FOTD Friday: Power Words

Hi my darlings,

I am skipping the regular face-of-the-day post for this week. I hope you don’t mind. I thought I’d share some random quotes I’ve been tweeting all week.
I am finding that putting out positive vibes does so much for me as it does for others. You should try it.
Remember….Clumps of Mascara is more than just beauty behind mascaras and blushes. Y’all know inner-beauty trumps all of that.
All of these little quotes came from me (unless otherwise stated) and I decided to toss in some throwback photos just for fun.
Peace sisters and happy weekends to all!

Yes, I know it’s a Monday, but you better find something
to be happy about. It ain’t THAT bad.

We really are in more control than we think we are.
Think about it.

Life is short. Follow your passion. And then figure
out how you can get paid for it.

(heard this on the radio!)

Life ain’t fair. This is a fact. You have the ability to do
WHATEVER you want .This is also a fact. Live it and do it, people.

Unless you’re willing to attempt to alleviate it, stop complaining
about the issues in your life. Put up and shut up or change it!

If you have any words or inspirations, feel free to share them!

And if you’re in the TV watchin’ mood–check out how fierce this little lady is!

  • Askmewhats

    I seriously love this line: "Life is short. Follow your passion. And then figure
    out how you can get paid for it."

    I am following my passion in putting on makeup on other people..beautifying them!

  • Lee

    Great thoughts, and cool pics.
    Thanks for your inspiration. U R Fabulous!

  • beautyjudy

    AMEN! Thanks for sharing these quotes. I have one for you, that I heard on a news interview a year or so ago that I live by: "You can choose to have a good life, or you can choose to have a bad life. I choose to have a good life." And also, from Randy Pausch, the guy behind "The Last Lecture." : "I won't let go of the Tigger inside me." Life is so much better lived glass-half-full!

  • Writing Addict

    Thanks lil sis for these wonderful words of wisdom. I am finally following my passion after all of these years! I love it!

  • Amina

    looove the quotes especially the last one. I've been meaning to stop complaining and it is just easy to complain about lil stuff…
    thank you for reminding me that!

  • Anonymous

    thoses quotes, so true!