Beauty Review: 100% Organic Shea Butter

Hello Clumpers, it’s Tamar! You are in for a treat today. As I explained in a previous post I have extremely dry skin. I normally just turn to cocoa butter to hydrate my thirsty body but while browsing my favorite beauty supply store I found this…

When I opened it I was kinda grossed out because the color resembles dry mustard

Its very clumpy but glides on really easily

I absolutely LOVE this product! It smells almost like cocoa butter but it almost doesn’t have a smell. I even mix it with my perfume when I’m going out.

Let me run down the uses and description (from the bottle):

Dry skin Moisturizer
Dry scalp
Skin Peeling after Tanning (if you tan)
Blemishes and wrinkles
Itchy skin due to dryness
Shaving Cream
Stretch Mark prevention and treatment
Reducing Acne
Eliminate Scalp Irritation
Restores Luster to hair
Softens Tough skin on feet Especially Heels)

Its really a great thing to have in your beauty closet! For 5.99? You cant beat that if you tried.

If you’re interested in trying it please check out your local beauty supply. I tried finding the company website but I had no luck, I did find a site that sells it here.

Keep it Clumping,


  • Anonymous

    I love this site and the reviews are great. Keep them coming!

    This shea butter looks weird!

  • HappyFeet01

    I like cocoa butter! I've never tried this but I have seen it around but not in this form. I may pick some up because I want to try something new.

  • beautyt900

    Cool review

  • N.Walker

    Is this greasy? I need something besides vaseline on my feet at nght! Shave cream? Im sold!

  • Roberta Lee

    yes, it looks rather weird when you see the product, but because I have seen the product, and because I trust your judgment, I concur, it's wonderful….Keeping clumping!

  • NaturallyAlise

    Shea butter is the TRUTH! There is a flea market in my area that has a lady that sells some wonderful shea butter… Only thing is I don't recommend it for hear especially if you have locs bc if will build up terribly…

  • Marquita

    I recently started using this and i love it except it stinks. Its really good for your feet.

  • The Lady

    This is right on time, I just bought some today from the health food store.

  • Bombchell

    i use mine mostly as a lotion.

    some people mix it will olive oil, they say it works for stretch marks

    others use it on their hair with other mixtures.

  • Anonymous

    pure shea butter is light yellow to brownish.. with a very strong smell and yes it is hard and chucky,as it ages it can turn dark and the smell can be awful.. it is cut from large blocks at my local african shop, and Ms. Mokane says mass market offerings are NOT pure butter, they have to add peservatives to it to increase shelf life.. i only use it at night cause the smell is overwhelming but my skin is like a new borns, my skin is totally even in color and i'm often told.. "you are the same color all over" and it's true, no dark elbows or knees, no scar marks from childhood.. no discoloration at all.. find some you won't regret it..

  • *Coop*

    Shea butter is an inexpensive cure for everything – hair, hand, and feet. I buy some from Talia Waajid's salon each time I'm home. Mango scented yumminess! And the 3oz container lasts a long time and can be carried on planes. You can't lose!

  • Anonymous

    Wow! Had no idea it was good for a shave! I'll have try that!
    I got myself some of that and cocoa butter from Coastal!
    Be careful about purchasing shea and the like from a beauty supply, it can usually be a total jip. There's a vid on youtube about how to identify the real deal.
    The shea is so creamy, I wanna whip mine soon for a better feel!
    Cocoa butter is a rock unless you warm it and add oils…but so far it moisturizes well.
    I really want to try some authentic African black soap too!

  • Anonymous

    Try Beauty Society's Liquid Luxury Lipid Oil. Smooth and silky, absorbs easily and not greasy at all. It's great for dry skin, excema, heels, elbows and I even roll in onto my legs that get really dry in the winter. check it out: