Beauty Beehaviors: Tyra Banks + “Real Hair”

Welcome to another post from the Beauty Bee-haviors series. In this series we have open discussions about any and everything in the beauty world.

The entertainment and celebrity blogosphere actually had some news that interested me. After Kim Kardashian changing her hair color, of course. LOL….I’m being crazy sarcastic, y’all.
But seriously…Tyra Banks has decided to do the season premiere of her show wig-less. She is has even coined September 9th as “Real Hair Day”.
Check this:
“This season on The Tyra Show we’re taking it to the next level and getting more real than ever before by encouraging women everywhere to own and rock what they’ve got and be proud! For the Season 5 premiere, I will be doing just that – no fake hair, I’m rocking my REAL hair. This will all be going down on September 8, 2009, which we’re declaring National Real Hair Day! We welcome everyone to go natural with me!” (source)

Being that I have had 2 blogs, photo albums, several videos and even hosted a party for my natural hair, I guess it’s safe to say that I love my natural hair to the max. I’m not the biggest fan of fake hair for myself and when I openly said this on Twitter–guess what? Many of you agreed with me saying that “real hair” is what’s hot in the streets.

So I ask you this question….
Do you prefer wearing your own hair or jazzing
it up with weaves, wigs and extensions?

  • sunyblack

    Hear me when I say, I LOVE my hair. Being natural, I find that I have so much versatility. I can be curly one day, twisted the next, straight the next, etc. My hair is soooo healthy and shiny and bouncy. I love my own hair. I don't knock women who wear weaves at all, when done right they look great, that goes for braids as well. I've found when restricted to a style such as braids, I get bored and usually take them out because I miss my hair. Above all, I appreciate when I see woemen with healthy hair, no matter what state, natural, or permed. Do what you do, but do it right, make it look nice.

  • Conni3

    I switch between weave and real hair all the time. It’s fun. But Tyra is just doing this for publicity. Clearly she weaves up the ANTM contestants quick.
    Whatever one chooses to do with their hair, it’s their business. The more we continue with this debating, arguing and demonization others who choose to do their hair differently, the more it’s going to divide us.

  • LolaAM

    I prefer real hair. Never been a fan of wigs/weaves/extensions/braids..etc so I've never worn them. With regular salon visits and some upkeep and maintenance, real hair, ftw.

  • LolaAM

    I prefer real hair. Never been a fan of wigs/weaves/extensions/braids..etc so I've never worn them. With regular salon visits and some upkeep and maintenance, real hair, ftw.

  • LolaAM


  • Rai

    I love Tyra! But I/We've seen her real her before, so it's nothing really new.

    I love wearing my own hair, but I don't mind jazzing it up every now in then. (:

  • Angelica

    I switch up all the time from just about every style! I don't think it matters whether you hair is natural, fake, weaved, permed, or braided! I think women should simply wear their hair healthy and the way that they love it!

  • Lee

    Real hair. I've never worn anything else. However, its up to the individual. Even though I don't sport a weave, I won't hate on someone who does. Ok, except when it gets crazy like Ciara's old hair. 5 bags of Yaki really isn't necessary.

  • DeAnna

    I have worn everything from weaves, braids and my natural hair. I personally think that hair is only an accessory so i change it up. I normally wear a relaxed short cut and i prefer that. Currently I have braids though.

  • τreciä

    Real hair is the business its already known by those who are proud to represent their real self. I'd say i'd rock a wig when and if i don't feel like taking down my strand twists.. ans is attending (huge event)and I want a different look. of course i'd choose a curly wig :)

  • Danielle

    I prefer my own hair. It's been long, short, somewhere in between. Natural, relaxed, pressed, colored, etc. I'm not comfortable in braids or weaves or wigs. I like them on other people but on me, I feel like a reject with a 60s bouffant.

  • Amina

    real hair!! I did a weave once and after a week, I had to remove it because I didn't feel like myself and the glue used gave me a bad allergic reaction

    for some hair is an accessory and whether wigged, weaved up or real, it should be fun

    for me, it's all about real hair…and natural

  • Jaimie

    I love both! Its all about being ablee to change up your style. Hair is an accessory. Sometimes I love really short crops, but then you can't do much so then you can wear a weave and switch it up.

  • vixen87

    I've been wearing weaves and hair extention on and off for at least 5 years and it just been easier to manage. Whenever i wear my natural hair out it looks full and healthy but sometimes i like a different look and weaves and extentions help me achieve that.

  • DaniB

    I always wear weaves or wigs. I wonder if she is going to do cornrows or it is going to be out

  • Product Junkie Diva

    Hey B
    I have never rocked a wig, weaves,braids (with fake hair) or any fake hair in my entire life i just like feeling my own tresses but I am interested in seeing how others will respond to Tyras hair day.

  • adriene

    Real hair.. all day- errday. I've never worn wigs/ weaves and don't ever plan to. I just rock what I was blessed with.

  • Missy

    Real hair ALL DAY!!!! I am still a relaxed girl but, I'm getting trying to move over to natural. THAT'S where it's at…LOL

  • rayqueenbee

    I love natural hair sometimes but on days when I feel like my hair aint being a diva, I'll grab the wig/weave. There are times when your natural hair can't manage a certain style, so hence weave is another option.

  • Marsha (BrownFace)

    It Depends. I LOVE my natural hair, but I also love change and spicing things up. In the winter wigs and extensions are my BFFs…lol I have many styles and colors. In the warmer months, my fro rules!

  • Brittany

    I personally have gone from short hair to long hair with the simple purchase of a pack of hair. Yet, I find it interesting that we as black women have made this such a serious subject while other races do not. I think the problem is not hair but overall esteem and appreciation for our race, what we were born with, and what we chose 2 experiment with. Just b/c i get a perm or rock a fro doesn't mean i care any more or less about who I am!

  • Jillian

    Well, I'm Caucasian and I have to admit I don't know what exactly a weave is, or what it means to relax hair and that stuff. I'd like to learn more, though. Have you thought about doing an intro blog to these sorts of things for your other clueless readers? (I can't be the only one! :-/)

  • Meagan Elizabeth

    I love my own hair! I usually just let it dry on its own and wear it like that. I have naturally wavy and thick (but not too thick) hair! If I skip a day of washing, the waves will relax more and look a little more straight. It's easy to curl or straighten too, but I don't do either of those often.

  • Miss Yaya

    there's nothing that compares to my curls-

    but with that being said- so long as a girl can rock her weave, lace front, locs, extensions, and/or bald head (though not all at once i pray), then let her do so

    can't wait for chris rock's documentary to come out about hurr

    and as far as miss tyra is concerned – why doe she get to name a day anything? and WHY am i SO skeptical that its gunna b all her hair? hmmm?

  • rmcandlelight

    I prefer my natural hair. I've had perm hair for years and glad I decided to go natural. (I wished I did it sooner in life)

    Maybe Tyra is tired of wearing wigs, weaves and just wants to be free. I tell you I felt free once I gave up my relaxer. Now I don't always have to carry an umbrella..I just walk out in the rain because water loves natural hair. (lol)

  • Courtney Nichelle

    I love my hair…i mean whenever i want braids or something i will put weave in but i cant stand tracks i feel like alot of african-america women wear weaves because they are not comfortable with there own hair because society has made it seem that if you hair isnt long then you arent beautiful and i just dont get the point of it i mean everyone knows ITS NOT YOUR HAIR granted there are some style that you can pull off to make it look like it is your hair but are we really post to believe that some women have blonde hair down there back and your african-american? *i dont think so*…granted i make fun of my sister's natural hair, but i respect women with natural hair as a permy( person who gets perms i made that up like 2 seconds ago) i know i personally couldnt go natural so women with natural hair i am always in awe of because they wear it so beautifully

  • Anonymous

    Considering that (I think?) most of your readers are African American, and I don't think I have any of that in me, I feel like an odd one out. But anyway, since no one around here can corn row, I have to glue in weave tracks if I want to, it's horrible after awhile! They last a few weeks, but once you take them out a lot of hair falls out/is weak. (I guess because they're not meant for my kind of hair). I really love natural African American hair, I was watching an old season of Top Model today, (the one with Yohanna) and Tyra had her natural hair, it's much more beautiful than when she goes crazy with her hair like a lion!
    Weird question, but I REALLY don't know. With braids, do you wash them like you would regular hair? I'd think they'd get frizzy or unravel..