Beauty Beehaviors: Have you ever visited the derm?

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Well, I did it.

I have been dealing with mild acne for a good 2 years now and after trying EVERYTHING, I thought it was time to seek professional help. I visited the dermatologist for the first time this week. It was an interesting experience to say the least.
After telling me things I already know (I be doin’ my research, yo!) the derm gave me 2 ‘scrips for acne medicine. I have been doing more research to see what I’m getting myself into. We’ll see how that goes.
Riddle me this…..

Have you ever visited a dermatologist?

Was it a good experience? Not so much? Do you go regularly or was it a one time thing?
Tell me allll about it!
  • Missy~Ann

    Yes, I went to a dermatologist regularly for a few months years ago and I do think he helped my skin a lot. Then I went back (to a different one) a couple of months ago, and whatever he put me on made me even more oily! Boo! So I guess it really does depend on the doctor. Good luck girl!

  • Shana

    Right after I had baby girl my skin started to rebel like crazy! I was very upset, especially after my skin was so flawless the entire pregnancy. Anywho, I go to the derm and you know what he said? Until your skin and hair gets back to how it was before the pregnancy there is really nothing you can do…what a waste. That was my first and LAST time going.

  • Atiyah

    I have been going to the dermatologist since the 9th grade. My homeroom teacher suggested it since I had acne and she saw it made me self conscious. I still go because of Seborrhea.

  • Milan Angel

    I visited the dermatologist for the first time in February because in the middle of last year my skin took a horrible turn and started breaking out CONSTANTLY and leaving dark marks. I had NEVER experienced this. I love my derm lady…she prescribed a cream and told me what to change/keep in my skincare routine as well as some dietary stuff. Told me to come back in 3 months (MAY). When she walked in the office at my 3 month appointment she was floored. My skin has NEVER looked this great. Its the healthiest its ever been…I don't wear foundations anymore…nada. I was so grateful to her. She showed me the pics she took at my first appointment and I damn near died! I had forgot how bad it was. She examined me again…told me she didn't need to see me again for at least another year (if I felt compelled to).

  • beautyjudy

    I first went to a derm in my mid-20s. I had a feeling I had rosacea, but the first derm and second derm told me it was acne. They treated me for acne and it didn't work out for me. Finally, the third doc walked into the room and said, "I'd ask why you're here but it looks like you have rosacea?" I could have kissed him on the cheek! With some Metrogel and a couple months worth of antibiotics my ongoing flare up disappeared. I am very conscious of products I use on my face and only clean and moisturize with certain things. I am actually going to a new dermatologis (my fav isn't covered in my new insurance :( ) becuase I have a couple moles that have changed in size and composition. Phew. That was long. But that's my story :)

  • Christina

    I visit the dermatologist every 6 weeks or so for another skin problem, but the most important thing my derm did for me was to recommend some serious medical-grade heavy duty moisturizers (beyond Vaseline since honestly, I hate being sticky forever) that stopped my skin from literally cracking this past winter. I also have dark spot and so there's targeted creams and things for that. I'd definitely recommend going to see one, they know so much more than you could ever hope to learn about skin w/o a medical degree.

  • Miss Pretty

    I've never visited a derm but I was tempted to when I had hair loss last year. My stylist told me to go and get some shots directly to my scalp for 200 dollars. Ofcourse I didn't do it and my hair still grew back.

  • Phyllis Bourne

    I haven't seen one yet, but considering it. Starting to get age/spots freckles on my face.

  • antithesis

    my first experience with a derm, i was dissatisfied. i sought out a derm my final year @ spelman and she gave me way too much stuff that was not really effective and she didnt even show up for my follow up appointment. with her being the only one to see me the first time, how could the other girl judge progress?

    this second time, im more satisfied. i like the medications they gave me. it's been about a month and as of late, it's been drying my skin out but it's slowed my acne very much.

  • Amina

    I've been there several times b/c of my eczema. He recommended that I use natural gentle products and he was right :)
    The last time I went there was to remove my skin tag.
    he was very gentle

  • moonlightkiss

    I've been to several derms over the last decade to clear up my acne – only one was worth his weight. He was the only one who listened to me and didnt bully me. I even had one say the only thing she could do for me was put me on the pill (which I was on for 6+ years and did not have success) – hello! That's not even her place, imo. Anyway, if those products dont work ask for sulfer pads – those did wonders for me but were sticky and smelly.

  • B

    Thanks y'all for sharing your stories!

    OMGGGG moonlightkiss, my derm suggested that I go on the pill (have never been on it). I was mortified. She's like, "You're 24, honey…you should have been on the pill ages ago anyway."


    I know that being on birth control can help clear up the skin but I am positive there are other ways to combat my acne. I was like W…T…F!

  • Rachel

    I have been being treated for acne on and off since the age of 15.

    Come off the info here B, what did he give you?!? Mine gave me SalAc wash (Salicylic acid wash 2%, which is no longer being manufactured), ClindaGel, and Retin-A.

    I work with an RN who is approaching 50 and still uses Retin-A all over her face EVERY night.

    I've been on the pill for 20+ years. It helps some. For those of you without acne and on the pill and who are considering an IUD: please think twice! The Mirena IUD uses/puts out levonorgestrel (hormone) for birth control. Levonorgestrel is a progestin hormone and does not contain estrogen. Everyone I've known with any type of acne who got on it, it made their skin absolutely ERUPT. Trust me, don't go there.

  • BKRain

    Hi B,

    I visit my derm a few times a year and he is amazing. He listens to my concerns and never pushes me to try any treatment I am against (I do my own research also). I follow a natural skincare routine, but I make an exception for prescription treatment. I am 21 and have been on the pill for a few years. Although I do not use it to treat my acne, I have noticed that when I am off the pill, my acne flares up, my skin becomes incredibly oily, and the pimples that I get are much bigger, and much more inflamed. Although we try to take great care of our bodies, we often don't realize that slight hormonal imbalances can be a cause for concern. If you do choose to get on the pill, in my experience I don't think it is anything to fear. Maintaining hormonal balance has furthered my journey toward a healthy body and a healthy mind.

    Wishing you the best of luck, and if you don't like this derm, find another! :)

  • BKRain

    P.S. I also use Retin-A, and will do so until I'm 95. Best thing since sliced bread, I'm telling ya.

    May not be for everyone but it works for me :)

  • kukaberry

    I am trying one more skincare treatment before I go. I have been using Aveeno face wash and moisturizer with Nuetrogena Toner for about 2 months and surprisingly my skin looks really clear. I have only been getting 1 pimple per month. I am shocked. If this continues to work I will stick with it. If it does not, I'm making an appointment.

  • B

    Rachel—> Thanks so much for sharing your story! I can't remember what those scripts were. I know one was Epiduro. Can't remember the other one. You know I'll update y'all when I start the treatment. So hope that it works!

    BKRain—> The pill still scares me. Ahhhhh!!!!!

  • Rachel

    Ahhh…he gave you a relatively NEW drug made from two old components. Epiduo (not duro).

    Epiduo is made of adapalene and benzoyl peroxide. Adapalene had been given to me at one time too. It's called "Differin" when it is given by itself and it worked VERY well on me, but you have to apply it sparingly and only where you need it. BE ABSOLUTELY SURE THAT YOUR FACE IS 100% DRY BEFORE USING EPIDUO. THAT IS, DRY YOUR FACE, THEN WAIT 5 OR SO MINUTES BEFORE APPLYING IT. IT WILL BURN YOUR FACE IF YOU APPLY IT TO WET SKIN. DIFFERIN WILL DO THE SAME, AS WILL RETIN-A. Also be aware that it can make you sun sensitive.

    As for your BC pill quandry, here's my take: If you aren't having sex and don't have problem periods, then there is no medical need for you to be on the pill. It's ultimately YOUR decision.

    If I can help with this mess on drugs and it's one I've used (and I've used alot and work at a hospital), let me know.

  • B

    Rachel—> We'll finish this in the email world. LOL!

  • Anonymous

    I saw a derm and I was prescribed a gang of prescriptions….nothing worked until I tried micro-dermabrasia and my skin has been clear ever since.

  • Jamie

    Hey Guys, has anyone tried 1) getting facials, 2)tea tree oil mixed with witch hazel or 3)black soap? I have a mild case of acne and have been told that these may help. My skin is oily and sensitive. I tried the oil cleansing method and that didn't work at all. I'm considering going to a derm…but I want to find a afro-american one which may be hard to do. i dont know….

  • B

    Jamie–> I've gotten facials (maybe once or twice but not on a regular) and I use black soap regularly. I love the feeling it gives my skin. Sometimes it's too drying though–especially if I use it in the winter. I'm a HUGE tea tree oil fan but I've never tried it with witch hazel. Will definitely be looking into that. The OCM is greeeat for my skin too. I do that once, maybe twice a month. My derm is not African American but she says she specializes in brown skin. Either way…I make sure I am well educated before I see her and research like mad when I am given a 'script. :)

  • Anonymous

    I had a really diffcult patch of acne on my forehead and my derm prescribed me a regimen of retin-A and duac which worked BUT it can get costly. This time around I experimented and found if I only wash my face once a day with a bar soap from the health food store and apply no moisturizer my face will clear up on its on. The only time I wear moisturizer is sunscreen and those days I cleanse at night with my bar soap. My face is clearer then with the retin-A/duac and not dry. BTW I don't use any foundation/concealer ever…