Healthy Beauty: Beauty in Green Smoothies: my video

By popular demand….

….or by the 3 of y’all (giggles), I have decided to do a little video of how I make green smoothies. This video has annotations of little tips and tricks if you are new to making green smoothies. Even if you could care less, you should still watch this as it may inspire you to incorporate more fresh fruits and veggies in your diet.

I didn’t use my handy dandy awesome camera for this video–and it shows! Enjoy nonetheless!

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Let me know what you think!

  • Witty

    yay! I was one of those three people! I can't view this at work but I am excited to see it. Thank you for posting this. I'm intrigued by green smoothies..heck anything to get more veggies/fruits into my diet I'll take a look at. I'm nervous but you've given me tons of inspiration!

  • GangStarr Girl

    I have a wack blender too! UGH! I know your pain. Sadly, I can't afford $300 for a vitamix. Le sigh.

  • mo

    I tried this Sunday morning – I didn't figure out until the next day that I needed to add some juice instead of just water. Big difference! Thanks for the vid ~ I think I'll keep this up.

  • glamazini

    did someone says smoothie *ini peaks around corner trying to go unnoticed* … i will watch this vid when i get home (blocked at work) and report back *ini disappears the same way she came like a ninja*

  • zaramanaraski

    I just ran and made me my first smoothie. Thank you so much for introducing something HEALTHY into my life, I may just go blog about this 😀

  • Adia

    Just in time! Thanks for sharing. I was planning on making one of these today, actually.I already bought my ingredients. Only thing is that the store was out of Kale, so I bought Turnip Greens (good? bad? eh?) instead to go with the spinach. I think I'll add cucumber too. I'll let you know how it turns out!

  • ‘Funlayo

    I'm the smoothie queen around my house… I love love LOVE 'em! I love veggies, but in general don't like them juiced or blended so mine are all fruit and juice, but I mayyyyy be able to sneak a little spinach in there.

    I didn't hear you mention Spirulina, try some to boost the nutrition content if you don't have veggies on hand.

  • B

    Witty—> Yaaaay!! Let me know what you think. You rock in so many ways, mama. *hugs*

    GangStarr Girl—> Riiiight! I really really want that Vitamix. I wonder if you can get that thing on layaway. HA!! No—I'm serious.

    Mo—> You don't HAVE to add juice. I usually don't. Let me know what you come up with!

    Glam—> LOL @ ninja. And yes I really did "LOL".

    Zara—> Yaaay!! I'm so happy for you! Headed to check out your blog now.

    Adia—> I've never tried turnips but I don't see why they wouldn't work. Hmm, maybe I'll try that the next go round. You're inspiring me, lady!

    Funlayo—> You won't even taste those veggies. It's amazing. I've never tried Spirulina. Hmm, off to research!

  • Anonymous

    I drink these every day! loves them! I use the recipe from Kimberly Snyders blog b/c it has the most greens I've found. . . most other recipes I've seen just call for a handful of spinach, or a cup or 2 and mostly fruit, which while good for you isn't as good as it could be. I lovelovelove her recipe! You should try it! I'm starting to experiment more too. . .

    now all i need is a VitaMix! I'm dying for one! my current blender hardly works! :(

    Thanks for posting this tho! My family & friends all mock me for drinking this. . . they think I'm INSANE & call me a rabbit. . . they can't understand that I actually ENJOY these and think they taste DELICIOUS!!! I love the way they make me feel!

    love your blog!

  • B

    Anon—> Ohmigoodness, thank you so much!! I love Kim's blog. I'm actually subscribed to her. I'm going to experiment with some of her recipes. I don't think I will ever stop drinking these things either. So rock on, lady!

  • Lara

    Green Smoothies are great. I haven't used any other veggie besides Spinach because it's neutral enough for me and I'm scared to try something I'll hate.
    These are awesome also with some fresh ginger thrown in as well as a squeeze of lime or lemon. The citrus really brightens them up.

  • Daba

    I love this blog!

  • MadameSoybean

    WONDERFUL! SO glad you're getting more people drinkin' the green machine! I love you on the fly, B. Your vids are so fun and informative. I love your fridge and freezer…looks just like mine down to the blue box of almond milk. lol!

  • glamazini

    ok i'm back :D, i watched the video and we are apparently the same person. i love smoothies, make 1-2 a day for years and own 3 blenders and 4 blender cups. I am addicted. love the vid…ninja out.

  • princessvalecia

    I love love love green smoothies…what a wonderful way to get all your fruits and veggies in

  • B

    Lara—> Oh yuuuum, I've never tried lemons. I will definitely be playing around with that for my next smoothie. And girl, toss a few greens in there. You may actually like it. :)

    Daba—> Thank you so much! *hugs*

    MadameSoybean—> Ohhh, my lovely MSoybean. Thank you for gracing my wall of posts. LOL! I'm glad our freezers look alike. Now I'll have more of a reason to come visit you. Hahahaaa! No seriously….

    Glam—> This ninja piece is killing me softly. I love it! But you didn't say if you put greens in your smoothies or not. Hmm…you is, ain't ya? LOL

    PrincessV—> I'm so proud of you, mama!

  • Organic Lipstick

    Loved the video and I think I am going to have a lot of fun experimenting with vegetable and fruit punches in the smoothie.

  • rockymtmama

    thanx for posting this! You've got me re-interested in going veg/raw food.

  • Vic Rossi

    Smoothies are great for a girl like me who is always on the go! I can't wait to try this one!!

  • B

    Organic Lipstick—> Good luck!

    Rockymtmama—> Yaaay, have fun on your venture!

    Vic Rossi—> They are great for ladies on the go. I don't use them as meal supplements often but when I have to, it works perfectly.

  • Toya

    i tried this this morning, it was actually good. well ok i put orange juice in mine. i'm going to make another one tonight with more spinach cuz i really didn't know what i was doing this morning lol.

  • Keisa Williams

    I absolutely LOVE your blog and this video. I stumbled on to your blog today as I searched for fitness blogs. I love that you talk about using what you have. I recently learned about making green smoothies but I thought I had to wait until I ordered a Vitamix blender. After viewing your video, I know that I can make it with my own blender for a while. I am also on a journey to incorporate more RAW foods in my diet. I am so grateful to have found you and I look forward to picking your brain about going green and keeping fit. Thanks for sharing!