Beauty Review: Lancome’s Ink Artliner in Indigo Charm

Lately I’ve been wanting to spice up my eye make-up. Out of sheer laziness, I have been doing nothing more than just black eyeliner and mascara. Not even any eyeshadow. And this goes for the weekends too. Can you say booooriiiing?
I am so glad that Lancome’s Ink Artliner has snapped me out of it! I’m no stranger to gel eyeliners. In fact I prefer them over pencil and liquid liners when applying lines on the lower lash line. But I haven’t owned a royal blue gel liner with such spazazz! Seeee…..
What Lancome says about the liner the Ink Artliner Longwear Calligraphy Gel eyeliner:
“This superb new gel formula has the rich, creamy texture that ensures a luxuriously smooth application. With deep, luminous pigments offering the most intense color imaginable, this liner creates pure drama.” (source)
I LOVE IT! Gel liners are super versatile because they can be used as liners, bases and if you have the right colors, lip stains and blushes.
On to the look!
I revisited my L’Oreal HIP duo for a nice matte look but I wanted to spice it up a bit without going overboard.
My homie Indigo Charm to the rescue!
Indi Char
Maybelline’s Royal Blue mascara layered on top of
Lancome’s Oscillation Powerbooster

Uuuummm, why do I look like a 12 year old in that last one? HA!
But seriously, these photos were taken after a long day at work. The liner didn’t budge a bit. And it didn’t melt away in the Florida sun either. It is still vibrant and poppin’ somethin’ serious. I’m so in love.
These babies are $24.50–definitely a luxury eyeliner. You can also get them in brown and black but I would love to see a purple with hot pink undertones. Or maybe an emerald green with lime green undertones. Hey Lancome, you listenin’? LOL
Speaking of Lancome, check out my feature on their blog here.
Try these? Love these? Want ’em? Hate ’em? Whatcha think?
  • Askmewhats

    wow! it is indeed prettiness! love how it looks on you and girl! you dont' look like 12 yr old on your last photo, you look so PRETTY , fresh faced is the right term!

  • yummy411

    oooh this is so on my wish list… but! i want to know how it compares to loreal hip's blue gel liner. can you tell us. great feature on lancome's blog! go B!

  • Connie De Alwis

    so pretty! I've tested out the texture of the lancome gel liners and they're not too bad. I think we only have one color here. not sure :-/
    I like wearing colored gel liners when I'm not quite in the mood for fancy eyeshadow. and that picture of you is too cute! perhaps that's why you think you look 12 :p

  • beautyjudy

    Oooooo! I love that eyeliner! It looks great on you too! have a great day!

  • B

    Nikki—> LOL, thanks darling. Sometimes I feel like I look a little TOO young.

    yummy411—> Stay tuned for that! I find that HIP's is not AS vibrant and it dries out a lot quicker. It isn't as creamy.

    Connie—> Thanks mama!

    BeautyJudy—> Thanks! And you toooo!

  • Bong_Hits_For_The_Mistress

    This will definitely be something I'll look into if I find more money on me. lol

  • Andrea

    Clumps it looks great on you! I just believe that you can't go wrong w/ Lancome(or MAC).
    B/T/W your brows are gorg! What's the you wax,tweeze?

  • Andrea

    Hey Brit,did you know that Spoiled Pretty( is giving away Zoyas entire Truth & Dare collection? OMG,That's 12 polishes. Hope that I'm not overstepping,but this is too good not to share:)

  • Polish Earthgirl

    Loving this shade of blue! The eyeliner looks super cool! I should try this one!

  • Jaimie

    haha aw you don't look twelve honey, but you do look super cute. I also love the post where you have the three new hair colors =)

  • B

    Bong—> Save your pennies and treat yourself. I sooo think this liner is worth the splurge.

    Andrea—> Girl, I go to the BEST threading lady. I mean she is amaziiiiing. And I heard about Spoiled Pretty's contest on Twitter. Amazing, right? I hope you entered!

    Polish Earthgirl—> Thanks sweets!

    Jaimie—> Hey woman! And thaaaanks, I'm lovin' all of my crazy colors. :)