A silver lining on the lid…

I have always been the biggest fan of Jennifer Hudson. You really don’t even want to watch DreamGirls with me. I know every song and every line of that movie. Jennifer Hudson is an amazing actress and even more amazing singer. Her outfit selections make me want to give her the side-eye but I could never deny how awesome her make-up looks.

Just look at this…

Stunning. This is such a gorgeous look and what really gives it that POP is the silver lining tear the tear ducts. Just recently have I begun to do this. In fact a week or so ago while visiting the fam I popped some silver liner in my tear ducts. I did it very subtly because I was going to church and didn’t want to be too blinged out in silver.

Can you see it?

I think that a silver liner needs to be in every lady’s stash. I found that it really opens up the eyes all while appearing glamorous. And it is super simple to do.

L’Oreal HIP’s Silver Lightning is the business! I reviewed those color chrome liners here. Total must haves, kids. And a breeze to apply….

You um…basically you need a silver liner now.

I’ll be sure to incorporate it in this week’s FOTD Friday.

Do you dab a little silver in the inner-V of your eyes?

Let me know!

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  • Product Junkie Diva

    I don't put any silver on my lids but when I first say Jhud with this look, I thought her makeup was stunning.

  • Shawnta`

    I'm right there with you on knowing every line/song in DreamGirls. "Jimmy got soul!"…LOL.

    Jennifer's makeup is beautiful and always flawless. I thought she looked great on Oprah's season kick off show too. You're right about her outfits but her makeup is always on point.

  • Lee

    I sooo agree with you. I love JHud and her face is always flawless. I mean beat to perfection. She definitely needs a new stylist, but the face is gorgeous.

  • K

    JHud is indeed very pretty! I love the look but I can't wear it… my eyes tear up too much and I haven't found a color liner that lasts!!

  • Anonymous

    Hey! I do use that kind of liner within the tear ducts. Another thing that I use sometimes, strangely enough..a white eye liner the same way. It opens your eyes up- sending a pic lata. Loves the look on both you and J-Hud! Fierce!

  • rayqueenbee

    I have been doing a off gold creme color in the tear duct lately. I always loved Jennifer makeup and I love her spirit.

  • alliev

    you love jhud so much cus you two are practically twins!i didn't notice it until now =) you both are gorg!