L’Oreal HIP Matte and Metallic Shadow Duos

Before MAC Cosmetics came into my world there was L’Oreal HIP. At one point I owned just about all of their eye shadows. You really can’t beat their prices–especially when your local drugstore is running a Buy 1, Get 1 Free sale.

Girl yes….L’Oreal HIP’s eyeshadows are the ish. Especially for my newbies out there.

L’O HIP has recently released two more lines of eye shadows: mattes and metallics. I can dig it! This means more versatility for looks. Because I already have so many bright shadows, I decided to pick up one from each line; both are safe colors but I love them just the same.

Matte Shadow Duo

Metallic Shadow Duo

Both eyes!

….and all L’Oreal HIP shadow duos have the trunk space at the bottom that holds a sponge tip applicator. Back in the day they used to have mirrors. Heyyyy, what happened, mayn?

I primed my eyes with this:

Yes, I LOVE L’Oreal HIP’s Cream Paint in Witty. I actually use this on top of Too Faced’s Shadow Insurance to really make my color POP.

I suggest checking out my video because I feel like the looks look A LOT better in person than they do in these photos.

I am impressed with these duos and plan on purchasing more in the near future—but not until a Buy 1, Get 1 Free sale comes along. I have a long way to go before I master the art of applying matte eye shadows but L’Oreal HIP’s seem to do good job. I didn’t get any fall-out. And the metallic shadows really are bling-tastic.

You can purchase these duos from around $8.99-$9.99 at Ulta and drugstores.

Whatcha think? Would you invest in these babies or not so much?

  • Askmewhats

    I love L'oreal hip too and they do look wonderful on you B on both photos and videos 😀

  • NaturallyNewbie

    I am loving these colors I will have to go and check them out havent been buying any makeup lately but will get these.

  • marquita

    I saw these but i am also waiting for a sale. but the eyeliners they had i did buy 2 of those.

  • Bsquared86

    L'Oreal HIP is the ISH! I have about 10 or so duos and a couple of cream liners. I'm investing in teh paints next!

  • Jass

    I love my hip eyeshadow – Britt , btw they are cheaper at walmart and target . They are 5.94 ish at wally world , and 6.99 ish at target . I went to ulta yesterday and got 2 eyeshadows , a pigment , a creme eyeliner , and a urban decay palette- All for the mere price of $51.00

  • Dance of Lyfe

    i like the metallic colors best. Do they sell the l'oreal in sephora? so that you can try out the shadows before buying?

  • Dwana

    I have all but two of the duos! They don't get the credit they deserve, either. I have a tut for my HIP Palettes on YouTube. While I may have found MAC before HIP I'm glad I snagged them at some point.

    I have a lot of other cosmetics (pigments, paint, etc.)

    Worth the investment no matter where you stand in the makeup world.

  • LoveMeMore

    I just applied the gold metallic one above and I love it! I also love the silver metallic, it looks like aluminum foil.

  • LoveMeMore

    Also check out the lots on eBay. I got 3 HiP glosses for $4.98 last week.

  • Urban Sista

    Hey ladies… I don't want to be a party pooper, but L'Oreal was recently found guilty of racial discrimation against people of colour.

    I loved their HIP eyeshadows too, but the political conscious part of me won't let me buy another one.

  • Anonymous

    im so with you urban sista. i was about to post someont about that but you beat me to the punch. HOWEVER the key to a boycott is informing the company that we are boycotting, why, and that we will only stop if they stop their behaviors.


  • B

    Nikki—> Thank you, darling!

    NN—> Giiiirl, that metallic shade will look fierce with your new hairdo.

    Marquita—> You have to let me know how those eyelieners are!

    Bsquared86—> 10? Dang sis!!

    Jass—-> Duuuh, how I forgot that that you can get them there. And for cheaper! They are a little delayed on getting the newer collections though. Good lookin' out!

    Dance of Lyfe—> They should. But nope, you can't get L'Oreal HIP in Sephora.

    Dwana—> Ohhh, I will definitely be checking out your tuts later!

    LoveMeMore—> Shut your mouth! I don't need to be missin' around with Ebay. One minute I'll be looking for shadows and the next a laptop. LOL! I am recovering from an Ebay addiction.

    Urban Sista & Anon—> Hey chicas! Well aware of the L'Oreal situation. Beauty editors have known about it for quite some time. Gosh, I really don't know where to start because my sentiments on this could possibly turn into a book. LOL! It is my belief that L'Oreal just happened to be the one company that got caught with the "racial discrimination" charge. L'Oreal, like many other cosmetic companies are slowly but surely bringing more diversity into their promos, commercials and products. Their spokesmodels are not just White women anymore. Our diversity is forcing these brands to take a closer at the image of "beauty".

    Will Penelope Cruz, Eva Longoria, Kerry Washington and Beyonce (all non-White L'Oreal spokesmodels end their contracts with L'Oreal because of this charge? I don't think so. Yes, I will purchase L'Oreal products and review them on Clumps of Mascara for my diverse readers to see. No, I will not let L'Oreal or any cosmetic brand tell me what was intended for me. I could care less. Boycotting the entire company would mean that they are getting what they want. Rocking the hell out of their products and helping other women of color feel more confident about their skin and features means they will HAVE to accept us whether they like it or not.

    But that's just my take on it. :)

  • Milan Angel

    I had Poppy in my hand the other day and put it down. It looks great on you! Might scoop it up to keep in my purse for a quick neutral eye look. :-) I can rationalize any damn purchase huh? LMAO!

  • Urban Sista

    @B – I respect your opinion and the shadows look hot, but I have to disagree and keep my money in my pocket until I see them (or any other cosmetics company that is found liable for racial discrimination) really change their ways. I enjoy your site and keep the reviews coming 😉

  • B

    Milan—> You do know you started this right? LOL!

    Urban Sista—> You rock, lady. I thank you for allowing me to think outside of the box today.

    Boycotting L'Oreal also means boycotting Maybelline N.Y, Body Shop, Lancome, Vichy Labs, Kiehl, Biotherm and a toooon of other brands. But you have to stand by your beliefs and I admire you for that. *hugs* Thank you for the support.

  • Beauty Addict

    B, that Poppy duo looks SO amazing on you! Makes your eyes look sooooo big and really accentuates the shape. Love it.

  • A D Thomas

    Those colors look great on you. I wondered about using the paint, but I may give it a try. Thanks for this post.

  • slackey210

    Hey Brit!
    Girl I love me some h.i.p. duos. I saw these the other day at Walgreens and almost started passed out. LOL!!! But I think I'll just wait for a bogo sale. I have the cream paints in steely, secretive and lofty. I've heard that lofty is a pretty good dupe for MAC's Painterly. (can anybody atest to that?) My lids are super oily and I use the cream shadow along with my L'Oreal Decrease (becuase I'm still such a newbie and haven't made the leap to Urban Decay or Smashbox primer yet). I hope they keep expanding this line becuase I think it's great.

  • chris

    Hey Britt

    I was looking in Walgreens last night..no BOGO sale :o( I saw the cream paints but have not tried them. Honestly not sure if I would even know how to use them. Could you do a review.. If you already have could you send me the link to the article..I couldn't find one.

    I love the metallic look best…but the matte makes your eyes look bigger :o)

  • Pumps and Gloss

    I like the HiP Duos. They remind me of NARS duos. I still have not seen mattes and the new liners in my local spots. I will keep on checking though.

  • Anonymous

    I just checked http://www.cvs.com and they're having a BOGO sale on ALL loreal HIP eye products.

  • Polish Earthgirl

    I love this eyeshadow… stunning on you!!

  • Writing Addict

    Why am I so late on the HIP? Hmph,Im bout to roll to Walgreens right now! LOL

  • kukaberry

    I think they are cute. I might have to get a couple for my collection.

  • Fashion’s Darling

    i lurrvveee the h.i.p line. I kid you not I found the perfect dupe for my MAC Parrot eyeshadow (from the Originals collection). Since Parrot is discontinued I don't want to finish it (LOL) and L'Oreal's h.i.p line does the trick

  • Miss Yaya

    wouldn't you know i wanted to post this up as a review and put that plan on pause once you did lolol!

    i thought they all came with mirrors!! the one that didn't i thought was born with a deformity..

    they have bright new colors out! clearly i couldn't be more excited

  • Jass

    Britt ,
    I bought 2 new ones and mine have mirrors – like I bought them tuesday. Idk why yours doesnt have a mirror . Anyhoo , at ulta.com or in the store , all loreal is buy one get one free

  • Jass

    Britt ,
    I bought 2 new ones and mine have mirrors – like I bought them tuesday. Idk why yours doesnt have a mirror . Anyhoo , at ulta.com or in the store , all loreal is buy one get one free

  • marquita

    B- I luv the eyeliners! they remind me of UDs liners. they were BOGO at ulta plus $3.50. btw I bought all the paints at walgreens for 3.19 on sale

  • NaturallyAlise

    HIP are one of my favorite eyeshadow brands, and I think those colors you tried look divine, very polished and subtle… LOVE IT!

  • Mary

    I LOVE the L'oreal HIP line! I also love their limited edition four coloured pallets, have you ever tried those? Other than MAC, these are they only eyeshadows I use! I find they are the only ones that are true to their colour. I have been too afraid to try the matt colours though as I have never had much luck with those but because of your blog I think I will try them! Thanks!