Eyeliner poppin’!

It is no surprise that I love eyeliner. I almost love it as much as I love mascara. In fact, I almost called Clumps of Mascara Eyeliner Smudges.

Nahhh, I’m kidding. But eyeliner really is one product that I think every lady should have in her stash. A quick line on the lower lashline can do SO much for a look. Take this look for example….

I was rushing for work (per usual). To make my freshly threaded brows stand out, I applied a bit of matte eye shadow under them. This brightens up my eyes. I grabbed a volumizing mascara to make my lashes out. And then I grabbed an aqua liner (Urban Decay, baby!) and applied it to my waterline.

Wait….how do you do that again, B?

There’s the video for review and this post will give you a good amount of tips so that you too can get your eyeliner poppin’!

Rock on, homies!

  • Askmewhats

    yay another video from you, will watch it as soon as I get home from work :)

  • izumi

    Clumps of Mascara Eyeliner Smudges
    HAHAHAHA. you make me wanna start a blog called eyeliner smudgges. though it would be nowhere near as awesome as clumps 😉 i'm not anywhere near as diligent on my postings!

  • Anonymous

    Tricia said:
    What matte eyeshadow did u use?

  • NaturallyAlise

    I am newly eyeliner crazy… I have gone crazy will all different colors and even glittery stuff for night… I have gotten many compliments on days when liner is the only thing I have going on makeup wise… It was after seeing all the different liner options you have done that made me brave enough to try colors!

  • theladysroom

    Urban Decay all the way!
    The liner looks fabulous on you. Thank goodness for an eye-liner that withstands this FL weather and shows up bold and bright all the time.


    — Asha (aka LadyOshKosh)

  • B

    Nikki—> You may have already seen this one, mama. It's an oldie but goodie. :)

    Izumi—> How you flatter me so. I love you lots, missy! We both need to get rich so we can afford to blog all day. Ohhh, wouldn't that be the life?

    Tricia—> It came from one of those colors in Coastal Scents' 88 eyeshadow palette. Darn them for not giving us 88 color NAMES. lol!

    NaturallyAlise—> Awww, look at you!! Eyeliner poppin' and er'thang. I'm so proud of you!

    theladysroom—> OMG, you aren't lying! Urban Decay's liners hold up really well in the Floridian humidity. And while lounging at the beach too!

  • kateypie35

    I get how you put it ON, but how do you take liner OFF of your waterline without getting your eye all irritated? Eye make-up remover always stings me.

  • sabrina

    I love eyeliner! Even a good strong black line looks so polished if you only have five minutes. And that Urban Decay Aqua Liner is the BUSINESS!

  • B

    katypie—> If regular eye make-up remover bothers you, try jojoba or even olive oil. They are not only gentle on the eyes but moisturize as well. :)

  • Connie De Alwis

    love having pop of color on my waterline! 😀 great tip