Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect

Every now and then I like to purchase products that I know are a bit out of my budget. Just to see how they compare to my favorite drugstore lines.

See, I love higher-end products but let’s be honest…..a lot of drugstore products can knock higher-end brands out of the water. And I ain’t afraid to admit it.

Take one of Dior’s glosses as an example…

Wait—how dope is the packaging? It changes colors. Watch this.

Now it’s blue! Fierceness!

I’m not going to pretend like the gloss isn’t gorgeous because it is…

Another 398 points for awesome packaging. But as far as appearance on the lips…

Eh. $25.50 is a lot for a gloss and I really expected more. I knew this would happen. You can never go wrong with…

NYC glosses. This one in Cherrywood is under $2 and gives me a similar long-lasting shine.

That’s my “Ain’t that some bull?” look.

The verdict. Dior’s Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect lippies have beautiful packaging.

The end!!

Anyone try and glosses from Dior? Would you? Could you? Is $25 not insanely steep for a gloss? What say you?!

  • Askmewhats

    that is a super pretty gloss on ya Love it! MUWAH :X

  • Rai

    Unless someone is buying it for me or it's free, I doubt I'll try it.

    lol. I love my cheaper products more! I don't buy because of the "name."

  • lynettepleasant

    I can't even tell you're wearing anything in the Dior photo. For $25 the stuff damn well better show up!!

  • Rossi

    I love Dior! I wear the Creme de Gloss in Plum Elixer. People pay for what they love,so it's not too expensive..

  • Daba

    Wow it looks great on you!

  • Lori

    I agree on the packaging, and yeah, you should get more bang for your buck with the color – though it is a really pretty nude color.

  • Jenny

    maybe its the color. I have a dior lipgloss in red stockings and its such a pretty color-a very well made red. I do think 25 bucks is way too steep and the only reason why I even got that lipgloss was because I had credit at Sephora.

  • Mama Jen

    i agree with you…a lot of high end brands and not as good as drugstore.. the most high end brands i will by are MAC and MUFE..they are expensive enough for my budget. BUt the really expensive high end brands are pretty to look at…

  • lipton|TEE

    I would love to win this gloss or have someone else buy it for me, because $25 is a little bit to much for me for a gloss.

  • Phyllis Bourne

    Yep, I've tried them and ended up with that same expression on my face.

  • Danielle

    Have you tried LORACs liquid lipstick? Soooo worth it.

  • izumi

    hahah always gotta have one thing just for the packaging. dior lipsticks and lipglosses, although really pretty, tend to be on the sheer side :( though dior does have a lipstick line that's more pigmented! as far as the glosses go, though.. probably better off with NYX if you want pigmentation.

  • ADT

    That's a bit too sheer for $25. I think I'll pass. L'Oreal HIP makes a good gloss for about $10.

  • Martha

    I recently got that NYC gloss as a last minute purchase ($2, can't beat it!) and the color really surprised me! It was highly pigmented and easily makes me want to go back for them all!

    Besides, $18 is my limit for gloss :)

  • zaramanaraski

    I bought two yesterday, one was half price, but they are more expensive here in england.
    I am only 13 so they are deff outta my budget, but one was the EXACT same colour as lollipop loving, pink with green reflex and one was a cute creamy brown,
    I still ike em and you get a lot of product, but I feel that I will only purchase REALLY SPECIAL ones in the future.

  • Alex

    I have a Dior Addict High Shine that I really love, but I don't have any of the regular glosses. $25 seems a bit high for gloss imo. I don't own any DS glosses though either. I have a really hard time selecting products at the DS. I usually feel like I have no idea what I'm getting, and like I'm just gambling my money away. Sometimes I like what I get, but usually it's a fail. I wish our DS had testers. I would try way more DS items if I had some idea about what I was getting.

  • aquay

    Yeah, for $25 I want more than a cool duochrome box I'm just going to throw in the trash and shiny nude lips. Personally, I would pay $25 for MAC's Ruby Woo lipstick, which is a Holy Grail product of mine. It's a vivid matte red that stops people in their tracks. The tube is plain (matte and black and vaguely phallic), but you know what? I don't wear the tube on my face. I wear the lipstick. Thanks for the review!

  • nubianqueen89

    I've got to defend this lipgloss because i have one in a pink and it is beautiful! The color is gorgoeous, vibrant and it lasts.

  • Amber

    I love MAC glosses, but they are a sometimes, splurge item. I love to try drugstore brands, though, and nothing makes me happier than finding a gorgeous gloss at a great price.

  • Andrea

    The 'AIN'T THAT SOME BULL?!?' look is definitely universal because I recognized it w/o even reading the caption–LOL!!

  • Tammy

    You can return the Dior, right? I can't even see it on your lips! I have NYC in Cherrywood also and really like it. Wet N Wild Glassy Gloss in Reflection (clear) is also great (the colored ones stink to high heaven!).

  • Anna Jane

    I've only ever tried NYC kohl eyeliner and I loved it because the pencil was MASSIVE and I'm still shamelessly using it 2 years later!

    Make up brands, however, are very deceptive. A lot of people, make-up artists included, convince themselves that the designer / most expensive brands will always be the best quality and longer lasting, but this is rarely the case.

    Ok, so Dior foundations have proved time and time again to be the best (for me anyway), but as far as lipglosses/eyeshadows/mascaras go I always find more satisfaction with cheaper brands. So take that Dior!

  • Westiebutterfly

    My favorite all time lip gloss is Dior's Rouge Brilliant beacause of it's AMAZING scent. When they discontinued it I went on a quest to find out which of thier glosses was closet to it, and this one was recommended by the woman at the counter. It was nowhere near as good in terms of smell, and the kicker was, the applicator leaked all over my purse. I was almost annoyed enough to return it.

  • LIIS

    I bought one of these and I'm pretty happy with the color. I have highly pigmented lips and it looks great on! You definitely need something with more pigmentation like CHANEL. LOVE LOVE LOVE Chanel but not the price. But I'm a airline employee and can score on discounts on duty free makeup! Yeah I know cool huh. So I bought the UG DIOR at Vancouver airport for like $15!!!

  • Lipglossiping

    haha thanks for killing a lemming for me (one that I couldn't really afford anyway!) I shall go and buy 2 more of my fav drugstore brand glosses instead and let my purse breathe a big sigh of relief! xx

  • Sydney

    I used NYC a long time ago, and I was often dissatisfied because of the white line it would leave after wearing it for about an hour. :-( Although it's not a long lasting shine, Carol's Daughter Coconut Lip Shine is great!!!!

  • Product Junkie Diva

    Some of those expensive glosses are so not worth it….like that Givenchy gloss I got a while back what a WASTE.
    have a blast in NYC.


  • BVB

    Hmmm…the last time I spent $25 on a lip gloss was when I was in Mississippi. I bought Lancome Color Fever Plumper in City Mauve. I love it but unfortunately it is discontinued! I have the same NYC gloss. Love that too! I was wondering about the quality of those Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflects…now I know! Thanks for the review 😉

  • Patrice

    It looks good on your lips.

  • Anti-aging Health Products

    The comment by aqauy cracks me up 'I don't wear the tube on my face.' So yeah. I never do get pulled in by the brand name. And I won't bust a buck for a subpar gloss.


    I loooove Dior lip gloss, but it's too expensive!