Acne Sucks, Part II: The Stages

Welcome back to another Acne Sucks post! Since the inaugural post I have gotten SO many emails regarding acne in general. Many of you shared your stories with me and I must say….it’s quite comforting knowing that I’m not the only one frustrated by adult acne.

In the midst of wallowing in my acne woes, I got to thinking how dealing with acne is such a chore. It’s more than just popping a pimple. I feel like I should put my pimples on payroll because I am CONSTANTLY working with them.

I came up with the four stages that I find myself dealing with.
Stage Uno (Spanish)

Prevention-In this stage I am doing all I can to stop acne before it even becomes a problem. This includes drinking water, keeping a balanced diet, making sure I’m not touching my face with dirty hands, etc. I drink a gallon of water a day and make sure that I am getting in fresh greens and fruits daily. Can’t forget my vitamins either! Of course I don’t do this solely to prevent acne but I know it doesn’t hurt.

Stage Deux (French)

Tackling-This is toughest stage because one wrong move can make the next two stages a nightmare. The tackling approach, as dramatic as it sounds, determines if your pimple will disappear like a thief in the night (robbing you of self-confidence) or if remnants of it will hang around for the next year or two or ten. I am currently using Differin, an acne gel that my dermatologist has prescribed me. Is it working? The inflammation in my skin is definitely down but I’m still tackling brand new pimples every morn. Boo.

Stage Drei (German)

Repairing-This is stage that can be the most frustrating. So you’re drinking more water and taking vitamins. You even manage to keep some of the pimples at bay. But what about those old battle wounds? You know….the pimples that left dark and red spots all over your face. They are like unwanted tattoos. And getting rid of them can seem impossible. I swear by cocoa butter. I have been using it for years and it has always been great at fading those dark spots. Lately, however, I’ve been dabbling around with skin tone correctors. I am still testing Origins but I LOVE Clinique’s. It is amazing. It works. It’s pricey but it really does work.

And lastly,

Stage apat (Tagalog)

Concealing-Ahhh yesss, where would I be without my trusty concealer? Concealing is a must for me. I choose not to wear foundation simply because of fear from breaking out all over but dapping a bit of my MAC Studio Finish concealer in NW45 works. I usually only apply it on my cheeks to cover those spots that are struggling to get through the previous stage.

I go through these stages each and every day. And sometimes more than once a day. It’s a mess, y’all….a hot mess.

But what choice do I have? Must.Have.Clear.Skin.

What stages do you go through? And even if you have crystal clear skin, feel free to chime in!

Until next time….

  • Anonymous

    My twin sister and I have been having adult acne problems also. I have used Differen as well; but the acne keeps coming back. I even tried Retin-A and my face started to peel. I think that I used too much Retin-A. It's easy to cover up the acne because we have darker brown skin. I use MAC Select Press Power NW50. My sister uses the concealer and that seems to work for her.

    Cocoa Butter really does work for removing the acne battle scars. I've also been experimenting with Shea Butter on my face in the evening.

    I try to drink a lot of water; I should do better with the vitamins and greens.

    Thanks for your honesty about adult acne. I'll continue following to see what helps you solve the problem. Thanks.

  • selecu

    Is it just me, or when you get those big cystic buggers and you enter stage deux, it doesn't matter if you slather it with a half dozen tinctures and ointments, squeeze and prod to your heart's content, or just leave the sucker be….it's still going to be big and gross and dark-colored?! Ughhhhh.

  • Amber

    The tend to have problems with my skin around that time of the month. The big problem is that I'm very fair and even when the blemish is gone, even the faintest marks left behind are easy to see. I'm going to try cocoa butter like you said. I'll let you know how it works!

  • Anonymous

    Tricia said:

    Hmm where to not trying to be a debbie downer but im just about to give up on having acne free in my late 20s and yes I do believe in eating well vitamins and exercise, but that doesn't work for me..I break out like nobodys business around the time of my period(no birth control pills does not help) And my skin scar real easily even if I don't ever touch my pimples. So every month guaranteed I get new scar to add to my already large collection of scars. And my skin don't just scar rapidly from pimples but anything like a fall, cut or burn. And I scar instantly if I get a pimple in the morning by evening I will have a scar..I have no clue what to do. I have tried many different acne product but they only shock my pimples in the beginning then it doesn't work cause my skin gets use to it. Mario badescu products worked great until I rejoiced and said wow its working then it stopped working..funny huh. I would give cocoa butter a try,but where do I buy 100% natural cocoa butter?

  • izumi

    oo i gotta try me some of that studio sculpt concealer.. i've been meaning to but always forget by the time i hit up mac, just so distracted by all of the pretty colors! LOL.

  • Sandy

    I've had acne problems since high school agree adult acne is frustrating. I have mild to moderate adult acne.

    I've used Differin but didnt notice much difference.

    I wash with either Cetaphil for oily skin or Alpha Hydrox foaming facial cleanser morning and night. I use 2.5% BPO every morning (purchased from for years and recently started using Alpha Hydrox brand AHA souffle (12% AHA) at night about a month ago. It has kept my pores fairly clean and I'm noticing less acne, and haven't gotten a cystic bump since I've been using it. It helps to face the acne scars too. I read tons of good reviews on that stuff on and it's cheap, only about $13 for 1.6 oz. jar from and it's higher concentration of AHA than more expensive brands out there.

    I use Peter Thomas Roth Cooling Sulfur mask or Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal mask twice a week. I'm on birth control but it doesn't seem to do much and I sometimes break out during that "time of the month." I've started using Revlon Colorstay foundation and haven't broken out with that either.

    With the combo of 2.5% BPO in a.m. and 12% AHA in p.m., I've noticed my acne has been under control and I'm going to continue this routine as long as it keeps working.

    Love your blog btw!!

  • Nina

    My doctor also prescribed Differin to me. She also gave me some antibiotics but I forgot the name. Anyway her regimen cleared up my skin in I'd say 6 months. That was the best skin I've had in years, now my enemies are back and I'm sad. Thanks for the cocoa butter tip, I think I'll try that. Anyway, I'm on Proactiv right now, I don't see any much difference but I'm hoping it'll work.

  • Miss Yaya

    my secret is actually not wearing anything on my face often… with the exception of eye makeup and lipgloss/stick

    i find that sleep and hormones also affect when and if they pop up all over ur face like a failed game of dodgeball

    my problem area is the chin and by the ears because both my jobs require heavy phone work and my lazy behind always leans the phone into my face… le sigh (english) :)~

  • pb™

    ughhhhhhhh. you are preaching to the choir. i'm 20 and my skin has just now decided that it hates me.

    it doesn't help that i have dry AND sensitive skin and most acne ointments/cleansers are geared to those with oily skin which means i can't use most of them.

    i'm kind of wary about using prescription products because i don't want my skin getting hooked on something i can't afford for a long period of time!

    usually i tackle it with otc stuff and it clears up with my marks starting to fade and then that time comes messing up all my hard work. grrrr.

  • gg

    at this point in my adult acne, i've tried every-thing and now i use nothing. i am washing my face with plain water and a splash of rubbing alcohol day and night. i may use a mask a few times a week. i think using to many products are causing irritation.

  • B

    Yes yes yessss….keep 'em comin'! You ladies rock!

  • Askmewhats

    awww girl STAGE APAT made me laugh! you are too cute thanks for sharing!!! I love stage APAT!

  • GreedyGirl

    This a great post thanks for sharing I don't have acne but I do have hyperpigmentation on my neck. Dark rings that look like I tied a rope tp tight at some point. Either way I just started using aveda enbrightment. But based on your recommendation maybe ill try clique

  • Katrina

    I am not ashamed to say that I am much older than you but follow your blog religiously :-) I too suffered from adult acne and I know how you feel. I went through all the topical treatments to no avail. What worked and still works for me is my doctor putting me on antibiotics for several months as well as spironalactone (low dose blood pressure med)to control the oil and break outs. I still take spironalactone and remain acne free. Talk to your Derm topicals are messy and expensive. Love ya and Stay Blessed!

  • Product Junkie Diva

    love the use of different
    Those nails look HOT too!

  • beautyjudy

    Thanks for sharing your tips, especially on prevention! You've got a beautiful face girl, even if you have acne here or there. I try to look in the mirror and tell that to myself when my rosacea flares up!!! Also – love your nail polish :)

  • Girlfriend

    I posted a comment about my skin problems months ago my skin type – hypersensitive/atopic dermatitis/acne and dry I am going to tell you what has worked (no prescriptions – my skin it too sensitive) so if you have my skin type then I would try Dr. Bronner's baby mild bar soap its unscented, Aubrey Organics pure aloe vera and Desert Essence jojoba oil)my skin is not where I want it to be but it's 100% better than what it use to be after I realized my skin type
    Girl I could talk to you about facial skin all day with all of the research I have done over the years…but Good Luck to you and you are still BEAUTIFUL!

  • Anonymous

    Since you're comfortable trying new things, I have a few suggestions for less expensive fixes that have really helped me:

    Try using Witch Hazel as a toner (I recommend Dickinson's). It soothes inflammation and is all around good stuff. Just remember that it does contain alcohol, so it can be drying. It can be good for all kinds of acne–even cystic. You can just go for the drug store brand or get something more exotic/organic at a health food store. If the astringent works for you, there are also gels and cleansers made with the extract that you might like as well.

    Try dabbing a little tea trea oil on at night before bedtime. It's an antiseptic, but is also antifungal and is good for inflamed skin. If you haven't used it before, I have to warn you that it's strong, so keep it away from your eyes. Make sure you're using real tea tree oil, and try to get it from a health food store, Trader Joe's or Whole Foods. You may be able to find it at WalMart or Target, but read the label carefully to avoid getting ripped off.

    This is probably weird, but I read that a model–Roshumba I think–used Listerine like a toner. Now, the stuff is harsh because it contains lots of alcohol, so I doubt it's something to try regularly, but I've tried it myself, just dabbing it on a few really bad spots, and was really surprised. It dried most of my pimples overnight. Just not a fan of the smell.

    Now, I haven't personally tried bentonite clay, but I've heard good things. I've also heard good things about antibacterial and antifungal creams, but mostly for spot treatment as continued use can cause more problems than it solved. However, if you can find those creams minus petroleum, you've hit the jackpot.

    Finally, it might help to check out for product reviews and suggestions. Could save you some time and money to check them out first. I know your blog has been extremely helpful for me in that regard. Hope this helps you (or another reader) in some way.

  • GreenEyedArtist

    Consider adding an exfoliater, such as Biore's, to your skin care regimen. I apply my facewash and then follow with a 60second exfoliation then wash both off.

  • Belle Cheveux

    IA with adding an exfoliating. It's take the dead skin cells off, preventing newer pimples from forming.

  • antithesis

    hey, i've been using differin all summer and it works it just takes a WHILE. at minimum it took me 2 months to see results and then i had a minor flare up. the dermatologist told me to continue a little longer and my cystic pimples dont come anymore. i still get these fine bumps but i think thats from not properly washing off my make up every single time. idk. good luck!

  • Danielle

    I'm 36 and still get the occasional blemish but had adult acne until I was pregnant with my daughter at 28. I did notice somethings that prevented breakups though. 1. Yes diet is important. I'm a Pepsi junkie and I also know when I'm drinking to much because it shows it my complexion. 2. From 12 to 25, I had the dreaded T-zone acne. Because I was always oily, I was always trying to strip my skin with astringent. But I found out that if I moisturized properly it kept the oil at bay. I read somewhere that actually oily skin is just overproducing because it thinks its dry. (Hey I'm not a derm but I saw a major difference in my skin when I started to moisturize.) 3. I also found out my skin is very sensitive and finicky. My mother swears by Noxzema and hates Oil of Olay. Noxzema makes me breakout and sensitive formula works wonders on my skin. 4. My skin is very sensitive to my moods. When I'm stressed I definitely have breakouts even at 36. 5. I used a Cocoa Butter creme to help clear up my skin. I used to have really bad ones but they faded with time

  • Danielle

    Oops I meant sensitive formula Oil of Olay works wonders on my skin..

  • Laura

    Accutane!! I had SUCH a good experience with it, minor dry skin and NO other serious side effects, or really any side effects at all. Almost two years later, and I RARELY deal with breakouts. They still happen on the slight occasion, but they're VERY small and easily pop-able! I used a generic version of Accutane, and it cost me very little each month.
    Your mileage will vary, of course, but you might want to consider it. It has truly changed my life.

  • Robin of

    Really cute post! I also eat healthy and take lots of vitamins…don't always drink as much water as I should. When I get a pop-up pimple though, I use an essential oil mixture that I swear zaps the zit by the next morning usually. I plan to share this and more non-toxic beauty tips very soon on my blog.

  • sabrina

    I don't really get many pimples, but I do have seaborric (sp?) dermatitis and it sucks! I have flaky places all over, even on my scalp! I was diagnosed when my hair was relaxed and the dermatologist told me to wash my hair every day….um, no ma'am! She also told me salicylic acid washes would work. Well, three years later, nothing. Suggestions?

  • Black Girls Run!

    Love the post! I keep hoping that I will outgrow my acne, but every couple of weeks I have an outbreak. I used to take Accutane in high school and college and it was a miracle drug. Now I am looking for a more holisitc solution.

  • Cystic Acne

    Before you considering taking acne remedies, medication and other treatments remember that everyone has different skin so what is good for some people won’t be good for you. You can be allergic to some chemical and even make it worse.

  • B

    Thank you all SO much for your input. These posts will be running in the Acne Sucks series forever and ever ever. Y'all just don't know how your comments and tidbits have helped me (and I'm sure other countless Clumps readers). Woooo!!!

  • Rachel

    Just read the post that suggested accutane. Yep, that will work but it comes at a price (I explained that in my email to you a month ago)! I've never known ANYONE who got on it who didn't get cleared up. That's the bad boy drug of skincare.

    Give that Differin a while. It takes some time to work because it's causing cell turnover in the areas you apply it.

    I'm using my Murad now since they no longer make SalAc. I like it, it gives a nice tingle but I'm not sure it's really going to work as well long term as SalAc did. And I'm using my Clindagel on my chin.

    Can't recommend Bare Esentuals makeup enough. It seems to have really calmed my skin down since it's not cream based like most foundations.

    Hang in there.

  • Shan

    Girl, I love your honesty on this issue. I feel your pain b/c I'm always breaking out and getting dark spots once they're healed. I would like to suggest Aveeno Clear Complexion skin care line. I have been using this for about a year and it has helped. This line also has a spot corrector that works wonders. Much quicker that cocoa butter. Thanks for keeping it real

  • Anonymous

    I'm a 30 yr old woman and I've had acne my entire life. I've used it all, over the counter products, prescription products, you name it. Nothing really worked, my acne kept coming back. Recently I found something that works for me. Pevonia Spa Teen Blemished Skin line. I don't breakout as often anymore, and when I do get a blemish they are fewer and smaller, not the painful cystic breakouts I used to get.

    The Blemished Skin Moisturizer has both salicylic acid and BPO, the combination has worked wonders for me. It is gentle and not harsh. The spot treatment Blemish-B-Gone is effective.

    I hope this helps!

  • sez

    I highly recommend Vitamin E Oil and pure aloe vera gel!! I tried the chemical approach but natural works so much better at prevention and for the long term! (Btw I love this post ^^)

  • Anonymous

    Wow! It is so comforting to read your blog. I have been struggling with adult acne recently and it is not fun. Thanks for all of the tips. You are awesome! Please continue to inform us!

  • MsPerfectRed

    I'm 23 years old and up until about a year or so ago I could count the amount of pimples I had on both hands, and then BAM! I dont know what happened… I started breaking out and it hasn't stopped. I've tried AcneFree, Pro Active, Mary Kay, Clearisil, and even some Rx called Benzaclin than pretty much just made me really sesitive to the sun. I changed my diet and I drink so much water that the excessive peeing has become a problem. I was about to give up when I randomly decided to try this stuff called "after inked" on my face even though it's for tattoo's but I use it at night mixed with tea tree oil and some cetaphil uva/uvb spf 50 moisturizer and my face has started to clear up, and my acne scars have started to become visibly lighter. I cant use it during the day or it makes my face shiny, and it's cruelty free/vegan. I've just been using regular cetaphil cleanser for oily skin. I've only been using it for about 5 or 6 weeks now and I'm praying this continues to work if not I'm going to start wearing a veil or maybe a head sized paperbag.

  • Christina

    I used to have acne on and off. But for about a year now I've had clear skin. I changed the cleansing products from regular to sensitive. Since I turned 30,(now 32) I have noticed a change in my skin. I've been using Olay Foamng Face Wash for Sensitive skin and Eucerin Daily moisturizer with spf 30 (Day) and Clinique Moisture Surge Extedned Thrist Relief (Night). I use th cleanser day and night (night with my clarisonic). Since the switch to sensitive product, I haven't seen a pimple at all.
    BTW, Here is a couple of tips I use to do to clear a pimple faster. I would get a wash cloth and soak it with hot steamy water. Wring the water out and place the wash cloth on you touble pimple area. Do it until the cloth is no longer warm. Do it again a couple of times if you like. The hot moisture opens up your pores. Also, it helps to make sure the pillows and pillow cases are clean. I clean the pillow cases every week and pillows wevery two weeks. And lastly, clean brushes. I clean mine every weak, but if you are sinsitive, maybe clean the face brushes every couple of day with a non abrasive product.
    I hope it helps.

  • Anonymous

    warm water, thats it.

  • Anonymous

    Hey B!! Listen for years i have had bad acne especially around that special time of the month. I havent had a breakout in a while. My secret . . .whenever i wash my face i wash it twice. I get in the shower wash my face and i let it sit for 30 seconds then i rince and then i do it again(i use the white bottle shiseido line it works for me. the face wash is realy really thick so i only use a pea size amount and it lathers like crazy it runs around $30, i love that stuff) I learned this trick from petrilude on youtube. He said one wash only gets the top layer off a second wash get deep beneath. i havent had a break out since i watched that video. try it. i also moisturize morning and night (also shiseido). and thats it. but the washing of the face twice really works. SO FOR ALL OF YOU LADIES WASH YOUR FACE TWICE!!

  • B

    Yesss, keep them coming!! Loving these comments, yall!

  • Alice

    I was where you are until about 6 months ago. I went to a dermatologist and got 3 amazing products. Ziana, which is a gel that combines a topical antibiotic and retin-a, a pill called spironolactone and a face wash called Vivite. There three things cured my cyctic deep acne, the little surface annoyance pimples, and totally cleared out my blackheads.

    The first two products are prescription, but the Vivite you can get from a few different websites. This is where I buy it These things have changed my face! Also, I used a clarisonic brush. I love it, but it's pricey. I got mine on eBay for half price.

    Good luck!!

  • Stefanie

    Hey girl, as far as being hesitant to use foundation in fear of breakouts, maybe you should try Cover FX. I use their cream foundation and loose powder to set. The line is geared toward sensitive skin. The cream foundation is non-comeodegenic, oil free, and fragrance free. I am very pleased with the line and the coverage is AMAZING!!!!! I have some hyperpigmentation due to acne scarring and the Cover FX truly covers. I purchased their foundation brush as well and it makes the application process very easy. It is $42, so it isn't the cheapest foundation but it works wonders and doesn't irritate my skin which is priceless to me! :)

  • Ariane

    HI 😀 I realli like your blog [: thanks!

    I use Avene. I live in quebec canada though so idk if you can get it… It's more for mild acne or whatever… I first use a soapless gel (cleaning thing), then a toner and then Cleanance K to help eliminate sports blackheads and blemishes. I still get a few zits once in a while…like around my period. Before and after.

    Thats it [:

  • Donna

    i recently read in the NYtimes that cocoa butter was tested against women using placebos and the cocoa butter actually showed no signs of improving skin. women who used vitamin e however did report a change in their skin. usually cocoa butter has vitamin E thrown in, which is probably why people swear by it. i try to stay away from it because it has mineral oil and that is awful for your skin.

  • Sandy

    I agree with Rachel's comment about Bare Escentuals. I started using them YEARS ago and never really had issues, loved the coverage, but never quite liked the dewy finish that I got with it at times. But they recently came out with the "matte" line for oily skins and I LOVE it! I use Revlon Colorstay when I want a liquid that doesn't budge for a long active day or special occasion. But otherwise Matte Bare Minerals is the best for everyday use! So light, great coverage and good for the skin!!

  • Anonymous

    Gentle cleansing and exfoliation is the KEY…I'm convinced, anyway.

    M2 Skin Refinish has done absolutely astounding and wonderful things for my acne and acne scarring. It works especially well on those with dark or olive skin. I can't say enough great things about this product!!! I almost don't have to wear foundation anymore, and I'm 34 and have struggled with acne my entire life! :-)

    BTW, the best mineral makeup is makeup that doesn't have bismuth. Bismuth has been linked to cystic acne (and itching! Argh!). Try Everyday Minerals in semi-matte ( It lets your skin breathe, doesn't have bismuth, is VERY reasonably priced, and the coverage is amazing. It's like an airbrush for your skin. Just make sure you get a good flat-bottom brush, or you'll be frustrated. Swipe and swirl…then build coverage as necessary.

    Best of luck to you!

  • Gracie Landess

    first offf, i love you (:

    secondly, i've heard realllly good things about murad, it's like proactive but it doesn't make your skin dry. it is just supposed to make it healthy (: look it up if you haven't heard anything about it. i am using it now and it's so nice, i love the way it makes my skin feel. i've only been using it for like, three days, and im seeing some progress. vitamin e gel is so great for chapped lips. its truly worked miracles for me (: i've never tried it for my scars though.

    stay cute<3

  • Brittany

    I'm 21, and my acne seems to get a little worse every passing year! I have tried so many products, including prescriptions, but AcneFree is the only one that has worked on a long-term basis. I use it in the morning and at night, and I exfoliate with St. Ives Apricot Scrub for acne prone skin 2x a week. Also, this may sound gross, but I also do an egg white facial once a week! You just whip egg whites and gently massage the solution on your face until it gets tight, then you rinse it off with warm water. It makes my skin look poreless and it's soooo smooth afterwards! Another trick I use for pesky pimples that won't go away is calamine lotion. Dip a Q-tip in the bottle and dab on the pimple overnight. It dries it out super fast! (If you can tell, I'm not afraid of trying new things, lol!)

    I have seen a lot of people mention Vitamin E. I just started moisturizing my face every morning with Vitamin E cream, and I have NOT had a breakout since I have started. It also makes my face feel super smooth and my acne scars are visibly starting to fade!

    I would also like to note I do not have severe acne, I only get 4-6 bumps a month, but they are the big and nasty variety! lol

    I have silently read your blog for months, and I love all your advice and reviews! Thanks for the openness and the advice, you are awesome!

    Blond Brittany (lol!)

  • B

    Brittany—> First of all, what a BEAUTIFUL name. LOL!! You are such a doll! Thank you so much for the support and all of those suggestions. I'm going to have to try the whole egg white thing. Doesn't sound gross at all! Shoot—at this point, I'm willing to try anything! Here's to acne-free skin!

  • Alicia NZ

    I used to get acne really bad – in fact I have hyperpigmentation scars now. but just go to the doctor, tell them what's up and they should prescribe you pills that you take once a day. they really work! (: I only get the occasional blackhead now. good luck, I love the blog. <3

  • Gigi

    I just saw this post. I don't have clear clear skin but much better then before. i dunno if it's because I use make up now to conceal any but i definitly don't get cystic acne nor big pimples.

    I go thru stages like excerisizing which also seems to help somehow, and eating less dairy then usual. More water. More veggies and fruit. I mean hey, there's only so much you can do when it comes to eating right, due to so many myths out there.

    Then I also rely on toners. and SPECIALLY proper make up removal. I was just washing my face with a light cream cleanser, but when I used Pond's Cold Cream I realised how much gunk was still being left behind. Then i use a toner and acne clearing lotion.. all this before bedtime.

    In the mornings I don't do much. Just wash my face, maybe toner, and moisturize before concealing any pimples or scars with make up.
    I do agree that even the best foundations can make you break out. I still use them though for more even skin.:/

  • Anonymous

    Interesting, my dermatologist prescribed differin .3 for me too ( I used .1 and my skin became resistant to it)but I'm a teenager, so would you say it works for all ages? I don't really notice a difference in my skin it just gets irritated, and 2 new zits pop up at least once a week and THEY NEVER GO AWAY!!

  • B

    Anon—> Differin seems to be doing some good for me… far!

  • ah-dizee

    Urggh acneeee! I struggled with adult acne for two years and very severe on at that. My breakthrough product was neutrogena oil controlling astringent. It contains salicylic acid and a gread deal of alcohol (which is supposed to b bad for ur skin right?). Within two weeks it totally cleared up my skin and i could not believe a cheap and unpublicised product such as it could make a huge difference. My regime is clear essence medicated soap, neutrogena astringent and neutrogena moisturizer for sensitive skin. I have been acne free for three months now and its unbelieveable.

  • B

    ah-dizee—> Yay for you achieving acne-free skin. I'm in the same boat and praying that my skin doesn't act a fool again.

  • Terpitude

    I worked at Shoppers Drug Mart as a cosmetician and fellow suffer of adult acne.

    As we all know, there are different types of skin, and many people group people with acne with oily skin, but that is not the case. There are people who suffer from acne but have dry or dehydrated skin. I also find that many acne line products are geared very much to oily skin

    If you suffer from oily skin, I found many people found relief with Vichy, whereas, those with sensitive and dry skin but with acne bode well with Avene. Their cleanser that is the blue gel type (the name escapes me), along with their acne care line works well. But for the toner, use the ROC's acne line's toner.

    As always, exfoliate once a week. I like Dr. Brandt's Microdermabrasion.

    Acne products can work well for one person, and not so well to another. Lastly, I found that exercise and sweating a bit helps my skin become clearer.

  • Anonymous

    you know what it could be… hate to say it…. but washing your hair often does help with facial acne, when it's oil or dirty it can make your face break out. Your scalp is part of your face too ladies!

  • Anonymous

    Differin never worked for me. I actually just posted most of my regimen in the newbie section on adult acne. LOL Should have checked this out first. My dermatologist has me on Ziana (works REALLY well) and Metrogel (which is actually for Rosacea but she put me on it for all the redness).

    By the way, I LOVE your page. I have literally spent about two hours looking through many of the reviews and tips. I have bookmarked it. Great job!