Amor de Lacquer: Diamond Cosmetics’ Matte collection

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Are you sick of matte nail polishes yet? Because I’m not. I have reviewed quite a few from various nail polish brands. They all had their issues. When I tell y’all Diamond Cosmetics’ mattes were the easiest to deal with…I’m so not kidding!

Check ’em out!

Matte Mulberry took me by surprise. I expected it to be super matte, but it wasn’t. It was opaque in only one, that’s right ONE coat and quickly became my favorite in the bunch.

Matte Burgundy is so much fun! I was afraid that it would look super dark on the nails but it didn’t. It stayed true to its name and will definitely be one of my top color choices for Fall!

Matte Smoke is a matte gray without shimmer or shine. After purples, greens, blues and oranges (hehe!) grays are my favorite nail polish colors. Smoke didn’t give me any issues. It took longer to dry than the others but who am I to complain when I ended up with a fabulous mani?

Matte Black is just that. A matte black. I own about three of these and this one is probably my favorite. Flawless application, opaque in two coats and long lasting. Loves it!!

The gang altogether!

Well well wellll, another reason why I am a Diamond Cosmetics fan. These mattes are incredible, y’all! I didn’t have any issues that are prevalent with most mattes. These issues include:

-Chipping within hours
-Drying too quickly resulting in uneven coverage
-Not drying quickly enough
-Applying messily

They are buttery smooth and all are opaque with two coats. These are not super matte-y. If you have been itching to try mattes but don’t too much like the “matte” look…these may be right up your alley.

And guess what? They are only $2.


That’s it. Seriously the best deal ever.

Buy these and more for $2/bottle at

Think these will make you fall for mattes? Have you tried any of Diamond Cosmetics’ polishes?

Your fellow nail polish junkie,

  • Mama Jen

    i am in love with the gray one…must have in my life now!

  • Anonymous

    What's the finish for the Diamonds? Looks kind of satin-y as opposed to totally flat matte.

  • Askmewhats

    what is wrong with me B??? I am so tempted to grab your hands and apply a top coat to un-matte it! LOL

  • theladysroom

    I adore the Matte Mulberry. Perfect for the cooler seasons.

    The silver/white eyeliner trick is something used quite frequently in theater. We were always told to do that to open our eyes from afar and a dab of red liner….a dot, makes em sparkle from afar as well!

    Thanks for sharing.

  • AnjaNicoleMoss

    Hey B!!! This is Anja from the Bahamas!!! I just got these in the mail yesterday along with three extra nail polishes for free. I am currently wearing Don't Teal my heart and I am loving them. Thank you so much for the heads up about this brand. Can't wait to meet up with you in Orlando in October!!!

  • Miss Yaya

    like i have mentioned before… Florida warrants full harassment of any and all diamond cosmetics polishes

  • gio

    I love matte bulberry, it's gorgeous!

  • adorepink

    I love Matte Mulberry! Its my fav too :-) I love Diamond Cosmetics, if not for the price alone!

  • Girlfriend

    My fav is the matte gray…I bought OPI "You Don't Know Jacques" it's a medium grey shade with a touch of taupe aka a greyish something :) but it's really Ca-Ute! again thanks for the advice and photos….

  • B

    Girlfriend—> YDKJ just doesn't work well for me…it does come in a matte and suede shade and I love it in suede!

  • Stylista Steals

    Love these!!