Amor de Lacquer: Zoya’s Truth Collection

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Your resident Zoya girl has returned with another review. This time I’m reviewing the Truth from the Truth and Dare Fall 2009 collection. It’s a 2 part collection 12 polishes….and I’m tellin’ you…there is somethin’ for everyone.


Ohhhh, how pretty are these babies? I must warn you…my pictures do not do them any justice. I tried photographing them in the light. And I tried photographing them with my camera’s flash. They still come out pretty funky. In fact the most accurate the colors are in the photos above.

Ready? Let’s go!

Penny is described as a golden metallic shimmer. This is one color I didn’t think I would like when I first saw it. I’ve never been a fan of gold nail polishes on warmer skin tones. But Penny works well for me. In fact, I REALLY like her.

Kalmia is described as a red and gold shimmer. Not bad! Quite an interesting color.

Anaka is described as a shimmery hot pink. Of course I love it. This color is awesome!!! She is pretty dupe-able so I don’t consider her a must have but the nail polish addict in me can never have too many colors like this.

Isla is described as blackened red shimmer have always. I LOVE this color. Isla will definitely be one of my Holiday ’09 colors. Simply stunning.

I am missing Drew and Salma. Would you believe these chicks could not be located in time for the personal photoshoots? They were ready to go for the group picture but disappeared soon after. *sigh*

I like this collection. It isn’t my FAVORITE from Zoya but it’s one of those collections that will appeal to everyone. I think Isla is a total must have. Anaka too. Her hot pink shimmer is fabulous!

I used two coats for each and didn’t have any application problems. I mean….do I ever with Zoya? I used Zoya’s Anchor base coat but I did not use any top coats.

Buy these and more for $6/bottle at

What do you think? Own any of these? Want ’em or not so much?

Your fellow nail polish junkie,

  • Lee

    Love the Isla color. I would definitely wear that in the fall. I like all of them except the Kalmia. That one not as much.

  • sharon

    Pretty cool colors, and they look amazing on you. I'm a creme fanatic so the dare collection is what I went nuts on. I got pinta, envy and demi.

  • Eurydice

    they're all pretty cool…

    I'd have roc with Kalmia though


  • glamazini

    ISLA!!!!!! *faint*

  • adorepink

    Pretty colors! I love the purple case on your Mac!

  • Miss Yaya

    i am always in love with the shape of ur nails dagnabbit

  • Tysh

    I love the last color, and dido to Miss Yaya, isn't her nail shape the best, can't stand it, LOL

  • Tysh

    I love the last color, and dido to Miss Yaya, isn't her nail shape the best, can't stand it, LOL

  • B

    Haha, Tysh and Yaya, y'all are a mess. Watch all of my nails break off tomorrow. HAAA!!

    Wait–that's not funny.

  • Seattle Slim

    Isla! YES!!!!!! I'm with you. Definitely Holiday '09 worthy.