Amor de Lacquer: Lippmann Collection ‘Celebrate’ Set

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A month or so ago a college girlfriend and I (hey Asha darlin’!) found ourselves in Nordstrom for a beauty event. Every summer Nordstrom has these Nordie’s exclusive beauty goodies. My favorite NARS make-up artist called me weeks ago to let me know about the launchings. When I arrived to Nordstrom, I made my rounds but didn’t find anything that caught my eye. Until I saw the Lippman trio.

This post will be pic heavy because these polishes seriously deserve an extensive photoshoot!

Funky Chunky

This polish is described as a “sequined sheer black”. And can I be honest? It was quite the disappointment. I wish I could have swapped it out for something else. It is black with little tiny sequins throughout the polish. The idea sounds good but when applying–it’s just a hot mess. I remember reading Scrangie’s review of this polish and she said that it just looks like you sloppily applied the polish. I agree! The sequins go allll over the place when you apply more than one coat. It just…didn’t work out well.

And as I remove the polish….LOOK! There are the sequins. *sucks teeth*

Ruby Red Slippers

Well hello hot mama!! Now we’re getting somewhere. This color is described as “Dorothy’s shimmering ruby”. Cute Lippman, but not exactly a color description. I thought China Glaze’s Ruby Pumps was a hot glittery red but this baby knocks her out of the water. Whoa!! It is essentially a black polish with red glitter and flecks. It took me three coats to achieve full coverage but it was well worth the effort.
Doesn’t it look like there is a ball of fire in the bottle?
Awesomeness right?

Now for a polish that has made its way in my list of Top 10 Polishes of All Time with just one swatch. Holey moley!! This color is described as “show stopping copper flecked fudge”. This is glitter mania, kids. The BEST polish I have ever seen. Amazing. It is more glitter than polish. It’s like 90 parts glitter, 10 parts polish. It is incredible. It it really is the reason why I purchased the entire set. Talk about feeling like a Superstar! It only took two coats to achieve bottle color. It’s a disco ball on my nails and I LOVE it!

More shots of Superstar…
Overall: This is my first time trying Lippman polishes. My experience with them was just…okay. The brushes were a little to narrow for my liking. I am a fan of Zoya and OPI Pro brushes. Those brushes allow for you to apply one coat without going back in the bottle. I had to dip the Lippman brushes several times. As for each polish, the application for all of them was tricky. Which was expected. Fleckies (as I like to call them) and glitter polishes take a lot of work. My method is.
Apply 1st coat
Wait 2 minutes
Apply 2nd coat
Wait 2 minutes
(repeat as needed)
Removal of these polishes are also very challenging, especially Superstar. I had to use Pure Acetone for all three.
You can snag this limited edition here for $35. Quite steep, right? I initially impulsively purchased this set. Then I returned it. Then I found a Nordie’s gift card from the holidays and knew it was meant for me to have these babies!
Have you tried any of these polishes? A Lippman fan?

Your fellow nail polish junkie,

  • Askmewhats

    ohh I have a similar polish like superstar and you are right about the pain in the butt to remove them :) Lovely polishes though :)

  • rmcandlelight

    I haven't tried lippman polishes yet. There were some negative comments about that line on Makeupalley-nailboard. A friend of mine told me the best way to remove glitter polish is to apply seche vite on top…let it dry and you should be able to pick it off. Or some people use felt to remove.

    Is Nordstroms in the Millenia Mall?

  • K

    Oh wow, glitter nail polish is such a pain to remove! My trick is to wrap the cotton in a piece of old pantyhose. It works for me since I wear (and wear out) pantyhose so often! Otherwise, I agree – use felt!!

  • Brooke

    I need these polishes! I don't care how bad the black one applies, I still need . . . . . yes, I guess that just proves how addicted to nail polish I am :)

  • Nicole

    I'm still not convinced of the black one's beauty – I just haven't seen anything that screams I've gotta have it. Chunky Monkey, not for me! However, Superstar and Ruby Red Slippers – both of them are stunning. They look fantastic on you, and it does not kill my lemming. It makes me a little mad though that I can't purchase the other two separately for a cheaper price!

  • sharon

    Beautiful swatches! Superstart is hott. I'd have to do 2 coats of seche vite w/ it though cuz the idea of texture on my nails doesn't sit well with me. I don't wanna b all in ur business but which 3 colors did you get from the zoya 5000?

  • Milan Angel

    I need Superstar in my life…

  • adorepink

    What were they thinking when they did Chunky Monkey? Although I do love the name…
    Superstar looks great though, I want it! But the price, oh the price…

  • yummy411

    pretty but not being in love with one of the polishes.. $35 is a bit much.. the OPI christmas collection is the biznazzzz! so i'm going to shoot for that!

  • B

    Nikki—> Superstar rocks!

    rmcandelight—> I keep hearing about felt! I so need to get some. And Nordie's is in Florida Mall.

    K—> Now that's an idea! Never heard of that before but I will definitely be trying.

    Brooke—> So glad that someone understands. LOL! *hugs*

    Nicole—> Ughhh, doesn't that burn you? I could have done without Chunky Monkey too but I realllllly wanted the other 2.

    Sharon—> I kinda like the texture on my nails. It feels good. LOL! And I so can't remember my Zoya haul. I know that Yummy was one of them.

    Milan—> Giiiiirl, you really do.

    adorepink—> Thank God for gift cards! LOL!

    yummy411—> I knowwww, I so can't wait for that collection!

  • mookiej

    Oh I'm lovin the Ruby Red Slippers! Thanks so much for the pics!

  • Bsquared86

    Superstar looks absolutely gorgeous!