Beauty Bee-haviors: I can’t stand when______

Welcome to another post from the Beauty Bee-haviors series. In this series we have open discussions about any and everything in the beauty world.

There are some things that annoy me in the beauty world. But I know I’m not the only one. There are a few trends that have made me go “Uh?” And I know I am not the only one.

What beauty trend or look drives you up a wall?

Can I tell you one of mine?

Black eyeliner on the lips

I can not STAND the sight of this. Like, it literally makes me cringe. And yet….it STILL seem to be so prevalent here in Florida. Yes, believe it or not, I once wore black eyeliner on the lips in high school. I’m sure a great deal of us did but if this trend (is it even a trend?) doesn’t die out, I will be forced to walk around with baby wipes and risk getting knocked out to remove the horrid black liner around the lippies of these ladies.


I said it.

You turn. Fill in the blank.

When it comes to beauty: I can’t stand when _________.

  • kukaberry

    …girls cut off all they're eyebrows and draw them on with a eyeliner pencil. That drives me CRAZY! It looks ridiculous too.

  • samantha

    Well There's One Thing About Fashion That I Hate.
    It Is Like Those Leggingz.

  • B

    Kukaberry—> OMGGGGG!! I was so going to put that up there too. My eyes temporarily die when I see that.

    Samantha—> They are getting out of control, uh? I have one pair of black ones and haven't worn them in a whiiiile.

  • Missy

    I co-sign on everything everyone said above. The only thing I would add with the leggings is that I hate when women wear them like they are pants. They are not.
    Please don't get me started on lace front wigs! They are evil and aren't fooling anyone.

    Additionally, the sagging skinny jeans on men is NOT the business. Females showing "whale tails" isn't either.

  • B

    Missy—> Okay, you've got me over here dying. Lace fronts—*moment of silence* I can't. Skinny jeans on men=epic fail. In fact that whole Kanye West 80's look just kills me. But I have friends who like that so to each his/her own. Little do they know they contribute to the chronic pain of my poor eyes.

  • tamar

    I agree about the lacefront wigs!

    I can't stand it when women wear open toe sandals/shoes and have chipped or old polish on her toes.

    I can't stand when I see someone with extensions that don't match the texture of their natural hair.

    I can't stand it when I see someone that made the choice to use powder on private areas and throw on some black pants!

    I can't stand it when I see a woman who clearly needs a bra on decides to not wear one.

    I can't stand it when I see a mother dressed to the nines looking fab but her kids look like they haven't bathed in a month!

    I can't stand it when people think work casual means a pencil skirt with a split so high that you see "the goodies".

  • Erin

    Hey wait!! Leggings CAN be cute, LOL!

    Well anyway…my pet peeves….

    1. White eyeliner as an eyeshadow!!!

    2. Boys who wear their jeans underneath their behinds or to their knees and then have the nerve to put a belt on….why?

    3. I agree with the lacefronts! Not of God!

    4. Skin tight shirts and a pot belly….please stop!

    5. Low rise jeans for chicks who have hips!

    6. Unblended blush on cheeks!

    7. People who wear sandals with crusty heels! smh…

    8. Hawaiian silky straight weave with kinky/nappy roots….I'm sorry, but….dead wrong!

    9. White underwear underneath white clothes!…especially sheer white clothes!

    10. Bathing suits covered in fur or sequence or snake skin! What is the point of having a fur bathing suit?!

  • Missy

    @ Erin…LMBO at the entire list!!!
    Combined with your #7 on rusty heels…how about size 8 feet in a size 7 sandals–toes so far on the ground they are picking up rocks with every step.

    @tamar…the parent dressed to the nines and kids looking a mess is more than than a pet peeve…that makes me want to catch a case! UGH!!!

  • glamazini

    seasonally confused footware 😐 … make is stop.

    is it summer or winter? why are you rocking an open-toe fur boot w/ a slingback? BOO!

  • Connie De Alwis

    – Frosty frost frost frost. Like how much frost can you put on a face without looking like a cupcake?

    – Thick black eyeliner = rock/goth. It's ridiculous. some just slap on black eyeliner and call it a day

    – fake looking fake lashes. nobody should be walking around in daylight wearing them!

    – foundation shades that are too fair. some people choose to have their foundations look really light. ugh

  • Crissy

    i've never done that eyeliner one lol

    :/ lighter or even peachy shades are alright. it's just i can't stand certain "nude" lips. It usually looks like someone put too much liquid foundation on with a brush and accidentally swiped their lips.

    foundation that's too orange!

  • Bong_Hits_For_The_Mistress

    For me, when it comes to beauty, I can't stand is when there's one eyelash about to fall off someone's eye but never does and they have no absolute clue it is there. I'll admit I've seen that with you Brittany. xD Can't help it, it really does bother me and I feel like wanting to smack a woman and pulling that dang eyelash out. LOL

  • Anonymous

    Mutton dressed as lamb. I can't stand to see a woman wearing trendy clothes that are for someone 10 or 20 years younger then she is. I saw a mother/daughter. Both were beautiful and shapely, but mom was trying wear the same outfit as her daughter and she looked pathetic.

    Age appropriate clothes make you look younger not clothes meant for teenagers. And age appropriate does not mean frumpy and boring.

  • B

    You peoples are hilarious. Hill.Larious!

    Bong—> Good thing I have tough skin otherwise my feelings would be a little trampled right now. I've joked about before on the blog and in some of my videos. You, however, are the first to admit that my eyelash makes you want to smack me. Interesting.

  • Annaleigh

    my number one pet peeve is when somebody's foundation/concealer does not match their natural skin color AT ALL.

  • Writing Addict

    I can't stand spaghetti strap tight shirts on women with too much gut. Please stop.

    I can't stand too tight jeans on women who are spilling all over the top and sides…its more than muffin its like those really BIG muffins for breakfast.

    I agree with the young lady who stated Lace Front Wigs. I just want to carry some glue around and start applying them to their heads myself b/c the sides be lifting and stuff. Plus, its too daggone hot to be wearing them things!

    I hate dirty heeled sandals and high heels. Lawd, pathetic

  • Missy

    @ writing addict…especially the leaning heels…those are the worst…and the ones that are basically nails…LOL

  • Anonymous

    visable tattoos in church, blonde or light red hair on darker sistas.. wrong or light foundation on anyone always looks grey in pictures.. dark lip pencil and the all time favorite.. just cause it comes in a size 20 doesn't mean you should wear it…

  • Amina

    keep them coming!!! The list are great!
    I was going to mention the muffin tops…
    I can't stand it when some women wear a reddish eyebrow pencil!

  • Askmewhats

    eeeeekkk black eyeliner on lips?? They still do that??? I can't take it!!!!

    I can't stand super thin brows too!!!!

  • MadameSoybean

    For me the big beauty peeve is just a bad brow….the one that looks like a McDonald's arch. I want to drag these ladies into a back alley and whip out the tweezers, brow pencil and protractor to fix them. It's like a compulsion!

  • GangStarr Girl

    I'm guilty of the black liner on my lips…but that was back in 8th grade, when I didn't know any better. Now, that makes me cringe. UGH!

    When it comes to beauty: I can't stand when women shave off their eyebrows then draw them back on too sharp and too thick. You look like the Wicked Witch of the West and make babies cry. Not cute!

  • yummy411

    lol i don't like thick black drawn on eyebrows that are wayyy above the brow bone… yikes!

    oh i'm with the 30 y.o. dressing like a teenager. that bothers me a lot!

  • Yvonne

    lol WHO DOES THAT.. lol cholas thats who lol lean like a chola

  • Andrea

    #1 I can't stand when you are bursting w/ child & still TRY to wear the same skin tight jeans that you wore before you got pregnant & to top it all off..your stomach is hanging out
    *Reality check: Boo-Boo you are not doing the daggone thang! STANK+TRIFLING=DEAD WRONG!!

    #2 Walking around w/ writing across the butt is sooooo tired! Cut it out!!!

  • Andrea

    Holding on to a quick weave or an up-do for 2 months. If your up-do looks like a French roll wig you are definitely doing Too Much!!!! Let it go!

  • slackey210

    I agree with all of the above!! LOL. Call the Fashion Police STAT!

    Mine are wearing spaghetti straps or a racer back shirt with your thick bra straps showing. They do make strapless bras and also the ones made with the racerback. If not a strapless, how about the strap thing from the infomercial. Strap-eze or whatever. Please, please do something.

    And my other one is the thong showing. Nobody wants to see all of that. Please pull your shirt down, your pants up, do something. Stop the madness please!!!!

  • glamazini

    ROFLMBO @ "French roll wig" why?!!!!

  • Shawnta`

    I agree with quite a few of those already listed but the ones that bother me most:

    – SUPER thin eyebrows
    – Shaven eyebrows & then drawing them in
    – Black liner around the mouth
    – Hangnails and rusty cuticles
    – Lipstick on teeth

  • Natalie

    LOL!!! French roll wig…that made my week!

    I can't stand when women wear those quick weaves that has the track showing at the hairline. what is the point?!

  • Sharon

    If you have Hideous Gargoyle Feet, either get a pedicure or don't wear open-toed or open-backed shoes! Your cute shoes don't cancel out your nasty feet!

  • Andrea

    @ glamazini: Seasonally confused footware!
    "why are you rocking an open-toe fur boot w/ a slingback?"
    –Girl I was WEAK when I read this one!! I let out a big ole' belly laugh(face tore up & all:)
    I said,now this is a fool right here! GIRRRRL YOU ARE A TRIP-LOL!

  • Andrea

    Well Clumps… What can I say? YOU DID IT AGAIN!! Another GREAT post(fresh,funny,inspiring…)This blog has it all & I'M ADDICTED(I need help–LOL!!
    ~I hope to one day meet you & some of my fellow Clump-ites. You guys are GREAT!!

  • Lara

    This is an awesome list. I totally agree with the dark lipliner and light lipstick/gloss trend so that it's so obvious the line was drawn on.

    I hate fake nails that are too long and that are kept on so long the real nail starts to push its way out.

    I agree with the commenter that mentioned boots in the summer and other seasonally confused dressing.

    Not so keen on the deliberate showing of the bra strap underneath tank tops and the like.

    Fake contacts in a color that the whole world knows you weren't born with.

    Anyone who steps out looking entirely like they tried too hard. I.E too many accessories, visible name brands, etc.

  • Anonymous


  • Cinthia

    New reader and having a blast here, lol!

    – I can't stand people girls or blokes who don't take care of their nails, yet are very goodlooking or do awesome makeup.

    – I can't stand dirty hair…

    – Women who can't apply eyeliner correctly… if you can't, ask advice or just don't!. I saw someone one day wearing blue eyeliner only on the lower lid… and quite below the line. ¬¬

    -I actually own a pair of Winter season peep toes… I love em, lol. They're low heel, frosty purple and with a cute bow on top. Yes really 😛 And sometimes I even wear them with socks xD. Talk about season confused!

    – White light dressing rooms where I work at. Hate to look soo washed out in the mirror! :(

    Cheers all!

  • Maria

    Badly done or pointless tattoos. Put some thought and money into your lifelong skin investment! Otherwise, just draw it on with a Sharpie!

  • K*Mack

    Oh man I can't this is way too much LMAO. You ladies are hilarious. I agree with most of what is already here. LMAO @Hideous Gargoyle Feet.

    I see the beauty horrors have turned into fashion horrors i will share my thoughts on both.


    Co-sign the drawn eyebrows…there IS an art to it dammit.

    Chapped lips. Dammit it doesn't have to be Burt's Bees..take yo behind to the 99 cent store!

    Yaki silky ponytail pieces with coarse roots.

    Not knowing what colors work best with your complexion (blushes, shadows, and lip colours)


    There's nothing wrong with being a big girl but DAMN if you can't buy your COTDAMNED size. I shouldn't see you squeezing your wide ass in a pair of 10 booty shorts and you a 38.

    Ass cracks sicken me.

    Muffin tops. Please stop this madness. Get the PX90 workout.

    Trying to dress just like a celeb…Find your own style.

    Cashiers wearing durags.

    I really can go on and on..LOL

  • Miss Yaya

    1. nails longer than an inch long
    2. grillz… on anyone… ANYWHERE
    3. messy locs – locs does not equal forget about my hair
    4. long underarm hair BLEGH!!!
    5. deodorant stuck in #4 – excuse me while i vomit
    6. girls/guys who cannot walk in heels but try anyway
    7. missing tips on hands… take them ALL OFF
    8. wrong bras – a racerback is not the correct choice for halter top!!
    9. stretcher earrings – the bigger they are, the more they scare and irk me
    10. unskilled makeup application – nothing wrong with being minimal until you know watcha doing!!!!!!!

    …i can go on forever… this is a lethal question for a post

  • Miss Yaya

    oh and i hate when kids wear clothing worth more than my salary – an infant that doesn't walk NEEDS NOT a pair of jordans or a gold chain… buy it LATER!!

  • MadameSoybean

    "Muffin tops. Please stop this madness. Get the PX90 workout."
    This made me laugh!!!

    I'm not keen on the creamy light grey nail polish girls
    are wearing. Gunmetal would rock. Grey blue would work. This is cement. I need B's expert take on this grey makeup trend.

    Fashion faux pas for me is the lollipop look out here.
    Tiny anorexic body & head looks too big. Eeek!

  • tmpierson

    Hey Girlie…this is hilarious.

    I don't think I saw these ones so I'll add:

    1. super long…and God forbid acrylic toe nails.

    2. extended epebrows drawn to your hairline.

    3. gelled edges/BABY hair (esp. the with curls, ringlets, and dipity do dahs)

    4. grown men with cornrolls…and beads on the end.

    …girl, I'm gonna be thinking about this all night…lol…too funny.

    Teneasha (VirtuousBlue)

  • Lamb

    You people are so funny, and it's all so true.

    I hate seeing skinny jeans and HUGE sneakers paired together.

    Unclipped toenails, thick hairy chests, fat women squeezed into bikinis with their fat hanging all over the place (Ew) men with big bellies wearing speedos.

    Those brown Coach purses that EVERYBODY carries. Pick another color.

    Girls with weave, fake nails, and colored contacts ALL AT THE SAME TIME. 1 2 3 Fake.

    People who leave the price tags on their clothes so people can see how much they paid for it. FYI No one gives a damn, and plus thats tacky.

    Keep it goin! :)

  • Alex

    I thought I would share since my biggest peeves aren't up yet.

    I do not like those sparse little pervert looking mustaches that some guys like to run around with. If you can't grow facial hair then please don't, and a mustache is usually a bad choice anyway.

    Second, I truly hate when men shave their beards into chin strips. It makes me feel like they've bikini waxed their face, and I cannot even look at them.

  • dvanessa

    jeez y'all r too funny !

    I hate da chola eyebrows…

    Girl wearin 2 much makeup …for an 8 am class :s I mean there's a time for evening look and English class is clearly not one of em!

    Skinny jeans with NIke air shoes eww haha

    Chipped nail polish…either fix it or remove all!

    Muffin tops & Whale tale! argh !

    Girls dressed as if they were ready 2 hit a niteclub when they go to school…Come on now !

    AAAHHH…girls who wear Ed Hardy caps + Juicy joggings (Juicy clearly labeled on their asses) + Ugg Boots… uuugghhhh…. Its ok, wet it, u can afford those items. But mixing & matching dem is just gross !!!!

  • NaturallyAlise

    Tights/stockings worn as pants… just because Beyonce's fool a$$ does it doesn't mean you should… those are her COSTUMES…

  • Anonymous

    hmm…buttcrack poor fitting jeans,cameltoe jeans,girls showing Too much cleavage then wearing booty shorts,too harsh edges of eyeshadow/too much eyeliner going on,a dude that is so hesitant of putting deoderant on,when i smell BO in general,girls trying too hard,when a girl that has a perfectly fine body wears the dowdiest boxy clothes,sweaty smelling hair,leather jackets that look too fake,freaken middle school girls wearing tons of makeup & even dressing hoochie-mama like already,wearing formal high heels in high school(wedges are ok tho),almost unibrows,goodness i can go on Forever about this list!