Urban Decay 24/7 Travel Eye Pencil sets only $13.99!!!!

Woo hooo! That’s right! Each of these sets are only $13.99 each. I have previously owned both and they are all running out quickly. I am so glad this sale came around at this time. UD’s liners are my absolute favorite! What Urban Decay says about them:

“For these 24/7 Pencil sets, “Best Selling” is an understatement! Full of bright tropical hues, the VIP set is back by popular demand. And, making its debut, the new Velvet Rope set features neutral shades that look amazing on anyone. Each Pencil is a slick travel size, making it easy to stash anywhere. Created with 50% moisturizing ingredients, 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils are creamy, blendable, and waterproof.

Packaged together against a mirrored backdrop, the dazzling shades of our 24/7 Pencils speak to everyone’s inner party girl: the woman who wants and needs an Eye Pencil that lasts all night (and even into the morning!)

Tips: Both sets include the #1 best-selling black Eye Pencil, Zero.
Fill Weight: 5 x 0.8g e 5 x 0.03 US oz


Price: $13.99
(Valued at $53.00!)

Oh yes, girls. Snag these now! Are you going to take the plunge too? Click here to purchase.

Added link to Urban Decay!

  • adriene

    YES! I'm definitely gonna have to get these.

  • Dana

    Holy Moly! Thanks for letting us know!

  • jen

    where are you finding this deal? Please include the website. thanks.

  • Stolbs

    I agree – where where where??? I checked both Sephora and Urban Decay's site. No such luck!

  • Pau F

    i second the question, sephora has them listed for 29…

  • lipton|TEE

    I know I'm supposed to be on a no shopping spree but I have to have these lo.

  • glamazini

    drats! nothing came up when i clicked the link *waaaaaa*

  • rayqueenbee

    wow. thanks for the heads up, I clicked the link but it seem that they have sold out or had limited availablity…that is the best deal I've seen for them so far.

  • Lori

    What a great deal! Wish I hadn't missed it.

  • dani2018

    link doesn't work :( or maybe it sold out already damn that was fast :(

  • auroragyps

    Yup, they're gone. I managed to get the VIP set (ordered Fri or Sat) before they sold out.
    They better actually be gone this time too. They were listed as RIP a few months ago, so I picked up Velvet Rope for the usual $29, but after a bit, they they weren't listed as RIP anymore. Sneaks. It 's almost the same thing they keep doing with the Book of Shadows: it's limited, it's not, it gone's, it's back, we have only #, oh it's gone again. WTF?

  • Diana

    Aw man! It's already sold out on the UD website.

  • ★JENN★

    nooooo!!! I want these! :(

  • Robin

    Oooh I love! I hope these are still available!

  • LolaAM

    Ulta also has this deal in there store. Someone on Twitter posted their bargain today! Same price, same product at Ulta!

  • mixxxandmatch

    oh no!!!! i tried to click the link but no such luck!!!:( do you happen to know were i could get 24/7 eyeliners in sale price?:)