Yay! No more shadow discrimination!

I love palettes. I LOVE them. Like a lot. But what I don’t love is how I am unable to create families with my shadows. MAC shadows can’t fit in Make Up For Ever palettes. L’Oreal HIP shadows don’t even have palettes. And neither do NARS‘. Can Tarte and Stila shadows fit in Milani palettes? Wait–does Milani even have palettes? And does Urban Decay?

See the confusion? Most palettes only provide size and space for their shadow family members. *tears* This ain’t right I tell ya!

Especially for someone like me.

You see…..I’m a neat freak. To the max. Organization is very veryyyy important to me. And so are my eye shadows. And I’m not a palette discriminator either. I love ’em all!

The cheap babies….

The MAC quads…

The big boys (and girls)…

And the hard to find magnetic palettes (still love me some Inglot!)

Oh yes….I LOVE my palettes. They are perfect for traveling and I love being able so swap out when I need to. But what happens if I want to create a look with eye shadows from different brands? You know…like this:

Sure they aren’t from the same family but together they bring me a BANGIN‘ work-appropriate neutral eye. And in a perfect world I would be able to house them in the same palette.

But since Too Faced’s Mocha Meteor is a baked shadow I can’t.

Friggin‘ A..

Um, so bad example..but here’s a better one!

Now look at that!! How many brands can you count in there? There’s Tarte, NARS, Stila, MAC and L’Oreal HIP. All in one palette! Well alriiiight!!

Z palette made this possible, ladies and gentlefolx. Z palette is the ultimate customizable makeup palette designed by an Emmy award-winning Hollywood makeup artist. How genius is this idea? The palettes come in 2-sizes (what you see is the smaller one, $14) and they can house not only shadows but blushes as well. This is ideal for make-up artists or for make-up enthusiasts and collectors who want to keep their collections nice and neat.

Oh yeah…I’m lovin‘ it. I am filling up my large palette (that one runs for $20) as we speak. You can also buy pre-cut magnetic stickers. And guess what? There is FREE SHIPPING on ALL orders. You know you need some of these so head on over to website and place your order.

Love this idea? Are you going to buy one?
Are you a palette lover like moi?

  • Askmewhats

    wow that is great! i'm organization freak too and this would be perfect, I wonder if they ship international, and I hope its not expensive! :) Gotta check now :)

  • T.R.

    Thanks alot. I saw these at IMATS. Didn't pick one up because….well I wanted some makeup dangit and I was on a budget…LOL

    But since you've given us the site. Now I know where I can get them. :O)

  • T.R.

    And ye I LOVE LOVE LOVE palettes. I just got another MAC eyeshadow palette in order to depot.

  • Apple Diva

    Ooh I like this idea. Depotting HiP duo shadows should be fun. LoL

  • Bun

    You can also lift the trays out of your Mac palettes, so you can fit anything in them. You will just need magnets to put on the pots

  • Lee

    Good idea. I do love a palette. It keeps the messiness down.

  • Jazz

    good idea! I love palettes – I feel that they are a better bang for my buck , and I feel less guilty about indulging myself .

  • Krasey Beauty

    I am so in love with the Z palette, and I am thrilled that you have found it too. Me lovey you! 😉

  • antithesis

    hey, not related to ur post but i have this dr miracle's braid spray i won as part of a prize pack from another blog and i was wondering if you wanted it. it says it's good for braids weaves and locs and u came to mind. i remembered that great ecotools brow kit i won from you while u were celebrating ur blogiversary. comment on this post and u might randomly be selected..or just be the only on who wants it: http://invrtdreflection.blogspot.com/2009/09/um.html

  • Mama Jen

    I like the idea of these because the bottom is magnetic too…but honestly i just would take the divider out of the MAC palettes

  • gio

    That is a great idea. I love palettes!

  • Envy-ous

    From one palette lover to another, I want to suggest Too Faced Natural Eye. It is perfect for the everyday going to work look you speak of and the colors are absolutely beautiful!

  • Anonymous

    The largest one is $20 and the smallest is $14…that’s a lot of money!!!

    A CHEAPER alternative is to buy a thin, tin pencil case from a craft store (I’ve seen some nice rectangular shaped ones for as low as $2) and sheets of sticker magnets ($1-$2), de-pot your eye shadows, stick the magnet stickers on the back of the eye shadow pan and stick it in your tin ‘palette’ case. I made mines for less than $5. Plus, some tin cases have cute designs on them, so it's easier to personalize.

  • AddictedToMakeUp

    I use pencil cases too. They're super cheap and i just spray them whatever colour i want and when i'm feeling creative, i'll paint a little design on them. So u can make your very own, personal, cheap makeup palettes that are alot easier to organize than single eye shadows!


  • giselle

    omg as soon as i get some money i'm buying the large one. lol. i made a palette with a cd case and some magnetic business cards..my goodness how ghetto that was.

  • Karen E. Duncan

    Great post babe. As a Makeup love/addict and Makeup Artist I love palettes and often try to customize for specific jobs so I'm not lugging a giant suitcase to gigs. Problem I've encounter with some of the refillable palettes is depth…alot are too shallow. Not all eye shadows or blushes have the same height even when depotted. How deep are the Z palettes? Think I'll have to give them a try. Thanks for sharing babe!

    Karen (aka MakUpDiva)

  • izumi

    niceee :) i found out i can pop the "hole" part of the MAC palettes.. IE the give you space for 15, you can take that part out and fit lots more shadows in there, quite nice.

  • B

    antithesis—> How wonderful are youuuu? Thank you so much!!