50 million pound challenge: Eat This, Not THAT!

Time to check in, sisters! So far the Mascara Mamas team has 9 members! I’m so excited. Thanks for joining. You too can join and be a part.

When it comes to managing weight, I find that it is best if I am realistic. I tailor dietary ideas to fit my lifestyle. Hence why these books are my best friends.

Yes, I have ALL three of them and I love them. Especially when traveling. When I can’t make a green smoothie 0r bake kale chips, I am flipping through one of these books to see what I can eat on the go that won’t kill me. Loves it! I’ll do a formal review on these babies in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, check out these books. I find that they are a great little addition to a weight loss plan.

Anyone read these?

See you at next week’s check-in!

  • ‘Funlayo

    I just joined the team — we can do this!

  • Anonymous

    KALE CHIPS? How, please?

    I'm all about sweet potato chips– (just slice and bake; line baking sheet with aluminum foil for easy cleanup)–but never thought about trying that with leafier veggies.

  • Daenel

    What is a green smoothie?

  • B

    Funlayo—> Yaaaay, I see you!

    Anon—> Kale chips are super easy to make. Just toss some olive oil soaked kale on a baking sheet and pop in the oven. It's crazy how tasty they are and they are actually good for you. When I saw this comment, it inspired me to get a SP and make some of those….post coming soon!!

    Daenel—> Only the BEST thing eveeer!! Check out this post:

  • Selina

    Oooh, I must check those books out. I've just realised how much weight I need to lose, they look like a very practical source of advice for snacking.

  • sheri

    I'm wondering about the green smoothie too? Can you give us a recipe?? I've got a juicer just sittin here, not being used!!
    Share this little goodie with us okay??

  • B

    Sheri—> I did a video on it! http://www.clumpsofmascara.com/2009/07/healthy-beauty-beauty-in-green.html. I'll be doing a post too! Stay tuned. :)