Premiere Orlando, Installment 1

I am a few months late on reporting this, but trust me when I say the experience at the Premiere Orlando International Beauty event is still reverberating en mi cabeza. This show was hot and as a newbie I SOOO wasn’t prepared.
A day prior to the show I had just returned back to the States. I didn’t get a chance to plan out what vendors I wanted to see. I figured I could just walk around and make my way to everyone.
Premiere Orlando is HUGE! Enormous. Massive.
It was held at the Orlando Convention Center which is huge in itself. You know it’s serious when there are over SIX entrances to get into ONE show. And a red carpet leading to each.

Most entrances had mini-food courts. Shuttles took visitors to and from the entrances to their cars. So yes….all of that should have prepared me for Premiere Orlando. But alas I walked up in there expecting you know, 20 or so vendors. NOT!
Outside the show…

Inside the show…

Me 30 minutes after entering the show…

Oh weee! I SO wasn’t ready.
Think hair and nail competitions. Think hundreds and hundreds of vendors. Think live hair shows on runways and workshops. Think displays of spa equipment and classes. If you are in the hair, nail and spa world, you know about Premiere Orlando. And you were there.
Did you go? Want to go? Going next year?
Am I the only one shocked that an event of this magnitude was actually in the same city I live in? I didn’t even have to fly out!
  • beautyjudy

    *Drool drool* What an awesome event! And, um, yeah, that convention center…I go to Orlando for work at least once or twice a year…and that convention center KILLS my feet!LOL I will actually be back in Orlando in November at the conv center, hating that the press room will be a mile from the sessions I need to cover!!! PS – you have to let me know if there are any good beauty stores to hit while I'm there!!

  • Andrea

    Wow! Sounds like capital F-U-N! That is definitely something that I would do w/ my girls!!
    Cute sandals & love the polish color..Is that purple?