NYC Siting: Inglot Cosmetics

I am still all over the place with getting together posts from NYC. I am so behind but please hang in there with me.

Before I go into the fabulousness that was the Beauty Blogging event in NYC, I HAVE to tell you about this incredible line of cosmetics that my girl Adina introduced me too.

Inglot Cosmetics is rocking my world in more than one ways. Would you believe I visited this store three times in only two days? Oh yes…Inglot had my heart at the very beginning.

I desperately want to call the brand “Inglowwww” but it is pronounced “Inglot”.

Okay so the name isn’t as attractive as the brand but I promise you…walking in here is like walking in a cosmetic world of wonderfulness.

They have over 20 matte polishes!

Rows and rows of eye shadow colors stared at me.

They had a decent selection of foundations–some even being brown girl friendly!

The saleslady told me that this Poland-based brand actually has more products. They were not all out on the floor because—there wasn’t any space! You, see….Inglot is very new to the United States. 3 weeks old, to be exact.

Already a baby and I have a feeling that they are going to take the cosmetics world by storm. Not because the colors just look “pretty” but because they are uber unique! Check out my mini haul…

I can’t remember the prices but the palette was around $25 and the polish was $10. The gel liner and lippies were somewhere in between. Not bad, uh? And watch!! The palette does tricks!

It is magnetic and stackable, mama! How cool is that? The colors are not only highly pigmented but the palettes are customizeable. You can get trios, quads, quints (haha, is that the word?) and a palette of 10. You pick the colors, they pop them in the palettes. What fun!

*drools* I’m in love with the polishes. Mattes are so in right now and Inglot has a ton of them! I controlled myself and only purchased two. For now…

A rainbow gloss…

…layered on top of a purple lipstick….

Equals the best lip combo EVER! Photos of that coming soon.

I could go on and on about Inglot. And if I’ve got you wanting to snag some of these goodies, cool your jets, sister.

Inglot doesn’t have a formal website just yet. And they only have ONE store in the U.S. and that is in NYC’s Time Square. Bummer for those of us that don’t live there. I can’t wait to see how this brand grows and what surprises they have in store for us.

UK ladies, are you familiar with Inglot? Like it? Love it? Hate it?

Does Inglot catch your attention the way it caught mine?

Check out my video inside of NYC’s Inglot:

  • Whit

    oh man I wish I could try these products! hopefully they make their way out to cali!
    And, the prices aren't bad at all! WOW!!
    thanks so much for the intro to this line!

  • Patience

    OMG you will love Inglot! It doesn't get much play here in England but I think the brand is super!

    The freedom palette (I think that's what they are called) are my favourite! Which pretty much the same vibrancy as MAC but without the price tag! Yay! (",)

  • Mama Jen

    I have heard of this brand and i really want to try it. To bad i don't live in NYC. Everything you got looks so pretty.

  • Kizzy

    Hey Brittany,

    You should check out MakeupbyMel's swatches and yt video:

    Wish I could fly up and down to NYC for this :-)

  • Victoria

    OMG I live in NYC and I'm going to have to pay them a visit and
    Times Square is getting a second Sephora, yeah!!!!

  • Alex

    I swear I went "oooo" out loud when you said that the palettes are magnetic. Haha:) It really is a genius idea though.

    • Yes they are!…i work at Inglot Cosmetics in Curacao…and they are awesome!…if you ever visit the Caribbean search where we are and come by…it’s amazing…

  • B

    Whit—> You're welcome, mama! I'm sure they will be hittin' Cali before they even think about coming to FL. Booo!! Share the love, Inglot!

    Patience—> It doesn't get much play in England? Realllly? I wonder why! I am going gaga over them!

    Mama Jen—> I'll be sure to update you guys when they get a website. That way those of us that don't live in the city can at least order online.

    Kizzy—> Thank you so much, darling! I am going to check her out!

    Victoria—> Tell me what you think!! And yessss, I saw that other Sephora being built. It is literally like around the corner from the other one. Why do they need two in Times Square when we could use a 3rd one in Florida? Do you feel my hateration? LOL!

    Alex—> Isn't it? Especially for make-up artists and traveling purposes. So dope!

  • Milan Angel

    I need INGLOT to get a website STAT! Or open a store in Los Angeles….you know..either or. LOL

  • onebadclam

    Hay B,
    What a great little haul. WIll you be swatching? I'm dying to see what the gloss and the lipstick look like – on their own and layered.

  • Wes

    Hmmm looks like I'll be making a trip down to Times Square real soon… lol

  • Tysh

    That is ashame that I live in NY and never knew about this line, are the shadows pigmented,

  • dvanessa

    aah! I live in Montreal (Canada) and there are Inglot stores here ! They've opened 4 years ago so Im quite familiar with the products

    Luv it, and yes there are shades for us brown skin ladies haha 😉
    Colours are amazing, and the prices are legit! Luv it haha ! I never tried the nail polishes though… Matte is in so I HAVE tu purchase some ! Lol!

  • Pumps and Gloss

    Yo I am glad to see Inglot coming to America. I saw some swatches a few years ago and I was excited about the brand. I thought Inglot was an Australian ompant…Oh wells. The closest Inglot to me is Montreal and I live no where near there lol. Thanks for the post

  • Pumps and Gloss


    @MilanRouge girrlll Not sure what happened to the website, but it better up and running again soon!! lol

  • B

    OneBadClam—> Stay tuned for swatches, lady!

  • Anonymous

    Inglot isn't from the UK it's Polish. I think we only have one Inglot store in London…which I think is the only one in the UK. I'm excited to try it out!

  • Jourdana

    How could you!?!? How could you tease us with such awesome pictures, and then drop the bouncy bomb on us that there's not a webby site yet …? 😛
    No worries, *le sigh* I suppose I'll just have to venture into the city :P!

  • Anonymous

    Hello! I'm from Poland, and I must confirm- Inglot is polish brand, and in my opinion the polish pride. I really encourage everyone to try this products because quality is excellent and prices are very nice. My favourite Inglot's product is eyeshadow- unbeliveable good, I can't see the difference between it and Lancone or Dior eyeshadow, next lovable product is nail polish. I also like lipgloss, however I don't have a good opinion about foundations and powders, but highlighters are worth trying!
    Best wishes from Poland

  • B

    Anon—> Thank you so much for the correction, ladies. I've edited the post. I can't wait until Inglot has a thriving existence in the U.S. Woo!

  • Anonymous

    YES!!! I had the pleasure of trying this product in June day 2 after their grand opening. i purchased the under Makeup base, the foundation, 2 pigment shadows, and a lip crystal (the gloss). the products are awesome. The only problem I would say is that in purchasing your foundation you really have to know your color. The concealer is a bit looser than what i am used to, but overall this is a grat product. My family is relocating to Princeton New Jersey and there I will continue as a makeup artist so i will have the pleasure of frequenting Manhattan's Inglot Store.. I am SOOO excited. Only 2 more weeks!!

  • Lana

    Hey girls! i work for inglot in australia and i love it! The products are amazing!! my faves are gel liner and pure pigments! xx

  • Anonymous

    well you're blog beat me to it but no worries. I am glad someone else has discovered this awesome store.
    I love the eye shadow. It glides on smoothly and i love that it last just as long as Mac does. I half expected to pay at least 150 for eye shadow. nope.
    In love

  • Anonymous

    I am from Poland too and I really like inglot!!! Eye shadows are GREAT!!! I am make up artist and I love inglot, I was working with this products before I came to USA. I am so happy that they opened Inglot store in NYC!!!

  • B

    Lana—> OMG, how coooo!! I'll have to take a trip to come visit you and Inglot in Australia!

    Anon—> Amazing, right? My heart is still fluttering.

    Anon—> Thanks so much for strolling on by! My Poland sisters are raving about Inglot and I'm so glad the U.S. is getting a chance to experience such a great brand. I just can't wait until they branch out a little more. The thought alone excites me!

  • Anonymous

    I'm from Poland and I think Inglot is the most common make-up brand in here. I've tried a lot of make-up stuff from Inglot, but in my opinion the number one are nail polishes. Since I'm addicted to nail polished, I have a huge number of Inglots.

    My favourite ones? Sparkling dark prune, lemon-green shade from the summer collection, light lavender and the one which is combination of orange and red (it's more orange than red, but looks awesome with fair skin).

  • B

    Anon—> Ahhh, you are so teasing me. Inglot is supposed to be at The Powder Group's Artist Summit in Miami and I HOPE they have these colors you speak so highly of. :)

  • Lexelle

    Now that you've had the Inglot products for a while….. how have they worked for you? Are you still loving them?

  • B

    Lexelle—> Yep, still loving them and I want more!

  • brittanie hitchcock

    HEY ALL!!! BRITT H. HERE! I am an American MUA from Seattle, Living in Australia! I am working at Inglot in Helensvale Qld. and I LOVE IT!!! I worked for M.A.C. in the states, and this beats all!!!!! Inglot is the biggest color house, not to mention the new foundation amc cream is a dream!!!! hope you love it too America!!! i know this little american does!!!!!

  • B

    Brittanie—> Wow! I love the spelling of your name. It is exactly how mine is pronounced. Loves it! Anywhoovers……great to see that an employee can over an honest input about Inglot. I can't wait for you guys to be ALL over the US and beyond!

  • Anonymous

    Inglot Company!
    I wish you will open store in Las Vegas.
    Also would be good if we can buy on line /store on-line/

  • Anonymous

    I purchased my first INGLOT products in NY in December, and thought I'd gone to HEAVEN. I've been in the industry for over 25 years, and everything I purchased was SUPERIOR to the majority of other makeup artistry lines.
    Lipstick, lipliner, eyeshadows, brow pencil — all unbelievable.
    I would like to have refills available for the brow / lip pencils, but for their current retail price, it's no biggy to repurchase fast!
    The packaging of their liners is killer, and their lipstick formula is DIVINE…kudos —- now just get it to be available in more locations!

  • Kelly M. Beauty

    Ok I had the pleasure of checking out this store in Times Square last night because after reading this blog it became a MUST DO and OH DEAR GOD is it an amazing place! The salesgirl told me they are looking to expand the store as it is a bit on the small side but HEAVEN it is. She said that what they have out isn't even half of it. As a makeup artist, this store is so bad in such a good way…great selection of products, colors and sheens and great prices. I can see why you visited as often as you did because I needed my sister to drag me out. I will definitely be going back again…and again….and again as I need to restock on palettes and such! Thanks for the heads up, I will be spreading the word.

  • B

    Kelly—> They've got more than that? WHOA! I can't imagine. Glad to get a review from a make-up artist's point of view. I hope you told them they need to get more stores. I figure the more pressing we all do, the sooner they will have more stores in the States….or at least a website!

  • Anonymous

    I use INGLOT cosmetics (eye shadows and nail polish) and I love them. The problem is I don't know if they are tested on animals. I cannot find any information on that and I'm not going to buy any other INGLOT product unless I find it out.

  • Artur

    They will open soon a new store in Las Vegas in Ceezar Palace and professional studio in New York too.

    new info from an interview with the owner, from 01.30.2009

  • B

    Artur—> Realllly? Thanks for the inside scoop!

  • Ophelia

    How does the polish last — is it good quality and pretty chip-resistant?? I'm a nail polish junkie and it looks like they've got great colors. If people who have tried it like the quality, I'm going to make a trip to Times Square for a bottle of lavender or light turquoise!

    Also, how are the prices?

  • Anonymous

    I can tell by expirience that INGLOT is glomorous. Not only the price but also the quality. eye shadows last all day and night, polish 5 days. I use this brand for like 6 years- I'm from Poland, we have a lot of inglot stors in here.

    And there is also one more thing special about INGLOT. This year they gonna score a new record. They have the biggest choice of colours of cosmetics in the world!

    Luv it!


  • Anonymous

    oh and one more thing- INGLOT cosmetics are not tested on animals. It's a polish brand, ane in Poland, animal testing is banned.


  • B

    Ophelia—> I ended up giving those polishes away (silly me) so I can't remember the quality. I don't remember it being bad though. The prices are pretty decent. I show a few of them in my video.

  • SomeLikePoetry

    Not sure if anyone mentioned this before but there IS a Inglot website now at this link

    Hope this helps. I've been a fan of Inglot for years (yay for family in Poland) and have always stocked up on a few nail polishes every time I went, and now there's a store so close to home? Amazing! I definitely recommend all their nail polish products, and the shadows. They are close to MAC in pigmentation, a little less but I personally think the pigmentation in MAC's eyeshadows are a bit much. Oh and the lipsticks and glosses aren't too bad, especially with that pricetag. =D

  • Anonymous

    Hey , im from sydney, australia and i have a local store i always go to, i actually think its the only store in sydney :S so i am pretty lucky ! i am absolutely inlove with it . it has every single thing i have ever needed and the quality is amazing. i am so upset it doesn't have a website though -.-
    i HIGHLY recommend their gel eyeliners, these special eye shadows that depending on lighting , they change shade & same with a specific type of their lipglosses, their metallic-ish and change shades when exposed to different lighting ! i love it

  • Anonymous

    I just visited Inglot for the first time today and I asked the salesgirl when they would be getting a website and she told me that, as far as she knew, it would be available in the fall of 2010 for online ordering. Let's just hope that comes through because Inglot is AMAZING!!!

    • s dell

      love this brand!!just visited the new newport beach, cali store this afternoon—love the eyeshadow, little kabuki brush that is soooo soft for mineral powder, and a sheer bronze pressed powder that is so pretty!!! will definitely go back!!!