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Greetings CoM sistas!

I’m ‘Funlayo (pronounced “Foon-lah-yo,” it means, “She was given to me to cherish” in Yoruba) and I’m elated that Brittany has given me a chance to share with you all just a little of what I have learned – and am still learning – on my journey. One of my favorite organizations, DeAlmas Women’s Collective (check them out!) uses the slogan “The Feminine Spirit: Empowerment from the Inside/Out” and I believe that beauty, like empowerment is something that has to come from the inside and shine out. You can be as pretty, made up, smelling good, hair looking tight as you want but if you don’t work on your inner beauty too, you’re only doing half the job.

I want to use “Inside Out” to share nuggets of wisdom to help develop INNER beauty and to recommend products that I like to help enhance OUTER beauty. I’m a low maintenance lady but there are some products I absolutely love and I’m looking forward to sharing those with you! This is gonna be fun!

Since we’re talking about beauty, it seems fitting to open with this quote by Sally Field who said: “It took me a long time to not judge myself, through someone else’s eyes.” Seeing ourselves through our own eyes is a struggle for many of us – particularly us brown girls who have been told that our hair is too nappy, noses and lips too big, hips to wide and skin too dark to be considered beautiful. But ladies: we ARE beautiful in all of our glory! We don’t have to adhere to anyone’s standards but our own; we don’t need anyone to validate our beauty. All we need is confidence in the fact that we are perfect and beautiful just the way we are.

I am beautiful because I say so! I see myself through my own eyes, not anyone else’s.

Now that we’ve worked on the inside, you know what I like to use to enhance my outer beauty? Bronzer! Brittany loves bronzers and so do I – they give your skin such a lovely, natural-looking glow that’s especially great for summer and that will help you keep that lovely sun-kissed summer look through the fall.”. My choice is Wet n’ Wild MegaPump Bronzzer in Brazilian Bronze #989 . It goes on smooth and gives me the perfect glow with just a touch of shimmer. It’s available at most drug stores and, at around $3, the price is definitely right.

‘Til next time, ladies! Peace, blessings and beauty – inside and out!

‘Funlayo is a priestess, historian and professional writer. Visit her new site for positive vibes and a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift certificate! Contact her at

  • Amina

    looove her writing and her thoughts.
    Thank you for introducing her to us

  • ‘Funlayo

    Hi Amina! I'm glad you enjoyed the post, I look forward to sharing with Clumps again soon!