Beauty Review: L’Oreal Cream Shadow paint

Yo yo lay-dees!!

So I got a TON of responses and emails from my L’Oreal HIP matte and metallic eyeshadow duos review. Which tells me….y’all really like L’Oreal HIP. Which is a good thing. I think this is a great drugstore brand that delivers higher end quality. I highly recommend purchasing L’Oreal HIP products when they go on sale at your local drugstores. I know for a fact that Walgreens and CVS regularly have L’Oreal HIP products on sale every week or so.

Time to review the paints!

L’Oreal HIP Cream
Shadow paint in Witty

Price: 3 out of 5 ($3-$12 at drugstores, Target stores and of course, online)
Packaging: 5 out of 5
Overall: 5 out of 5

What it claims:
“Paint a new world of color with HiP high intensity pigments™ Cream Shadow Paint. Use the perfectly smooth shadow alone for luminous all over color or use as a base under HiP shadow for a more intense look.” (source)

The truth:
This is a pretty fantabulous base. Wait….forget base, it works well as an eye shadow too!

What I loved about it: The packaging makes me feel like some artist. And my face is the drawing board. HA!

What I didn’t like: There isn’t much that I don’t like about these things. Well….wait, they could be a little cheaper. Actually, a lot cheaper.

Overall: So if you are a total newb to these paints, I know you’re lookin’ around like,

“B….it looks cool and all, but what in the world does it do?”

Okay okay…let’s go back to square one. These paints can be used as an eye shadow base. Or even as a cream eyeshadow. They in assist in ensuring that the eyeshadow you do use on top of it lasts all friggin’ day. I’m talkin’ NO creasing. If you decide to wear it alone, it works well too.

They are easy to apply. You can use a stiff brush or opt for your fingers. I find that the latter works easiest. I feel more in control when I am using my fingers. While application may be easy, it is important to blend these paints in. Nothing worse than looking in the mirror and noticing that your base is unblended. It can throw off your entire look. And y’all know I know from experience. LOL!

Now let’s see this bad boy in action.

Here is L’Oreal’s Cream Paint in Witty blended on my hand….

Do you see how this color in particular doubles so nicely as a base AND a shadow? It has enough color to make for a nice neutral eye but not TOO much color to where it would dramatically change the color of an eyeshadow.

*two snaps for the kid*

My eye with nothing on it…

My eye with Witty paint on it…

And then if I’m in a hurry but want to do a little somethin’-somethin’ to the lids, I’ll pull out a fluffy brush and a brown shadow….

….and bang it out!

Apply a highlight and you are good to go.

So yeah….L’Oreal HIP paints aren’t so bad at ‘tall. I loves ’em.

For a comparison video of L’Oreal HIP’s cream paints and MAC’s Paints, click here.

Whatcha think?
Own these things?
Where do you buy them from?
Got any other colors?

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B’Rittany is HIP (lol),

  • Fabuless Beauty

    I love these Paints too! However, I only buy them when they have the BOGO Free promotion. A couple dollars more, you can get MAC.

  • Sara (The Makeup Snob)

    im not sure if the packaging is being changed or these are being discontinued. but all the loreal paints are clearance to 3.00 at walgreens. like 3 different stores i saw them…. hm… makes me curious

  • Askmewhats

    wow the L'oreal Hip Paint worn alone is gorgeous on you!!!! I use mine as base, because its nearly invisible on my lids! Mine is in Secretive 😀

  • Connie De Alwis

    I've been meaning to try this but no color really caught my eye yet :-/

  • Rai

    I have one in Lofty! I love them.
    Some people dislike them, but that's them. I use them as a base.

  • slackey210

    I just love these. I have secretive, lofty and steely. Steely is an excellent base for a smoky eye. I got them at Walgreens's at a discount, but not $3. LOL!!! They were clearance to $6.19 and they were included in the bogo so that was a good deal. Not all of the colors were discounted the last time I was there, but I'm going to keep checking. I haven't tried to alone yet, somehow I don't feel brave enough to attempt a cream shadow alone. :-(

  • ADT

    I will have to try these. I have been a bit skeptical of them, but its worth a shot. I do like HIP. I really like their shine struck gloss.

  • izumi

    i love your "lazy" look, hahaha. looks quite put together to me! xD

  • yummy411

    i love hip paints!!

  • Allegra Cole

    LOVE your Blog!!!!

    I lurk…and I know this is an older post…


    All the HIP Paints are currently on clearance at CVS for $2.99.

  • suga

    I am SUPER late but I saw you mentioning Witty in more recent posts, so I bought one during the major CVS sale a few weeks ago. It worked so well that I went back to get six more (2 in witty, 2 in lofty, and 1 in steely). Gotta stock up and at $2 each, I should be good to go for the entire year. lol This is by far my favorite product since I've started with makeup last year. Thanks for sharing.