50 million pound challenges: Greens 3x a day

Time for weigh-in!

…er uh, check-in. But speaking of weigh-in, I have only lost 2 pounds. Boo. I’ve never really been one to constantly weigh myself but since I’m doing this challenge I kinda have to, right?

Oh…the Mascara Mamas group is growing! We have a good 16 members now. So glad to have so many people on board.

When I was a on a raw foodie (for like a month but hey…lol) I learned SO much about incorporating greens in my diet. And not just at one meal. I try to get my greens in at least two meals a day. And three on a good day.

So for breakfast I’ll make an egg white omelet and toss in some some spinach sprinkled with lemon pepper. That’s feta cheese on the side. I can do without most dairy products but feta cheese is like….my weakness.

Lunch or snack is usually always a raw spinach salad. I keep it simple with olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette, sunflower seeds, raisins and tomatoes. Sooo good!

And there’s the green smoothie aka green monster aka grass juice aka the best drink in the world. Can’t get enough of this stuff. I drink at least 40 oz of it a day. I usually drink it in between meals and if I’m craving something sweet at night…it’s a dessert!

I think green smoothies are great for folx who really don’t like the taste of greens. When combined with fruit, you can’t even taste them! I did a video of it here.

To my weight loosin’ peeps, keep it up! And for this week, try getting more greens in your diet.

See y’all next week!

  • Stefanie

    Omelette looks awesome!!!!!!!

  • Angel Monique

    I LOVE you green smoothie!! That was one of the best pieces of advice I'd gotten in like… ever! My whole family drinks them. My kids LOVE them. I have one child who isn't a veggie fan. This gets it in him and he likes the taste. I just have to make sure he's not present when I make them. If he sees the spinach, he swears he can taste it. lol

  • Angel Monique

    correction… **YOUR*** green smoothie

  • Taryn

    Really, B? You can't taste the spinach? I hate greens with a passion, but know I need to get more into my diet. This might be a good idea. My skin needs clearing up and I was thinking maybe more veggies would help…

  • B

    Taryn—> I ain't lyin'. You can't taste the spinach AT ALL. These will change your life. Trust me on this. :)

  • Cherise`

    Hey B!
    Im new to the site and I wanted to say I LOVE IT!
    Just wanted to know if you have posted the recipe for your green smoothies cuz I def wanna get on that.
    Btw have you ever heard of cerassee tee. Its a West Indian herb that cleans and detoxifies the blood. It's very bitter but really good for you.

  • B

    Cherise—> I've never heard of cerassee tea. I'll have to look out for that though. And the green smoothies require no concrete recipe. Just toss in whatever! I did a video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijKxdIJ0Jw0.