Beauty Review: Nuturing Force blotting papers

While at The Makeup Show NYC, I came across Nuturing Force! I have been using these babies now more than ever with summer in full swing.

They come in different colors. I snagged the purple one which is infused with lavender. Hmmm… The smell isn’t too over-powering so you don’t have to worry about it clashing with your perfume or lotion.

I love that you can control how much you pull out!

I can grab a tiny strip for nose or a larger strip for my…larger forehead. HA!! And you never really know how much oil your skin absorbs until you try one of these.


Loves it! Well….not love the oilness that is my face. I just like that it removes the oil from my skin before it seeps in my skin and causes breakouts. Dun dun duuuun! And you know we can’t have that.

You can learn more about Nuturing Force blotting papers here.

Do you carry blotting papers around with you?
Got a favorite brand?
Tell me!

  • DWJ

    I bought the primer face cream at the Makeup Show – LOVE IT!! And I happened to post about it today too!

  • Conni3

    Great post! I’ve just been looking for new blotting papers. I have extremely oily skin, and blotting papers really help throughout the day. For a time I used the Clean & Clear kind, but now I can’t find them anywhere.

  • Daba

    Boscia blotting linens are a must in my purse!

  • Jasmin

    Ooo.. Love those blots! Esp. now for summer!

  • Product Junkie Diva

    Thanks for the review. I do use the strips but I don't carry them around…guess I should i use the tea tree version that you can get from sephora…forgot the company name though.

  • Kizzy

    I use the ones from E.L.F. They're alright, I'm not that impressed… 😮

  • Rachel

    I use Mary Kay brand oil blotting tissues. There are 75 in a pack and they are all precut 100mm x 76mm tissues. They are also not "shiny" on one side like the others are. $5.00 a pack from any MK consultant.

    I could solve the oil crisis if you could harvest what is on my face and use it to power your car.

  • Daba

    Rachel you are funny!

  • Askmewhats

    wow, this is a genius idea on face blotter packaging! Love the packaging! I'm glad I don't need any face blotters! I need moisturizer! LOL

  • Lara

    I have used a lot of different kinds. Clean and Clear is the clear winner. I like them because all they do is absorb the oil, they don't deposit powder like some I've used from the Body Shop and they don't move the makeup either. I'm sort of obsessed w/ blotting because I think it's fascinating how the sheets go from blue to clear. Try them. They are less than $5.00 and really impressive!

  • Cosmetic Brushes

    Yes there are loads of products now a days that reduce the oil contents from the body…and this tissue paper experiment sounds good.Clean and clear is good.