FOTD Friday: Purples Lips, part III

Yesss, purples again. I know, I know…they are the source of my beauty inspiration these days. Last week I did purples on the eyes and this time I took it back to the lips. Now I’m no stranger to lavender lips. Y’all have seen me in them here and here. To say I’m a fan of purple lips is an understatement. I flippin’ love them!

MAC Violetta is not a newbie to MAC Pro. It’s been awhile for a minute and every time I stop by the store it is staring me in the face and calling my name. I’m not kidding. This color is fierce.


Violetta is all kinds of dopeness. I knew it would create a bangin’ purple lip. MAC defining it as a bright clean violet purple is so right on.

I even decided to add another lip liner to the 4 or so I have. I love my Nightmoth but it can be a little too dark. Even with a light hand, it can dramatically change the look of your lipstick.

Vino is a lot more forgiving.

Vino is the bottom line. HUGE difference, right? So..I went ahead and got to work.

And here’s what I ended up with…

Eh. I mean, I like it but I needed some thing else. Something that would really kick the purple up a notch.

And I found it.

Ta dahhhh!!

Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about. Make Up For Ever’s Glossy Full Couleur is perfect for topping off a purple look. By itself it isn’t too pigmented but when layering…oh wowsers!

And I should mention that this gloss is pretty minty and uh…tasty.

Purple-y glossy goodness!

Purple lips make me so happy!

I so don’t need any more purple lipsticks. I’m done.

I think.

Have an awesome weekend!!!

Stay beautiful,

  • Anonymous


  • Askmewhats

    you work it hot momma! love this!

  • T.R.

    Stunning. I LOVE IT. I love purple too. Eyes and lips. This is amazing.

  • Rach

    thats so hot. i wish i had the confidence to pull that off

  • rmcandlelight

    Love the lipstick and gloss. Looks good on you. I may have to pick these up 😀

  • gio

    This si gorgeous, love the lips! Purple looks great on you!

  • The Beautifier

    Ooohhh I want that Make Up For Ever's Glossy Full Couleur O_O

  • B

    Thank you, darlings!!

  • Felicia

    Wowza! Lovin the purple lips girl. Work!

  • JulieK

    You are tooooo awesome! Love your blog :) BTW, my new favorite mascara is the L'Oreal Collagen mascara…It is TOO awesome, just as good as Dior or Lancome, if not better!

  • Umm Amirah

    U better work it like the RENT is due!!!

  • Amina

    wow! you are working those purples!!

  • Kizzy

    Wow, that's bright! Looks fierce, girl!

  • beautyjudy

    LOL You're so funny! I love that look! That purple combo is awesome!

  • izumi

    nnoooooo do more purple looks!! hahaha i'm loving it :)

  • selecu

    Girl, you're done buying purple lipsticks like I'm done buying eyeshadows. And I have two packages full on their way to me right now. lol. You rock that purple lip though! I think it's my fave color on you :)

    Oh and I'm way too excited about your upcoming review!!!! (saw it on twitpic)

  • yummy411

    gorgeous combo but i've never ordered from pro =p

    made at the mufe glosses…wayyy too sheer for the price.

  • Tavia

    You are really lucky that purple lipstick looks so good on you. Not all the girls can say the same thing:). Although I love the color, the only place where it doesn't look good is on my lips

  • B

    Thank you, fam!!