FOTD Friday: An E.L.F. Look

Hi darlings!!

This FOTD is a mild one. I really just wanted to showcase some products from E.L.F that will be up for review in the coming weeks. I dedicate this post to Reader Elizabeth because she is the one that finally got me to take the E.L.F. plunge.

Well, her and the Buy 5, get 5 free sale. I spent a good $12 (that includes shipping) on my entire order and I got over 10 products. Uh…wow?!

E.L.F. Pink Lemonade All Over Stick Color

E.L.F. Daytime Eyeshadow palette
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
L’Oreal HIP Cream shadow paint in Witty
Urban Decay 24/7 liner Zero
Maybelline Lash Stylist mascara

E.L.F. Candy Shop Lip Gloss in Cherry Bomb


And out…

Look at the HK charm my Mommy made for me!

Meh…I’m still playing around with everything but right now I’m not 100 % sold on anything. Except the All Over Color Stick. That’s pretty groovy. As is Royal Purple nail polish!

What a stunning purple! And for only $1!

I will do a complete review on all of the other products I snagged from E.L.F.–including brushes.

Anyone a fan of E.L.F.?

I hope that you all have a fantabulous 4th of July!!!

Rock on,

  • Claire

    I'd love to read your review of the nail polish–I just got a bunch of e.l.f. polishes, and while I love the colors, I find that they wear terribly. Mine lasted only about a day before the chipping began. Have you had a better experience with yours?

  • Askmewhats

    Hi B, thanks for being a sweetcake and thanks for the lovely message, I'm glad to be back and I hope i'll be back consistently! No more life changing moments!!!

    Wonderful look and I love your complexion my dear!

  • izumi

    i was never completely sold with ELF products either but apparently their studio line was promising? no idea, though a friend DID buy the "color correcting" palette and her being about nc37 it was completely worthless.

  • Z.Kay

    I really like elf. I discovered it about a year ago and I really cant go wrong with something thats a dollar. The e/s are not super pigmented but I did not expect them to be. They work good for a highlight. I really like their false lashed and their glosses.

  • blessedOne

    That purple polish is so pretty! Let us know how it held up and if you used a topcoat. I have never tried their products…just thought maybe the color payoff wouldn't be that great. How did you like the color payoff for brown skin??

  • Phyllis Bourne

    I've gotta have that pink lemonade color stick.

    And your hair is look soooo cute!

  • Tamara

    Hi Brittany! I love the purple e.l.f. polish. Please do a follow-up review of this color's wear. :) Your fans would love to see it.

    e.l.f. seems to get mixed reviews. I cannot wait to feature them. People are either in love with the product and customer service, or they are super disappointed by some of the quality. I'll set the record straight in my blog.

    I started a blog to highlight my faves (and foes) of the etailer world. Feel free to stop by and share about your experiences with etailers!


    The E-tailer Addict

  • Maria

    I'm so tempted to bag myself an ELF haul. Only problem is that in England, the products are $2.50 each plus $5 shipping even though it's ELF UK! And no buy 5 get 5 free so the same 10 products would cost me $30 :(

    Cool stuff works out so much more expensive over here. SUX!

  • slackey210

    Hey Brittany!! I'm an e.l.f. lover and have made a couple of orders recently and thanks to coupons I got everything for a steal. I'm a makeup newbie so I'm experimenting alot and it's not so bad when you can do it for only $1. I just got several eyeshadow brushes and I must say that I really love the eyeshadow brush. It's just the right size and it's soft and really packs on the color. For $1 you really can't go wrong. Let me know how that nail color lasts because I've been thinking about trying that myself.

  • Denny

    I have the pink lemondae stick too! I really like the shimmer that it gives. That purple polish is a really hot color for $1!

  • madame z

    I love this look. Your skin is amazing. I'm going to search your site on dermabrasion/chemical peels as I'm considering/needing one. Love the eye-makeup. Just beautiful.

  • Product Junkie Diva

    for 1 buck ELF polishes are pretty good I must say. I have a gang of elf things that I never reviewed…LOL thanks for the reminder.

  • Felicia/ ThisThatBeauty

    Back in the day, "toasted" all over stick was my ish for years!!! Polish is fab u!

  • Felicia/ ThisThatBeauty

    Back in the day, "toasted" all over stick was my ish for years!!! Polish is fab u!

  • Amy

    i hope you purchased a few of the studio brushed! i am soo in love with them. they are soooo soft and in my opinion they are worth more than 3 bucks! i purchased the liner, complexion, and a shadow brush and i love, love, lovee them! i hope you get to try them out!

  • Anonymous


  • zoe aka drinkupthefashion

    you must try their mini makeup palette. it has such amazing eye shadow colors with great color payoff. it is $15 but if you have an order over $15 you get it for free. i talked about it in my cheap makeup advocate entry…in case you're curious :)

  • Lady

    hmmmm….well, i will be the one voice who doesn't agree. Other than the polish, I'm not feeling the shadows or the shimmer stick on your skin. I feel that it makes you look ashen?

    i've been hit or miss with ELf. I've tried a bronzer that was cool but i dropped it and it broke into hundreds of pieces. never had anything break like that before (and i've dropped a few things in my day) but it was a dollar so no tears.

    i've heard some of their brushes are decent though!

  • B

    Thank you for all of the comments, darlings.

    Stay tuned for the extensive reviews of all of the products I showed.

    Lady—> I love your "keeping it real-ness". Rock on, lady!

  • Amina

    beautiful :)
    i loove how sheer the blush is :)

  • yummy411

    i'm with pjd.. don't have my review up yet.. got a gang of pics though… i need to get my butt on it! lol

  • Shawnta`

    Thanks for sharing. I'm only now becoming familiar with E.L.F. I follow them on Twitter and I'm learning more about their products everyday.