberry.]

Lately I have been playing around with some nail designs. This happens to me every few months or so. I would love to go all crazy and rock Skittles nails all day everyday but the reality is, my profession (ugh, I hate being an adult….seriously) forces me to be rather conservative in the nail polish/design department. No fair!! But that doesn’t stop me from trying to sneak a little vavoom on my nails. Even if it is only one one nail.


For this look, I am rocking Zoya’s Rea with a quick dash of Zoya’s Jacy. I love love loooove how Zoya’s Rea looks. It is a gorgeous foil-y plum with silver bombs all up and through it. Jacy, a jelly, gives me that extra bit of glam without going overboard. I thought this look was rather work/church safe.

Total weekend look! Dark nails are unexpected in the summer. And that’s just the kind of lady I am…unexpected. Diamond Cosmetics’ Plum Pie in the Sky with a dash of Diamond Cosmetics’ Berry Sweet is a slammin‘ weekend mani.

Ah yesss, this may be one of my favorite random designs ever. Lavender purple nails with a spot of green. Quite spring-y, uh? Orly’s Mint Mojito with a splash of Orly’s Cashmere Cardigan. I decided to go with the french mani on the ring finger because, well… reason, really. I was playing around and that’s where I ended up! Michelle from All Lacquered Up even gave me props on that mani. You know I died, right?

Now this mani is about a month old or so but I am seriously thinking about re-doing it; but adding some nicer touches to it. I struggled with the design on this one. It looks rather amateur but a round 2 should really set it off! China Glaze’s Sky High Top with a splash of China Glaze’s Tree Hugger are probably two of my FAVORITE blues and greens. I mean….ever.

I am STILL doing cartwheels over Nubar’s Going Green collection. I did this mani shortly after reviewing the collection. That delicious Reclaim dominates the scene will Wildfire makes a guest appearance on the ring (haha, that rhymes). I topped it off with a pink flower nail decal from Fing’rs (stay tuned for reviews!). The sticker gives it a nice touch but let’s be honest, Reclaim really steals the show.

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Your fellow nail polish junkie,

  • izumi

    i love the random green french mani!!

  • Askmewhats

    I love how you sneak in wonderful creations on your ring finger! I love it! and I want to see more! :) :) :)

  • Writing Addict

    Lil Sis I love how you do your nails..if only you were in Vegas! LOL

  • hot beauty health

    I love the brown with pink flowers design. You definitely have creativity.

  • kukaberry

    I know I said this on twitter already but…These are so cute.

  • rmcandlelight

    I love your photos and all your designs. Love all the polishes as well.

  • gio

    I love all the designs. Very ceative!

  • Krystina

    They are all too cute! :)
    Fab job and I love the random design on your ring finger. Very sly! 😉

    Also, what is that Hello Kitty thing you are holding? It's cute and I just have to know since I just adore Hello Kitty.

    Much love!

  • Steph

    You know I love it!! Girl, where are the polka dots!! LOL, I'm just waiting for that day :)

  • B

    Thanks ladies!

    Krystina—> That's a Hello Kitty easter egg! How cute is that?

    Steph—> You know I'm on it, mama. I will be doing one of those soon. Maybe this weekend!!