FOTD Friday: Beauty through Lenses

Happy Friday, lovely ones!

Soooo, last week I saw the optometrist for the first time in like…7 years. I know, I know….trust me when I say I will never wait that long again. After feeling like I was drunk with my eyes being dilated and all, the doc tells me I need glasses.

“Great” I say with an exasperated sigh.

Instead of being concerned about the cost of these specks (I’m so cheap) I start envisioning my grown self with glasses. The thought didn’t make me happy. In fact, I was down about it.

It wasn’t until I tweeted my disappointed that I started to feel better. So many of my Twitter friends were telling me how much they loved their glasses and how I would love mine too.

So now I can’t WAIT until I get mine. Next FOTD Friday they will make their debut but in the meantime I wanted to feature some fly ladies rockin’ their specks. I also plan to do “looks that make my eyes pop even though I wear glasses”. Woo!

Kate from Amethyst Makeup is such a cutie pie! This 18 year old cutie (and baby blogger….show her some love!) makes glasses-wearing look chic and stylish. And how gorg is that scarf?

Oh Tonda mama….you look so professionally stunning. I think you need a raise. Visit Tonda’s Twitter page here.

Blogging beauty and YouTube guru Ren from Makeup by Ren Ren matches her glasses with her lippies! Hotness!! She loves MAC’s Funtabulous Dazzleglass as much as I do.

Clumps of Mascara’s own, Tamar, says “I’ve been wearing glasses for years! I really had to see the beauty in them because for a while I felt unpretty. When I finally accepted my beauty through lenses I was brave enough to get contacts. Now I can alternate.” Loves it!

Kelly from Goudly Lox Reviews is so fab, right? I don’t know what to compliment first….her hair, the necklace OR the glasses. She rocks them all beautifully and I love how her glasses give her a sassy but friendly and approachable look.

Wowsers Ms. Allyn….that fro is all kinds of fierceness! Pero your anteojos (Spanish for glasses) are even fiercer. Follow her on Twitter and tell her to update her blog. She has a lot to share with the beauty blogosphere!

Doesn’t Daenel from Living Outside the Stacks look like one of those people that you know you don’t know but you feel like you’ve met her before? She has such a classically beautiful look. Very subtle and natural. And er uhhh….those earrings=gottahavethem!

I think Lachelle and I are cousins and just don’t know it yet. Cuzzo resides at Polish Beauty Blog (fabulous nail blog for brown skin!). Here’s what she says about glasses.

“One time I had a girl ask me why I even bothered to wear eyeshadow and mascara if I have on glasses! What kind of question is that?! I think that wearing glasses shouldn’t stop you from loving makeup! In fact, when you look at glasses from a prospective of all things beauty; they could be seen as an accessory. I just recently got new glasses from DKNY and I couldn’t be happier!”

Massiel’s curls are poppin’! And her naturally thick brows (that many envy) plus her fabulous speckies equal a whole bunch of fabulousness. Rock on, Massiel! Hit up my girl on Twitter!

Mignon from Intellectual Soul. She’s got an inviting smile to go along with her beautiful shades. She makes you just want to run up and give her hug!

Leave it to a support system from the blogosphere and Twittah to make a gal feel better about glasses. And many thanks to my girls for their photo submissions.

Do you wear glasses? Love them? Love ’em? Hate ’em?

Check out the video I did in which I dropped a few tips about how to make your eyes stand out while wearing specs.

  • Tam Tam

    I've worn glasses since I was five. I have never considered myself less attractive with glasses. I got contacts when I was 16 simply because it was easier to play sports without glasses. I still rock glasses every night (I take contacts out nightly) and some days when I feel extra spunky (or lazy) I wear glasses all day.
    As for eye makeup, I believe glasses ENHANCE my eyes more when I wear makeup than when I go without glasses. I receive more compliments on my eyes when I wear glasses than without.

  • Rachell

    I'm supposed to wear them but I don't..I'll probably get some for when i get a car tho. I plan on getting contacts too. They look cute on a lot of ppl but I just don't like them on myself. A friend of mine has been wearing hers since junior high and actually says that her vision w/o them is she says it's a good thing I never got them. Well..go figure..

  • Anonymous

    Once you begin to figure out what shapes and sizes (glasses are measured in mm) look good on your face, check out the glassy eyes blog and look at the great glasses you can mail-order for dirt cheap.

    I'm madly in love with my $22 (with shippping and glare stuff) glasses from Zenni Optical, and they're not the only reputable online glasses shop.

  • lynettepleasant

    Someone will probably flame me for this but I hate wearing glasses. They just look awful on me. I wore them from 5th grade to 8th grade, when I finally got contact lenses, and I have worn contacts daily ever since. You can't feel them on your eye and your field of vision isn't disrupted, and of course your face isn't blocked. Since I started wearing contacts I don't know how people can tolerate glasses on their face; I only wear mine when I'm reading in bed or something like that.

  • rmcandlelight

    I wore contacts and glasses for many years but always felt like glasses hid my face. So I got the eye correction surgery and love it. Now I can wear my makeup and can see it!!!

  • Amethyst

    Awesome article! I'm so happy to read it :)

  • MakeupByRenRen

    great article chica! i love my glasses…they definitely add some spunk…i'm getting a new pair next year, can't wait to find another funky pair!

  • adorepink

    I'm super excited about this article! I love it. Fabulous ladies with some super cute glasses on here!

  • DeAnna

    I have been wearing glasses since i was 9 and we have a love/hate relationship. When I was in high school I left didnt really wear them as much. Now that I'm in college i wear them more b/c I feel they give me more personality than the next person.

  • Nicole

    I'm so glad you feel better about glasses, because I know you're going to find yourself a fun and spunky pair that suits you! All of these girls look gorgeous with their glasses. And a special YAY for a girl with thick brows, I refuse to wear thin brows! Go Massiel!

  • sabrina

    I wear glasses and have since second grade. My eyesight was really bad, so I had LASIK and now I can wear normal glasses instead of the coke bottles! I have three pair of glasses that I'm rotating right now and they are all different colors. And I still do eye makeup! Glasses rock!

  • Lizzrd

    Be sure to have the anti-reflective coating put on your lenses! A little more $, a little harder to keep clean, but they make such a difference for your night vision, as well as making it easier for people to see your big beautiful EYES!

  • giz89

    I'm 20 and I just started wearing my glasses..i've been wearing my contact lenses since like the 8th grade. I actually really like my frames and wear them almost all the time. Just make sure they're cute and great for your face. And I could swear my glasses make my eyes look bigger!

  • The Beautifier

    Beauty with brains look! I love them all :)

  • Daenel

    I alternate between the glasses and the contacts. Glasses make me feel all librarian sexay (I guess because I am a librarian) and the lenses are great for days when I want to wear shades…either way, I rock them both and I know you will too!

  • Amina

    I loove this article!!
    I wear glasses and eye liner is my best friend :)

  • beautyjudy

    I wear contacts mostly but I love rockin' my glasses. My boyfriend calls me his sexy librarian LOL I loved the glasses I had for the last four years or so but I lost them. The ones I just got last month are nice, but they slide downw my nose all the time. Can't wait to see your glasses, Brittany I know you're going to look H-O-T!

  • Anonymous

    I've been wearing glasses since freshman year of high school, basically for around 6-7 years now. I really hated my first pair… they were soooo big and round! They didn't fit my face at all. It wasn't until my second pair a couple years later that I realized that square glasses made my face look more slender and angled rather than its usual oval-shaped and chubby-cheeked. Now I've learned to LOOOOVE them. I actually like my face better with glasses. It makes me look more mature and feel like a sexy librarian! LOL. The only issue though is that when I put on mascara, my lashes hit my glasses a lot which can get a bit frustrating… I curve them extra to avoid that.

  • izumi

    once you find a good pair of glasses, they're amazingggg. i haven't found MY pair yet but then again i mostly wear contacts.

    LOL did you notice–most of the pictures you posted have about the same type of glasses? 😉

  • *Coop*

    Yep. Plastic frames are inexpensive and pretty stylish.

  • Connie De Alwis

    I wear glasses only when I have to. found them at a lecture hall and worn them ever since.

  • B

    Thanks ladies for participating! Everyone is absolutely beautiful!