Tarte Cosmetics-40% off Sale! Wooo hooo!

Whoa whoa whooooa!! Now this is what I’m talkin’ about….

I have that palette to the left and it is lovely. I’m also thinking about scooping up a cheek stain or two. Even though Lights, Camera, Lashes let me down I still love my Tarte!

You grabbin’ anything?
  • beautyjudy

    OooooO! Thanks for letting everyone know! And finally a friends and family that exceeds Friday, which is when I get paid and will once again rejuvenate the beauty budget LOL!! Great review on Lights Camera Actio BTW!

  • GreenEyedArtist

    Not a fan of their cheek stain, especially since I have acne. It just messes up my makeup. I do LOVE their rise and shine lip stains though. i really enjoy them. maybe I'll plunder a few. :)

  • GreedyGirl

    I love the Palette but of course they are sold out