Mascara Monday: Mascara Talk

Yeah, I know… were probably expecting a mascara review but with the largest game of my alma mater football team’s existence, I got a little behind….

Besides, I bet you needed a break from the boring Mascara Monday, uh?

Or maybe that’s just me. HA!

Here’s what I’ve had my eyes on in the mascara world!

A reader sent me an article about these babies and whoa! They look delicious. For $19.50 you can coat your lashes Sapphire, Amber, Amethyst, Garnet or Emerald. Now that’s just too cool. I know colored mascaras aren’t new but am I crazy for wanting to try every single one of those? You can find out more about them here.

  • Waterproof mascaras—do they REALLY differ from regular mascaras? I know that they are intended to last longer–hence them being waterproof but does Maybelline Pulse Perfection work better, worse or just as good as Maybelline Pulse Perfection Waterpoof? Hmm….stay tuned for my findings on that.
  • So Tarte has this 4 day stain mascara that claims to keep your lashes long and lush for a whooping 4 days.

I mean, wow! How is that even possible? You mean to tell me it will hold up if I wash my face? Or pour a bucket of water over my head? I just, I don’t think—please believe I’ll be reviewing this one soon. (photo source)

  • Word on the street (and in my inbox) says that CoverGirl Queen Collection has a mascara. Now where have I been and how did I miss this? I have gotten so many requests to review it but I haven’t seen it anywhere. Man oh man!
  • The next mascara I will be reviewing will be Benefit Bad Gal .
  • Soon after comes Lancome Hypnose drama.
  • How soon is too soon to begin wearing mascara? I didn’t wear it much until I graduated from high school. I get emails from 13-15 year old readers and I’m tempted to tell them to just not even worry about wearing mascara right now.
  • I’ve said it once before but olive and jojoba oil do a fantastic job at removing mascara.

Got any mascara questions, news or ideas on the mind? Tell me yo!

Happy Monday!

  • Mimilainna

    oo im really interested in seeing how you find the tarte product. im like whatttt? 4 days? craziness!!

  • Anonymous

    Congrats on USF beating FSU. I'm a Clemson Tiger and anytime those nasty Noles get beat I'm happy.

  • B

    Mimilainna—> Girl yesss…..we'll see how that one goes!

    Anonymous—> Alright Clemson!! I'll cheer for them before I ever cheer for the Noles. Woo!

  • Gigi

    i saw that tarte product on Sephora, but after reading the customer reviews decided I didn't want to take the risk and spend money on it. it made sense when i read some people say how they ended up with raccoon eyes. same happens with regular mascara when you sleep in it, but i'd still be interested in your experience. 😀

    as for the young teens wanting to wear mascara: i used to and still DO wear clear mascara during the day for a casual look! :)
    my cousin introduced me to it when i was really young, and it's simply a gel (much cheaper too) which isn't too bad when you use 2 coats. less chemicals too.

  • Anonymous

    Can you suggest a water proof/smudge proof mascara that will leave my eyes poppin? Any and all colors welcome please.

  • B

    Gigi—> Nooo, do raccoon eyes await me? I hope not!! Ayyy, I wonder why more brands don't advertise clear mascaras. They make so much sense. I'd love a waterproof clear mascara. How dope would that be?

    Anon—> You know, I'm ashamed to admit this (the mascara fairies are shaking their heads at me) but I don't know much about waterproof mascaras. I haven't used many because I never saw the purpose. I have used mascaras that, for the most part, don't smudge. Some are going to smudge no matter what you do (ahem….Revlon Double Twist) but if you apply 1 coat of saaay Maybelline Pulse Perfection, wait a few moments and apply a second coat, I don't think you'll experience smudging. Not because the mascara is all great and wonderful but because you've given time for it to dry in between applications.

    I hope this kinda makes sense but if not, feel free to email me and you'll rap on it some more. :)