Clumps of Mascara’s Three Random Bits

How beautiful is this photo? I took it a year or so ago when I was visiting my Little (Big Brothers Big Sisters, holla!) in Tampa, Florida. It looks like the bridge is just going and going and going.

Decided to try something different and share Three Random Tidbits with y’all.

1) When Clumps of Mascara first started, I never did mascara reviews. I didn’t start doing them until Clumps turned a year old.

2) Clumps readers are insanely hilarious! No…..really. I had no idea that y’all were so funny. Check out the Beauty Bee-haviors: I Can’t Stand When _____ post.

3) I drink green smoothies every single day. I am obsessed with them. I was asked to do a post about how I make them. What do y’all think about that?

Now it’s your turn! Tell me any random three bits. It could be about anything. Feel like venting? Go ‘head and get you anonymity on. Just don’t insult me because….wowsers, I have had enough of that for the week. *wipes recently threaded brow* Don’t worry. I’ve got some thick skin.

Now shoot….what’s on your mind?

  • Shen

    this looks fun to do… but definitely needs a lot of thinking! hahaha!! :) yours are so quirky funny!! :)

  • adriene

    My random 3 random bits:
    1. I DO NOT like this whole digital thing they did with the TV. There's always a problem with the reception!
    2. I'm wearing purple nail polish.
    3. I have a cockerspaniel named Sebastian.

  • Miss Pretty

    1. I can text or email a person all day and put off speaking to them in person or telephone. (I freeze up and have nothing to say)

    2. Half of the people I follow on twitter annoy me but I don't have the heart to unfollow them.

    3. I love the rain in the summer. (It is so romantic)

  • MzInspiredMind81

    Ummm yea..I had a whole comment and it wouldn't post. UGH!

    YES please post about the smoothie. It sounds good.

    1. I'm starting to love my online friends more than my IRL friends.

    2. I'm in a wedding this wkend and I'm extremely nervous. You'd think it was MY wedding.

    3. This summer has been awesome in terms of travel for me. I love getting away.

  • Missy

    Three random things about me:

    1. I am addicted to Brittish comedies.

    2. I am going back to school next Spring and am nervous that I will be the oldest person in class.

    3. I want a dog named Phineas.

  • lipton|TEE

    Ohh Missy I love your dogs name lol reminds me of the cartoon Phineas and Ferb

    My Three things

    1. I just got brand new glasses.

    2. I finally got the nerve to create a blog 3 days ago.

    3. I tell my mommy I'm not afraid of starting college when really I'm terrified out of my mind!

  • slackey210

    My 3 random things….

    1) 34 y/o, never married, no potential husband in sight, think I might be destined to be alone forever and that's kinda scarey.

    2) I don't think I'm ever going to figure out how to apply false eyelashes

    3)I'd love to do makeup professionaly as a "real job"

  • itzzzkimmm

    1.) I am totally obsessed with nail polish. I like crazy out-of-the ordinary colors. I practically paint my nails every week.

    2.) When I'm in the car by myself, I like to sing along to the radio. lol.

    3.) I am addicted to coffee! I just love it!

  • Cassandra

    Post about the green smoothie! Pretty please? :)

    1.] I'm obsessed with bodywashes. I have at least 3 in my shower at any given time, and more in the bathroom cabinets.

    2.] I frequently bite my nails down, but I love nailpolish colors. I wish I could stop.

    3.] My diet fluctuates like crazy! One day I'll eat nothing but salads and fruits, and the next day I'll be eating a brownie, some ice cream, and a candy bar.

  • Shawnta`

    That's a great photo!

    Yes, please share about the smoothies. You & @Naptress have been very inspirational to me in the health & fitness departments. :-)

    3 Random Things:

    1. I love pretty journals & stationary. I collect them.

    2. This probably goes with #1 but I LOVE written correspondence. I enjoy writing & sending letters and I enjoy being surprised with a letter…this is the best kind of mail.

    3. I'm boring when it comes to my hair. I've never really done anything w/it. I do get relaxers but I've never dyed, highlighted, had braids or worn a weave or wig. I've seen some wigs that I LOVE though and wouldn't mind trying…why are they so expensive?

  • Mama Mish Mash

    1.) I skipped today for the first time since like….kindergarten, and it was fun. I was teaching my daughter how to skip and people were looking at me like I had a major malfunction?? It's not like I was out there by myself??

    2.) I've always wanted a cat, but have never had one :(.

    3. I like to scrapbook.

  • Mama Mish Mash

    1.) I skipped today for the first time since like….kindergarten, and it was fun. I was teaching my daughter how to skip and people were looking at me like I had a major malfunction?? It's not like I was out there by myself??

    2.) I've always wanted a cat, but have never had one :(.

    3. I like to scrapbook.

  • ~J

    My three things:

    1) I need to get my eyes checked for glassed. Squinting at everything and increasing documents to 150% so I can see them is not a good look

    2) I'm a nailtech and my feet and hands are a mess. Bootleg I know. Plan to handle this week.

    3) I car dance. A lot. :-)

  • Miss Yaya

    1. I talk to every dog I see. Or want to. They make me so happy.

    2. I have shoulder tendinitis from carrying heavy bags on both shoulders. (But look – a girl gotta carry lotion, a charger, a snack, etc.! lol)

    3. I would walk in heels 24/7 if it didn't hurt after 10hrs (or 10min for some)

    how ya like that clumpity clump

  • Miss Yaya

    p.s. tamar's #1 & 2 crack me up. She needs to unfollow all them crazies and i agree with her #3…

  • Yvonne Kai

    i love the photo!
    ummm 3 randoms things
    1. i just totally changed the whole layout of my blog and i dunno if i like it :(
    2. whyyyy the heck is every guy who hollars at me MARRIED !?!?!
    3. i love my dog, my life and my insight on life..

    xox from LA!

  • Yvonne Kai

    oh .. and i love polyvore!

  • sabrina

    Hmm…three tidbits:
    1. I have a ridiculous amount of makeup for some who really doesn't know how to apply it
    2. I want a dog, but I'm afraid to get one (long story)
    3. I'm thinking of loc'ing my hair, but I'm not sure )not a long story)

    extra: I have become almost obsessed w/ mascara after reading this blog! Thanks B for contributing to the PJism! :-)

  • MadameSoybean

    Reading the comments I find we all have things in common. :) Yes please on green smoothies, girly!

    1. I am shy & I text but dislike answering the phone. It's OK, MissPretty. You, me & Angie Jolie all do this.

    2. I Iove tiny dishes & cups

    3. Would rather be in fashion/beauty/music/film/art again.

  • aye_meee

    green smoothie! yes!

  • KissyFace Artistry

    Definite yes to the green smoothies and great idea for the post.

    Here goes:

    1. I used to hate wearing dresses, now they're the first thing I run to wear in my closet.

    2. I never thought I'd fall so in love with make-up like I have but in the past year it's consumed me and will continue to consume me. I used to say I'll never wear it. Now I'm aspiring to be a make-up artist. Oh, how I'm eating my words.

    3. But overall I've really transformed into a girly girl in the last two years.

  • kukaberry

    Yes Green Smoothies sound interesting.

    1. 6 months ago I had no interest in nail polish at all but since I joined Clumps I am now a fiend! I can't leave Walmart without a new color and my roommates are begging me to stop because the living room gets filled with fumes.

    2. I love the movie Coraline.

    3. I'm trying to eat better but my boyfriend keeps buying me McDonald's.

  • Product Junkie Diva

    Ok Miss Pretty. for #1 I totally relate because I am a texting maniac.
    #2 LOL it's not me is it? hahahahah actually i dont think you're following me but this is still funny. I stay clicking block and unfollow..LOL keep my list nice and tight. Go ahead click it, click it, click will feel so much better :-)
    OK enough of my 3, 4, 5 cents
    Nice pic B.

  • Askmewhats

    I have one to share on the top of my head!

    When I started blogging, I didn't plan to show my face so my first ever post has a photo of me FAR AWAY! lol I am too scared for my friends or family members to know I have a blog! TOO LATE…my highschool friends recently discovered my blog… 😀

  • Gldnsparkle1922

    KissyFace Artistry…I totally agree with your #1.'s my list of randomness.

    1. I don't have a single favorite movie, tv show, or book. There's so many that I truly love…I feel awful trying to choose between them.

    2. I want a tattoo, but I haven't gotten one because I don't know what I want yet.

    3. I have two dogs named Happie and Wolfgang

  • Writing Addict

    1. I am totally an internet, emailing, blogging, twitting fanatic. I think I need an intervention!

    2. I love loc blogging more than I love my job.

    3. My Puggle, Travis Barker, really does live up to his name but I don't have the heart to give him away.