Let It Clump: Friendships

Yaaaay, This is my first Let It Clump post. We haven’t had one of these in awhile.
This series is where we stop talking about make-up to explore other areas of beauty and beyond. That’s anything! Nails, hair, fashion, jacked up love lives..anything! Any suggestions? Let me know at Tamarforclumps@gmail.com

I want to talk about FRIENDSHIPS! We all have them, we all want them and we all hate them.

I realized today that women are hard to understand! I have developed more valuable friendships via the Internet than I have in my whole life. I know its not anything wrong with my personality but I’ve had issues with friendships since grade school. Why can’t women get along? At first I though it was just my community but its a problem that we all have. What is the perfect woman? I’m still trying to figure that out. I can only be the woman that my mama raised. Here are some things she taught me…….

1.) Beautiful on the inside (Its not only the outside that matters)

2.) Loyal (If you’re not sure you where you stand you will always fall)

3.) Trustworthy (A person should be able to tell you anything and not worry about you hurting them)

4.) Love GOD (If you have faith you will always believe in something)

5.) Treat people the way you want to be treated (Its the golden rule)

Those are just a few I could go on and on! I feel that women should love and support one another. Do you know how much stronger we would be if actually took time out to help each other?

Chime in and let me know your thoughts. Are you a good friend? Do you have good friends?

Keep It Clumping,

  • Chrissypoo

    It's so hard to really build great friendships because most of us as women think everything is a competition. Work, Clothes, Men………

  • LetMeBeGreat

    Most of the time I feel like people are jealous of me because I'm beautiful and smart. I don't take time to get to know anyone because they just use me for my looks or they want something.

    People that think like me always end up on top. Why do we need friends?

  • Miss Pretty

    @LetMeBeGreat Wow! Do you seriously feel this way? What kind of friends do you have? This is exactly why I wanted to post this. We don't give each other a fair chance!

    You ask why do we need friends? Girl because we can't to this all alone! Everyone needs a support system.

  • shay

    omg i was just thinking about friendship wit me and my cousin even tho she is fam and she gets on my nerves i still have love for her. we had a fallen out but i think imma get in contact wit her and talk to her cuz i miss her and love her yes we do need a support system so true. your post is good! thanks gurl

  • Miss Yaya

    love this post – everytime i hear it though i think back and laugh myself silly of the "twitter beef" you almost had!!

    my mother always said to live your life because no one else would live it for you… can't be busy living someone else's life and sacrifice your own… the friends that i have retained (regardless of how many or few) is because they know who i am and know i won't compromise it for @#%*! :)~

  • Milan Angel

    I have an awesome core of good girlfriends. I feel really blessed. As I get older its not so much how many friends I have but the quality of those friendships. My sistagirls are the best…no petty B.S….ride or die in a heartbeat. I feel very lucky.

  • Miss Pretty

    @Shay Call your cousin! Im sure she would like to hear from you!

    @Miss YaYa Im so ashamed of the way I acted on twitter that night! Well not really because I caught myself!! I agree with your mom!

    @Milan Angel You are so right! It is quality over quantity I never looked at it that way!!

  • Bong_Hits_For_The_Mistress

    To give my two cents, I do not need to believe in a God to have faith in something. My faith is in the human race and a smart optimism and strength to know things will be better in the future if we work towards it. I live in the now, not the past that I was ignorant in.

    The post reminds me how much easier I get around with guys than girls. lol My girls require more attention than my guy friends, and that only sucks with the guy I want to be with. xD

  • KooL Beans

    Thank you so much for doing a post like this. Beauty isn't just about your outer appearance its about what's inside also. As long as you have a beautiful spirit everything else really doesn't matter. I'm someone that does believe in God and I believe in faith also. I know everyone may not agree but you must have a spritual connection to something.

    I love that you decided to take it beyond makeup and beauty potions. We all need to work on a beautiful spirit.

  • Andrea

    This is such a great post! I'm definitely a good friend & I'm from the school of 'Quality Over Quantity'.
    ~Have a great day all!

  • B

    Guess I should put my two cents in this…I've often heard from my older friends that it's good to hang around those better than you. More successful than you. And smarter than you. And it makes sense! Because I aspire to be greatness, I find that it is important to surround myself around people who too are great (this just so happens to be the 30+ and up crowd) so that they can inspire and motivate me. And I can, in turn, do the same for someone else.

    It's sounds lame as hell, but friendship, I believe, should be a mutual system. All parties should benefit in some way. A friend should be there for you just as much as you should be there for them.

    I'm so blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life. And most of these people I don't even see everyday. Some are from elementary school, high school, college, my AmeriCorps friends, blogging friends, Twitter friends, Clumps readers, guy friends, gal friends, older friends, younger friends, etc.

    Friendships rocks! But drama does not.

  • The Bridal BFF

    Girl, this was a refreshing post to read! THANK YOU! Friendships are so precious and valuable…and the older you get, you learn to appreciate friends more! 😉

  • Connie De Alwis

    As an only child and moving around a lot, being a good friend doesn't come naturally to me. Growing up, I believed that friendships come and go. I also try not to get too attached because I always know that friends will eventually drift apart and catching up feels weird. Calling up a person to ask how they are after 5 years just isn't my thing. I don't rely on my friends much either because I didn't wanna make myself seem needy.

    Now that I'm an adult, I can't say that my beliefs have changed much but I try to be a better friend in general. It's something I'm still working on so I can't really say what I've been doing right. I'm not sure what's gonna happen in years to come and i'm not looking for BFFs either. So I won't have many friends who would jump in front of a bullet for me but at least I can tell who's genuine and who's not. That's more than enough for me. I appreciate and treasure my friends while I have them now.