FOTD Friday: I got the blues….and specs!

It’s Friday!!! Yesss….I am SO excited. This weekend I am heading to Tallahassee to see my alma mater play the Florida State Seminoles (double boo!). I have so much school spirit that it’s like…..ridiculous.

….and it’ll be my first football game of the season. I’ll probably go all out and rock green and gold eyes and nails. And I’ll be linking up with some of my college roommates and friends. Am I the only one that thinks college football is way more exciting than the NFL? I’m just sayin’….

So guess who got her glasses? Moi! If you missed last week’s FOTD Friday, you’ll have to click here. I had so many lovely ladies show off their gorgeous glasses and it actually made me get excited about mine.

So without further ado….it is me and my new frames.

MAC Studio Finish concealer in NW45
MAC Flirt & Tease blush

Too Faced Shadow Insurance

MAC Big T eyeshadow
MAC Bang on Blue eyeshadow
NARS Eddie eyeshadow

NARS Albatross highlighter
Lancome Defincils mascara
MAC’s Lip liner in Vino
Kissable Couture’s Rose Gardenia

Ohmigoodness, that blush is insane! I don’t remember buying it (did you give it to me, Danyelle?) but it some how resurfaced in my blush stash and I just adore it so.

…oh goodness, my bra strap is showing.
Clumps of Mascara strikes again!

Covering that pimple under my lips. It’s huge!
And red! I mean, honestly…..

So the glasses are growing on me. I really like the color. I have another pair that are purple. It’s amazing how much better I can see. Now that my eyes aren’t working so hard maybe those weekly killer migraines I get will cease.

Let’s hope!

Okay loves….have a wonderful and spectacular weekend! Motivate and be motivated!

Stay beautiful,

  • Askmewhats

    love your Friday FOTD that is gorgeous!!! I love how you can literally brighten up my not so happy day! :)

  • izumi

    loveeeeeeeeee your glasses–sooo so so hot!!

  • Jillian

    Those glasses are tooooo cute! They're begging for a winged eye and a red lip.

  • Jillian

    Also, I hadn't thought of using my Albatross as my browbone highlight, but it looks great on you. Thanks for the idea!

  • Krasey Beauty

    You are gorgeous. I love the new glasses, and I love you too! 😉

  • Bsquared86/Bsquared0408

    fab makeup and hot glasses! i think i'm going to start taking pics w/ my glasses on, lol. its a revolution!

  • τreciä

    cute. your glasses kind of look like mine.

  • Kizzy

    You look stunning! Have a good weekend!

  • LovelyBella73

    Love this look on you!!
    …and the glasses are to die for!!

  • gio

    You look gorgeous! I love the makeup and the glasses are very cute!

  • Product Junkie Diva

    You're looking cute in those glasses girlllll :-)

  • adorepink

    You and your glasses are super cute! I'm glad you are comfortable in them :-)

  • giselle

    I knew you would look great in glasses!

  • Danyelle

    These glasses are very cute chick! I wanted to go to the game but I don't have any tickets, shout for me, btw I'm rooting for USF ONLY because of BJ, otherwise FSU all the way baby! lol And, nope I don't think I gave you that one, Loverush maybe yes??

  • theladysroom

    S-O-U-T-H! F-L-O-R-I-D-A!!!!
    South Florida! South Florida! Go BULLS!!!!

    You look fabulous! Show those 'Noles what BULL PRIDE looks like. 😛

    And by those 'Noles…I mean my brother and sister-in-law. LOL!

  • Elise

    love your post – thanks & have a great weekend !

  • Courtney Nichelle

    GO NOLES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lee

    The specs are quite cute. They look good on you. I don't know what you were worried about.

  • Mykeshia

    Go NOLES!!!! I went to UCF so I must cheer for the opposing team…

  • Luvvie

    U look SO CUTE! I love the glasses!

  • Anonymous

    The glasses are great, and you know what? They allow you to wear such awesome eyeshadow/eyeshadow combos that you otherwise wouldn't leave the house with – because glasses provide that "filter" so to speak in front of your lids that softens a really fierce eye look.
    I have that MAC blush too and I love it. The color is great and the sheen is beautiful Except I always forget the name and call it something silly like Slap and Tickle!

  • Amina

    you look amaaazing!! I love your new glasses too!!

  • Anonymous

    you look sooooooooo pretty with glasses!…

  • Girlfriend

    I love that style of eye wear…and I like the non prescription styles too they come in a variety of colors for $7 in my area…now as for the blue eye candy LOVE IT! I remember that old myth "black women shouldn't wear blue eyeshadow" WHATEVER! I am a make up virgin so yesterday I decided to be bold and wear blue eye shadow…I bought Blue Notes by CG Queen Collection Eyeshadow Quad ($4.99 Walmart)…being a make up virgin I only applied one color to my lid SURPRISINGLY it was Ca-Ute not as Ca-Ute as yours but it put a smile on my face…I appreciate your advice and the fact that you actually test the products as well as sharing photos means a lot….THANKS FOR GIVING ME THE BLUES :)

  • B

    Thank you, darlings!!

    And go Bulls! We won!!

  • Polish Earthgirl

    I just got glasses too and it's so nice to see someone rockin' it!

  • Anonymous

    Woo, I go to USF. =]

  • Tonda

    Love the frames! The blue eye shadow is super cute and oh so amazing! Excellent choices!

  • alliev

    blue looks crazy amazing on you!=)

  • Faye Prettyhead

    Love love love that eyeshadow!!! Looks so pretty!