Celebrity Lashes: Foxy Brown. Hmm….

I have a little poll on the side (in the left column) of Clumps asking if you all would like to see more celebrity looks and styles.

I’ll be honest, I’m a non-TV watchin’ kind of gal. The only time I will watch a show is if it relates to beauty or fashion (Blush, ANTM, Project Runway) or if it just makes me laugh uncontrollably (Family Guy, The Office, Boondocks). Because of this, I am not too hip on what celebrities are doing or wearing. As a blogger, I have to force myself to be a little more cognizant because I know some of y’all keep up with celeb news.

So let’s kick off this new inclusion with what I think are some pretty out there lashes on Foxy Brown.

Whatcha think? Cute? Daring? A mess?

I really have no room to talk about anyone’s lashes considering I can’t apply fake ones on to save my life but my goodness….what’s really goin’ on here?

The good news is her skin is fabulous. What’s your take on the lashes?

  • Jillian

    Whoa, I don't know about these…they're making her look a little "simple" if you catch my drift lol.

  • Anonymous

    aww she's very pretty. this is a nice picture of her.

    usually the media loves to tear our sisters down w/ bad pics.

    now the lashes.. hmm, they're a little too large lol but i guess it's ok once in a while..

  • MakeupByRenRen

    i'm all about lashes but these are not good at all

  • Rai

    Foxy Brown looked a hot mess… as usual.

  • Product Junkie Diva

    It makes foxy look likeher eyes are about to cross. Overall not a good look for her, but her skin is fab!!!

  • kateypie35

    hate 'em. she does have lovely skin though.

  • Lee

    Skin does look good. The lashes are a MESS.

  • Vixxan

    That's just wrong. She is a very beautiful woman but the lashes make her look spaced out.

  • Andrea

    Clumps you are WRONG for this one!–LOL!
    Foxy looks one hot mess & a little special too :)

  • Sasha

    The lashes & the fact that her roots do not match her 'Hawaiian Silky' weave makes it all unbearable!!

  • Ke

    I don't like them at all its one thing to wear lashes and its another to wear fake as hell lashes I wouldn't wear them

  • T.R.

    I'm not sure if I'd wear them, but to each their own.

    As for the celebrity thing, I know I might be in the minority but do we have to? Everybody and their mama does some celebrity stuff and then wonder why women have body image issues. Don't get me wrong I like a great look but again if we all had stylists, makeup artist, hair people, the cutting edge beauty treatments, etc we'd all look our best too everyday.

    Personally I'm more impressed with every day women with great style, skin, hair, makeup who do it themselves. I'd rather see them than celebrities who have a team of people waiting to make them look fabulous and then tell us we all look like crap…LOL okay I'm getting down off my soap box.

    I don't watch TV or keep up much either partially for the reason I get tired of people trying to tell me what beauty is and cramming celebrities down my throat and partly because TV sucks these days. :O)

  • GangStarr Girl

    A mess! A hot mess! But sadly, this seems to be a hood chick thing in NYC, especially BK.

  • GangStarr Girl

    A mess! A hot mess! But sadly, this seems to be a hood chick thing in NYC, especially BK.

  • starchild729

    Is it me or do the lashes look like they're going to come off. I'm all about daring eye looks, especially when it comes to lashes, but this is redunkulous! I have to agree with everyone else though–her skin is gorgeous.

  • Claire

    No. No,no,no and thrice no!

    I'm sorry, I just find them weird, not attractive, and not even vaguely like eyelashes really. They look more like a spider got on her face.

  • urbanfrugalchick

    Those lashes are a hot mess on her! Why?

  • Kirsten

    LOL what are those lashes??? Hot mess!

  • Gaby

    Aww poor girl! She's so cute, but her fake lashes make her look stupid 0=

  • Beautifully.Conjured.Up

    I don't like those lashes…she looks like she can jump off an edge of a cliff and fly.

  • kukaberry

    A mess. I'm sorry but that was the first thing that came to mind. The rest of her face in nice though.

  • kukaberry

    Actually after looking at the close up, it's pretty cool for making a statement but on an average girl anywhere but a fashion show, this would come across as tacky.

  • Gigi

    oh my… :/
    i don't like it one bit. i'm all for fake lashes, which are exagerated.. but this is…

  • Askmewhats

    I'm all for natural looking falsies! if i want to have funky falsies, it'll be for Halloween :)

  • MissAnnaBanna

    everytime i see this, i LOL! a HAM…smh

  • alliev

    those nasty lashes take all of the focus away from her completly flawless skin!

  • Natalie Jo

    uhmm, hot mess!

  • Rachel

    Her lashes are so long, she could swat flies with those!

  • Anonymous

    She's ugly with or without the lashes *Period*

  • izumi

    hmmmm i'd say they're def'o a miss! they're camel-long. LOL.

  • Christy

    Eek, those are a bit too long!

  • Anonymous


  • Faye Prettyhead

    Def a mess! I love false lashes, but they are a bit too big!