Amor de Lacquer: Orly’s Once Upon A Time, Fall 2009

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Fall collections are a coming!! I’m excited to see what kind of goodies my favorite nail polish brands are coming out with.
I’ve been a fan of Orly for quite some time. How can you not love a nail polish company that has a rubberized handle? This is great for professional nail techs as well as regular ole’ gals who obsessively polish their nails every day. I played around with Orly a lot this summer. See some of the beautiful spring-y colors I hauled?

I was even inspired to do funky designs!
Follow me on a Once Upon A Time fairy tale.
Introducing some of our characters….

Enchanted Forest

Now what’s a fairy tale without an enchanted forest? Not any enchanted forest will do. This forest has to be rich of dark and creamy green-y goodness. It must be opaque in only 2 coats. And it must be a cream.

Poison Apple

How can something so poisonous look so beautiful? It makes me question if it is indeed….poisonous. Well, if you swallow it–it is. If you apply two coats on your nails, however, you will find yourself captivated by the beauty that is a….how can I say it? A “sho nuff red”. This is the ultimate red. The kind of red polish that I couldn’t wear as a little girl. The kind of red polish that every lady needs in her stash.

Pixie Dust

After we’ve dodged the wicked witch and her poison apple, it’s only right that we come across fairies that sprinkle our locks with pixie dust. What’s left of the mix is thrown in a bottle and used as nail polish! This pixie dust looks like Zoya’s Harley and OPI’s Sheer Your Toys had a little baby. And this is what they produced. With micro silver glitter making a tiny yet memorable appearance, Pixie Dust is…..a must.

What a fun collection, Orly!! I have since removed the darling little jewels and put them on a keyring. I love them! I had no issues with applications. Enchanted Forest was a little thick but nothing that made me want to cry. I have some more hauling to do of the rest of this collection. There are 3 other characters just calling my name. Especially that Prince Charming. This collection will be available September 2009 for $7.50. My best spot for grabbing Orly polishes is at Sally Beauty. They have crazy deals on them at times. And so does Ulta!
Are you an Orly fan?

Your fellow nail polish junkie,

  • Rai

    These are nice!!
    I've never used Orly before.

  • rmcandlelight

    You know I snatched all of them summer orly's. Sally's did not have the whole collection-once upon a time. They did not have pixie dust and the other grey one. I'm waiting on Ulta to get the collection so I can purchase pixie dust.

    All of the colors look great on you. Hey are you a member on makeupalley? Check out my pictures on makeupalley. I have the same name.

  • gio

    I've never tried anything from Orly before but these look pretty. I love the little jewels!

  • beautyjudy

    I love your description of Pixie Dust as two of the polishes having a baby LOL!! Thanks for showing us your Orly love. I am hoping Ulta gets the fall Orly in because I really want Mirror, Mirror!!!

  • adorepink

    I love Orly's handle, its great! I wish all my polish handles had that! I have pixie dust and its my first gray but I'm loving it!

  • Askmewhats

    Orly down here are seriously expensive, so I am seriously DROOLING on your lovely nails!

  • Nicole

    I checked out my ULTA for these before I ordered them online because my Sally's only had a couple of them, Brittany, but ULTA didn't have them. I'm sad because I WANT that faerie charm and the polishes I ordered online didn't have a charm! Haha. Oh well! These all look GREAT on you. I couldn't wear that red, it just wouldn't suit my skintone, but it looks fab on you.

  • Claire

    Are Orly big 3-free? I don't think I've ever managed to get an ingredients list for them, and I'd love to know!

  • Milan Angel

    Love it! I have Enchanted Forest and Poison Apple…I might have to scoop Pixie Dust too.

  • totes

    Pixie Dust looks GORGEOUS! I definitely want it…X

  • Anonymous