Dude, what happened to your hair?

A year ago I looked like this:

And now my hair looks like this:

Talk about a transformation, right?

Has your hair gone through any transformations? Cut it all off? Dyed it purple?

Tell me!

I am sharing this post with my sister site LocRocker.com. To see the official post in which I talked about chopping off all of my hair, click here.

Stay beautiful, my sisters (and brothers out there because I know y’all are reading. LOL!)

  • Askmewhats

    I still remember your hair a year ago..it grew so fast! love both of your hair! you have beautiful face to go pretty even bald I swear! :)

    My hair is still the same, changes with layers but length is the same !

  • Mimilainna

    it grew totally fast, you look great either way!

  • Belle Cheveux

    Your hair grew super fast, sis! I've been eyeing locs lately, but I can't commit to them… yet.

  • Tricia608

    Wow. Your hair looks amazing!

  • Lipstick Mixtapes

    wow what i gotta do to get mine like that! I'm so proud of you!

  • Kizzy

    Wow, it grew so fast!

  • gio

    wow, your hair grew so fast! It looks amazing!

  • Pumps and Gloss

    Your hair looks amazing!

  • Eurydice

    OMG I just cut off all my hair (going natural) I left some of the permed hair on top but I was def thinking about locking up my hair!

  • IMM

    I love your hair. It's very sophisticated and chic. Hope you're loving your look ;D

  • v.

    I wish my hair would grow that fast! I cut about 2/3 of it off last May to go from straight to natural and it's grown since then but seems to be slowing down.

  • Jazz

    you are so cute either way . I am honestly considering going natural , but I love my straight hair too much to just cut it all off

  • NaturallyAlise

    A year ago I cut my 4 year old locs off to a short afro, now it is a big fabulous afro! I love it, and don't regret cutting the locs at all.. take a look: http://naturallyalise.tumblr.com/post/179671473/me

  • Anonymous

    I am about to get my hair cut for the first time tommorrow………I am nervous, yet excited because its something new that I am looking forward to, I am a lil apprehensive because I guess Im so used to looking one way but I am way more excited to try something new!!!! Bring it on!

  • B

    Alise—> You are gorgeous, woman!

    Anon—> Rock on, lady. You will love it!