FOTD Friday: The Return of the purple lips

Happy Friday, family! So thanks to the introduction of Inglot Cosmetics in my life, I have gotten back into purple lips.
Back in February I played around with lavender lips and that bug has bit me again.
Purple lips, what can I say? You either love it or hate it. If you told me that I would be rockin’ purple lips a year ago, I probably would not have believed you. But now I AM in love with the look. Purple lips are unexpected and fun. Here’s the look I came up with!

Not at thing. It is still acting crazy and I’ll be going to my first dermatologist appointment this upcoming Monday.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Tarte Femme Fatale Natural eye palette. This palette rocks!

Tarte long wear eyeliner
Lancome Oscillation Powerbooster
Maybelline Lash Stiletto
Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Zero

MAC lipliner in Nightmoth
Inglot Lipstick in 65

Inglot Lipgloss in 542

The lipstick alone is pretty scary.
A little too cool for my skintone and just…..not flattering. But of course I pulled out that that good ole’ MAC lip liner in Nightmoth. I only have two lipliners from MAC and this baby is a staple for darkening up colors. And it never fails me.

Ahhh, a lot better, uh? Of course I had to throw on a purple scarf to be all dramatic.
Do you like purple lips?
Not feelin’ it?
What’s everyone doin’ this weekend? I am actually going to try and relax. We’ll see how that goes. Have a good oooooone!
Stay prettyful,

  • izumi

    hah i just left another blogger with a comment about lilac/purple lipsicks.. i dunooooo i'm not a big fan. i prefer fushia over lilac, though i don't like to wear either 😛 then again i haven't tried purple toned. you think i'd love it since i LOVE purple but i dunnoooo.. beyond the eyes, purple is a little weird.

  • Katrina is a Princess

    I like it! Purple is so the it color right now! You have such nice lips and it looks great on you!

  • Renee’

    Oh I Love the eye shadow :) is there a site online to get it :)

  • rayqueenbee

    I agree with Katrina, purple is definitely the hit color. Love the lips dear!

  • T.R.

    Okay I'm feeling the lips and eyes. I personally didn't see anything wrong with the lips prior to the addition of the MAC lip liner. Um where can one get this Inglot lipstick, lipgloss. I soooo love and want.

  • Nina

    Purple on the lips isn't just for me, it makes me look yellow.

  • Angelica

    Purple looks great on you! it's your color.

  • Andrea

    I love it especially after you hooked it up w/ the MAC lipliner(it looks darker to me).I'm loving the purple Brit-Brit(and it looks good on you;)

  • slvrlips

    I so need that Tarte palette. Very nice look!! Purple looks great on you.

  • gio

    Love the look! Purple looks great on you!

  • beautyjudy

    I love the purple lips, and I love how the MAC liner adjusted the color – but not so much that you lost the essence of it!
    I'm going to the shore for half the weekend. I love me some boardwalk pizza and ice cream mmmmm :) Have a great one !

  • B

    Izumi—> Wow, purple lips are so taking over the beauty blogosphere right now. LOL! I'm the other way around–purple really isn't one of my favorite colors but I don't mind rocking it when it comes to make-up. Go figure!

    Katrina—> Thanks sis!

    Renee—> Nooo, :( Inglot doesn't even have a site up yet. But stay tuned. I will be the first to let you know about it if and when it does go up.

    rayqueenbee—> Thanks a lot, mama!

    T.R.—> You liked the lips before the liner? Really? Hmm…I suppose it would work for a dramatic look but not so much for when trying to be conservative for work. You've inspired me! I think I'm going to try it again by itself!

    Nina—> LOL, OMG…it does nooot. Wait, does it? 😉

    Angelica—> Thanks!

    Andrea—> Yeah, I think I'm going to get MAC's lipliner in Barbeque. It is a little softer and not as harsh and pigmented in color as Nightmoth. Nightmoth can sometimes change the color a little TOO much.

    slvrlips—> Thanks darlin'! That palette is so my BFF right now.

    gio—> Thanks!

    beautyjudy—> Boardwalk pizza and ice cream. Yuuuum, enjoy your weekend!

  • Askmewhats

    I have never tried purple lips! looking at yours..hmm…they look pretty..maybe..I should???

  • Amina

    The only time i wore purple lips was years ago when MAC had a lipgloss called zig zag…since purple lips for me
    you are rocking the color :)

  • Nicole

    I just want to say that your shadow looks GREAT! And I love the look of that palette.
    As to purple lips…I dunno if I could pull that off! I think it looks fantastic on you though. I do wear darker, more purple-y reds and love those. I am not really sure how a lighter purple would work on my lips.

  • Milan Angel

    I love it. Beautiful look. Ummm…you know I love me a purple lippie…I need that l/s and gloss! Hot!

  • Angelica

    You welcome Brittany! There is also another lipgloss that looks just like it, it's the Loreal Infallible lipcolor, I don't remember which color but it's like a plum.