M by Mariah Carey giveaway winners!!!

I kinda like the idea of weekend giveaways. The pressure is on to submit your name and email address and you only have a few hours to do it!

I love it!

Expect to see more weekend giveaways from me. I think I will do one on YouTube as well. My YouTube supporters go bananas over giveaways and the more excited y’all get about giveaways, the more I want to have. Yaaay!!

As mentioned in this post, I had my sister randomly select a winner. Watch the 2-minute video to see if you won!

Untitled from Clumps of Mascara on Vimeo.

Just kidding…I know everyone can’t access a video at any given moment so congratulations to:




Be sure to shoot me an email with your mailing addresses so I can get your fragrances off to you! I enjoyed reading all 73 entries. I may need to go on a Clumps of Mascara Tour and invite myself to some of yall’s homes for dessert. Haha…


Just kidding. Kinda.

Rock on, ladies! And enjoy your upcoming week!

  • Andrea

    Congrats to the winners!!
    Another GREAT giveaway B.! I also like the idea of weekend giveaways…

  • Shawnta`

    Congrats, Enchantress & Halifax! B, HILARIOUS "telling us to watch the video to see if we won"…good one. :-)

  • L. Michelle

    Congrats to the winners!!

    You are welcome to come and visit Austin, Texas any time…just know that it's summer from March to late November. LOL

  • Enchantress

    Wow…I actually won something, lol! I didn't expect this, what a great way to end my day! Thank you Brittany!!!

  • Miss

    y'all are a hot mess

    i love your mama cooking in the background too lol . and you explaining to court how you already knew if a comment had creme brulee or not

  • Halifax

    Thank you B, this is awesome!